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We hope everyone enjoyed their Fourth of July weekend and is excited for more warm weather grilling! This week, we’ll be making these two burgers: Stuffed Portobello Mushroom and Caribbean Chicken, and also eating lots of these Ice Cream Sandwiches in honor of National Ice Cream Month! It's time to think about getting out to one of the many #EGGfests around the country - see a list here

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  • I use it on my asparagus beds, but our soil is slightly acidic.
    in Left Over Ash Comment by bodski April 11
  • Those look fantastic. I'm impressed by the quality of the cooks you post AND the fact that you're still down 2 pant sizes. I need to figure out that balance.
  • Looks great. Is that screening underneath the salmon?
  • I bought one from my dealer on her recommendation. It works OK, but pretty pricey. Wish I would have gotten advice here first.
  • The table's a beaut.
    in Newly Hatched Comment by bodski April 4
  • Making my mouth water!
    in THE Chicken Comment by bodski April 4
  • That's it. I'm doing salmon this weekend! Does anyone add any additional smoking wood? Or do you let the lump and the plank do that?
  • I've used cherry with turkey before, but haven't for beef. It was very nice. Tends to give a darker color. I've mixed it with pecan for chicken and pork, and it was really good. I'd guess it would be good with beef. 
  • I live in Cincy and drive right by Corbin when heading to our place on Norris Lake in TN. Sounds like I'll be stopping by.
  • I got a new pan a couple of years ago and went through the flax oil process, which was fairly time consuming. I ended up being disappointed in that it flaked and was hardly non-stick. Since then, I've just cleaned CI properly and coated with oil aft…
  • Possibly my favorite thing on the egg, especially when cooked to the right temp. I've learned to appreciate them as much as a good steak. When I was growing up, chops were always way over cooked like dried out pieces of leather
  • Awesome on pork loin and sweet potatoes. Also very nice on vanilla ice cream.
  • I have the Emile Henry stone and so far it's worked well. It shows up occasionally on I got mine for 19.95. Don't know that I'd pay $50 for it.
  • Looks great! Pinker than I would have thought at 135.
    in First tri tip Comment by bodski March 11
  • Where did you get the light?
  • Those look great, Griff. Chops and asparagus are two of my favorite things on the egg. How long do you usually do your asparagus?
  • has Emile Henry stones occasionally. I got one for $19.99 last year from them, and it works great (Normally $50). If it breaks, I'll probably go BGE, but it was wrth the gamble.
  • I don't brine all that often, but that seems like a salty blend. I'm wondering if you should boil the amounts you listed and then add ice cubes or water/liquid. I would think that with 1/2 cup salt, you'd want about 1/2 gallon of water/liquid.
  • I ran into this guy in Bardstown, KY at the Bourbon Festival a couple of years ago. This is a really good "store bought" option. It was cheaper at the festival, BTW. 
  • @SpartanPride - It's very easy to adjust the thermometer - no need to replace. It should read 212F (or 100C) in boiling water. If it doesn't just turn the nut on the back of the thermometer to adjust the reading and test in boiling water again.
  • I've been to some of the ones mentioned (Palm, Gene & Georgetti's, Smith & Wollensky) and they're all really good. Another place that can be nice is Lawry's (prime rib) and it's walking distance from the pier.
  • As others have said, the spice is good. They also make a sauce, which I haven't tried. I believe both are available on Amazon, but shipping may be expensive. Some Kroger locations carry them. 
  • I just received one of the caps for Christmas and was getting ready to install when I saw this thread. Sounds like most prefer to install the gasket inside the cap. If so, do you place it towards the top, so that it's in roughly the same place that'…
  • Most of these sound good. I'm planning on a standing rib roast for Christmas, so that caught my attention immediately. Leg quarters are always great and easy on the egg. And, for whatever reason, bone-in skin-on split chicken breast always turns out…
  • How long can you let it air dry? If I put it in the fridge before bed tonight, it will probably be 14 - 15 hours before it goes in the Egg. Is that OK?
  • Here is one we did on Monday. pretty easy, healthy and tasted great.  We've had it on rice, salad and in tortillas. Leftovers were great on buns too. It was nice coming home from work with dinner ready.  1.5-2 pounds chicken breasts (for this, we us…
  • I've been wanting to make a vinegar-based sauce. This one sounds great. Thanks for the recommendation.
  • I bought these when I got my egg over a year ago. About the same price as the BGE starters but 6 times as many in the pack. Still have a bunch left. When they run out, I'll probably just do the oil/grease and towel method, which I've done a few time…
  • Picasso in the Bellagio is really good (and pricey). They actually have something like 17 original Picasso's in the place and it overlooks the water show. If you want some good local Mexican, there's a place on E. Desert Inn Rd called Lindo Michoacá…