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We hope everyone’s enjoying the first few days of summer. For us, the weather heating up means one thing - the EGG’s gonna be busy! Whether you’re making stuffed burgers for a backyard grill out, some brats before a baseball game or searing a steak for dinner on the patio, we hope you’re doing it with full flavor and having fun all the while!

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  • I have used Texas Rubs and Pizzy Pig for years but have recently tried Malcom Reed's Killer Hog BBQ Rub for change of pace. Lots of paprika and cayenne. 
    in Dry rub Comment by Springram May 29
  • My wife thinks mayonnaise is spicy.....well, maybe not that bad but I do have to watch my spice levels when cooking.
  • Get both. Over and out.
  • BRush00 said: Saturday will be a mixture of crappy airport food; and later, crappy airplane food.  Sunday... absolutely no idea, whatever England provides!Off to England (Manchester), Scotland (Edinburgh), France (Paris), and Netherlands (Ams…
  • Thanks for the idea. It really looks good and I love one dish meals. Springram Spring, Texas
  • @travisstrick - I hereby bequeath forever, plus 21 years, all of my share of beef ribs, to you and your descendants.  Otherwise, my share of beef brisket (including that which is cooked using the Travis Method) is hereby reserved by me. SpringramSp…
  • Have always done the cole slaw, potato salad, beans routine it seems but tomorrow will be having baked potatoes and bbq beans with burnt ends and Kreuz Market (Lockhart, Texas) sausage. Have been able to buy points from HEB lately. Tired of worrying…
  • Be sure to keep your Looftlighter in the house out of the humidity. Will last much longer....maybe. Springram Spring, Texas
  • I do. Springram Spring, Texas
  • I think Mickey has the answer. The feet (if you have them) will do the job. Mine is in an Egg Carten on top of a three level wire storage rack from Lowe's or Home Depot (can' remember). Been there for two years now. Any heat from the Mini bottom is …
  • Bought my Mini from Keith's ACE Hardware while at the Salado Eggfest two years ago. SpringramSpring, Te
  • I use one of those shelving units that you can buy at Lowe's or Home Depot. Mine is a 3 level one which places the Mini at the right height for me. The Mini's weight is no problem plus the shelf will allow heat from the bottom of the Mini to dissipa…
  • I have done the same thing many times on the Mini. Use DP Raging River as seasoning, however. The Mini is wonderful for us empty nesters. SpringramSpring, Texas
  • Congrats..........I bet those were wonderful ribs. Nothing better than lip smack'in ribs. Springram Spring, Texas
  • I am not going to admit that have put a little ketchup on a hot dog..I just am not going to admit it. Period. Maybe.... Springram Spring, Texas
  • I will say that to light up the LBGE to use my Baking Steel is a lot of charcoal for only a one minute +/- sea on each side of steaks.  Works great when cling several steaks. The Baking Steel at 550* + does a wonderful sear. I could not find anyone …
  • That really looks great. Bet it tasted great too! Springram Spring, Texas
  • pflug said: Do you still need to let the steaks sit after the sear? No. SpringramSpring, Texas
  • I use mine to cook steaks to medium then sear using my Baking Steel on the Egg. SpringramSpring, Texas
  • Really great look'n food. I bet it tasted great too. Springram Spring, Texas
  • @Zmokin - I agree about not getting the crust that I wanted. I tried using a pan since I was after a crust without the grill marks. The pan was just not hot enough. The sous vide cooker did its job. Always the next time...... Springram Spring, Texas…
  • @cazzy - what part of Houston area are you moving to? SpringramSpring, Texas
  • mark11 said: I've got a 15" I never took out of the box that I won't be using if anyone's interested. I bought it during the group buy before I even bought my egg and went with an XL egg so I have room for a bigger steel. @KenfromMI - t…
  • High Q - both Mini and Large. No going back, ever. Springram Spring, Texas
  • @slewis - bought mine fromm you at Salado last year. Great product! Hope you and your family are doing well. Springram Spring, Texas
  • johnmitchell said: pasoegg said:  was it fall apart tender??  did the basting liquid add to the taste you think??  did you follow the Travis method all the way?? It was very tender, (melt in your mouth) but still held together for…
  • For a brisket flat, the Travis Method is foolproof. And darn tasty, I might add. SpringramSpring, Texas
  • Ribs are a little like having babies......they are born around the world in hospitals, houses, tents, huts, so and so forth. Pain medicine or not, mothers have babies in all kind of conditions and situations. Guess what...most grow up to be adults, …
  • You got me there!  I have no personal knowledge of that. I do bake the original crust (not thin) with great results, however. I do have a ceramic deep crust pizza pan (BGE). I may try that one day directly on the Rig Extender to see if the lid will …
  • Not to be argumentative, but the creator of the AR says it works for him just great. 50/50? I will go with the inventor of the AR and my own experience.  Springram Spring,Texas