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Here are some of our new favorite non-beef burgers: Italian Turkey Burger, Grilled Tuna Burger and Goat Cheese Portobello Burger. You’ll want to perfect these before football season starts up in a few weeks! It's time to think about getting out to one of the many #EGGfests around the country - see a list here

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  • I have reheated brisket before.  Not quite as good as freshly pulled, but still very doable.  And, consider this - do it on the 22nd, and if something goes wrong, you have back up time. 
  • Nice going, eh!  And, great call for keeping it on the egg until you hit the right temp! 
  • Get:  Pizza stone.  And Maverick ET 732 - look for it on Amazon.  Will run you about $65.  I use it on at least half my cooks.  It's a must have for slow smokes.  Go back to where you bought your egg and ask about the placesetter.  You must have one…
  • Boarcephus,  I have a pretty recent post on doing a rib roast.  Your method should definitely work.  I am more experienced at roasting at 325-350, which still produces a great roast.  Timing at this temp is about 15 minutes/lb.  At 225-250, I think …
  • lousubcap said: I do them direct, raised grid at around 350*F til 145.  Turn once or twice-usually around 25 mins or so.  Great eats! +1. 
  • Bente, Yorkshires can be tricky.  The batter recipe is out of the Joy of Cooking.  It's important that everything be at room temp before you cook.  But, rather than put 1 TB of butter or drippings into the cooking pan, we preheat them and then spra…
  • henapple said: Mine sits out in the elements all the time I just put it in and have never given it a second thought... I'm not going to take advantage of this opportunity...... +1
  • Greatness!
  • My son is getting married in a few weeks and just bought a house.  Take a guess what Dad is buying him for a wedding/house warming gift! 
  • I just posted my prime rib cook.  I typically cook mine at around 350, with an initial sear at 500-550.  JFM is right, though - it does cook faster on the egg.  I have not tried the 250-300 cook, but am more than willing to try.  Even at the 350 gra…
  • I did on my offset smoker.  Kept it at about 250, and it took forever.   I have not with the Egg.  But, when I get the chance (sadly not this Thanksgiving) will increase the temp and mix some wood into the lump. 
  • My rule of thumb is to let the rub sit for at least 30 minutes to allow it to penetrate skin/meat.  Otherwise, you run the risk of cooking it off.
  • Wow - that looks incredible.  Never done short ribs before.  But, after seeing these pics, this is now on the short list.
  • FlashkaBob said: Do you remember hearing about the last big tornado that ripped through Goderich? Well I don't live there. Neither do I!  But, I lived relatively close in Toronto for many years.  Welcome to the forum, Hoser!  Post the pic…
  • Prime Rib is one of my favorite meals on the egg.  Beautiful job.  I, too, err on the side of really rare.  If ever I am asked by a waiter how rare I would prefer my steak, my typical response is "Rare enough so that a good vet could get it to wal…
  • That's a beautiful looking cook.  Nice job.
  • Lobsters were perfect.  Tender, succulent.  Great flavour.  My wife was quick to mention that they were much better than ones I have cooked on a gas grill. 
  • I love this story!  Thanks for sharing.
  • Brad, it took me a few cooks to get the feel of the egg, setting temps, etc.  Start off simple with chickens, steaks, etc.  Try a pork shoulder for your first low and slow.  You will be hooked before you know it.  Welcome to the club!
  • @Mickey, direct at 400?  I have not spatched a turkey before, but want to.  This temp is a little higher than I might think - especially for direct vs. indirect.  Do you still find that the bird is cooked evenly vs. seared on the bottom?
  • I have fried.  Oven roasted.  Slow smoked (offset, not egg).  Never spatched a turkey.  Many a chicken, though.  Oven is rock bottom on the list.  It's good, traditional, fool proof, and bland over boring.  I love a great fried turkey, injected with…
  • Blue Nile +1.
  • If it's 11, I assume that the PP will have gone all night.
  • BGE Medium.  Rating = 10.  Have gotten it plenty hot - no issues at all.
  • Smoked for years on my offset.  After I got my egg, it helps support bags of lump, but little else. It, and my gas grill, rarely see the light of day anymore.  From my PP cook this last weekend. 
  • B&Q, there are lots of threads for brisket with many different cooking methods and varieties.  If you are just cooking a flat, buy the one that bends the most.  It's a head start on a tender cut of meat. Regardless of temp and time you ultimate…
  • It's definitely your time to sink your teeth into one. Any discount is a good discount.  And, after you enjoy your first egg'ed meal, you will wonder why you waited.
  • fruitguy said: happens on my xlbge and will sometimes bind.  have moved the ring and tried many things, just living with it at this time. +1.  I have about a 1/4 inch offset on my XL as well.  But, with a good gasket - as JimReed's seem…
  • I am really old school when it comes to gravy.  I use this same approach for beef gravy as well. However you cook your turkey, put a pan under it to catch the drippings and fat.  Hopefully, it will render 4 - 8 ounces.  Strain it if you want, or j…
  • I have some PP left over from Monday's cook.  This is a great idea for repurposing.