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  • I would take a personalized platter over any "thought you would like rub or sauce" anyday! I hope all is well.
  • Handle looks great my friend, I like the outside the PBR box thinking...
    in Get a grip Comment by Solson005 April 1
  • Here is where I got my two handles: Danny does great work and lots of eggheads have his handles. I can post pictures of mine when I get back to the computer if you would like.
  • cortguitarman said: You'll be fine but you will see a change in lump useage. I went without a gasket for 3-4 months and when I replaced it with a Rutland I used way less lump. +1 I waited until nice weather to change mine and was shocked…
  • Sure, happy to help! 
  • Have you looked at the Ceramic Grill Works Two-tier Swing Rack? I have one for my small egg and it made a HUGE difference in the options to cook in the little egg. I have one for my large as well and use both of them all the time. Here is my best po…
  • Large / Small combo is what we went with and we love it! I travel with the small quite often and can make meals for a crowd while away from my backyard. When I use both I sear on the small and finish on the Large and it works great. 
  • Sorry to hear the brisket cooked too fast. I've never done a overnight in fear of that. The last couple I have kept the Egg at 275° and just started them in the morning.  Yes the DigiQ has a ramp feature, here are the instructions 10.2 is the part t…
  • That looks so good! I need to make one again, I will give this recipe a try, Thanks! 
  • Good eats Sunday at your house!  Happy to help, mine turned out great. I got his book Serious Barbecue for Christmas and made his wing recipe on New Years. They turned out to be the best batch of wings yet. I will definitely be trying more of his me…
  • @tkleager I do not have any plans, I just made it roughly the size I thought I would need. I will try to dig up some older posts where I have talked about it.  Thanks @SoutherSmokin it works great for the growing eggcessory collection! 
  • Here is my version of it. I  did mine at 450° and it worked just fine. Rib roast done like a steak Great book by the way, lots of good techniques I carry over to other cooks. 
  • Great post as always. This has always been on my list but after this post it has defiantly moved up towards the top!  =D>
  • Looks like a great meal!  =P~ Tri-tip is one of my favorite things. 
  • I have a small with a CGW two-tier swing rack. Easy to move and there is plenty of room to cook for a crowd.  I did a 11.5 lb ham for Christmas on my small while I had a 14 lb turkey on the large. 
  • I like to sear on the small and finish off cooking on my large. Here is a post from both of my eggs in action. A tribute to my ELF, Henapple!  For Christmas I had a 11.5 lb ham on the small and a 14 lb turkey on the large, and saved that glorified t…
  • Fredit is a rare earth magnet, however I can't decide if I want it to be permanent or not. So I just taped it in this picture to see if it worked (which it worked great)  Yzerman was one of my favorite players to watch as well. I decided to play def…
  • My small rides in #19 just about every week! 
  • I make pork butts in my small all the time. I run it 275° for the first hour then 350° till it's done. I don't lift the dome until it hits 190°. It usually takes 7-9 hours and I've liked the last couple of butts on my smaller better than ones on my …
  • I've been looking for a new potato soup recipe to try and this sounds great. It is simmering away right now, thanks for posting! Welcome @CenterCutCook I just glanced at your other posts and this will be the first of many recipes of yours I try, …
  • Yes for sticking. I have seen people use metal ones on tv so it can be done, but might be tricky while starting out. 
  • The dough recipe I like the best is Jamie Oliver's here are the recipes by Weight or by Volume. I like to use semolina and 00 flour like he talks about, but it is good with bread or ap flour as well. A wooden pizza peel is highly recommended the onl…
  • Sounds tasty!  =P~ I need to start injecting more food for the egg, I have gotten so many new rubs in the past year that I forget about other ways to add flavor.  
  • @Skiddymarker I've been working too much the past couple months, still egging but haven't had much time to make new posts. Glad the holidays are here so I can slow down and spend more time with family and friends. 
  • Welcome and congrats on the small egg. I love making pizzas on my small BGE and I use the big green egg small / medium stone and it works perfect. Mobile Pizza Party with the SBGE I use it with the Ceramic Grill Store Small Woo and some fire bricks …
  • I have a DigiQ Dx2 and love it. I use it more for the temperature probe than anything, but I love the piece of mind that the fire will stay lit especially when doing a long cook on my small egg. Do you need it, no but it is a nice tool to have. The …
  • I put much thought into mine..  :-B
  • I love the small / large combo and travel with my small all the time. One of my favorite eggcessories is the CGW Small Two-Tier it adds so much room. Now I can make the sides on the egg at the same time. I used to only find quick things I could make…
  • Here is a picture of our turkey. It was the best turkey I have ever had, no brine, no smoke, no ice prior to cooking, just injection and dizzy pig's shakin' the tree rub. I set the digiQ for 180 and used the thermapen to check once it started beepin…
  • @Hoov @Seanr7 I have no doubts it is delicious. I will eventually try it, as it is many eggers go to method.