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We hope you had a hoppy Easter and are ready to spring into warm weather cooking mode! There’s nothing better than spending time outdoors with the sweet aroma of fresh cooked Ribs. Baseball season is also underway, so it's the perfect time to try out some chicken wing variations! We have Jamaican Jerk, Lemon Pepper, Fired-Up Wings and even a Whiskey Onion and Chicken Steak if wings aren't your thing. Bon appetit!

Big Green Egg headquarters has moved - come visit our new showroom and check out the museum and culinary center too! 3786 DeKalb Technology Parkway, Atlanta, GA 30340



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  • Indirect started at 450 for about 30 minutes, then I scaled it back to about 350 for the remainder.  Lots of rub that is specifically for rib roast.  BBQ Galore, I think.
  • Although it's been a while, my wife loves lobster on the BGE.  According to her, best she has had. Your cook looks awesome!
  • The first time I had these beans at a friend's house, I put him in a head lock until he agreed to give me the recipe.  It starts with cooked pinto beans not canned baked beans from a company.  So, it's essentially from scratch.  And with 2 pounds of…
  • That's a great looking cook. Nice job!
  • travisstrick said: Boil it. Just about fell out of my chair.....
  • THEBuckeye said: I keep it simple. No brine, oil and dizzy dust, 350@ raised direct, 50 minutes.  Let's eat!  I must agree with this.  I will brine turkey, but have never chicken.  Never have had any issues.  In fact, the only complaint …
  • Without question, we need to see the results of this.  And the process.
  • Little Steven said: Great attitude Don! I looked up Transverse Myelitis and saw that some recover. Is that a possibility in your case? And to Ladeback69 Some do - almost completely.  Some do, but only limited.  My case was, as my Dr. puts i…
  • The Cen-Tex Smoker said: I think @caliking should come mod out your chair. I can see some side tables, beverage holder, tool hooks etc. that guy has skills. Cool ideas.  #1 would be beverage holder.  I have developed skills at holding t…
  • +1 on Lousubcap.  15 minutes is not nearly enough time for the egg to "stabilize."  One more thing to consider - be mindful of chasing the temperature.  Make small adjustments until you land on the right temp.  Having said that, I also own a ET-733.
  • @DavidL What temp (dome/grate) do you cook at?
  • Happy birthday!  300-325 borders on roasting rather than low/slow which is typically in the 200-275 range.  But, I don't typically quibble on semantics.  Rather than internal of 160, which may be a little low, consider cooking until a thermapen or o…
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  • Like it!
    in Logo Comment by DonWW July 2013
  • Welcome to the circus.  This is without question, the best BGE resource available.  Cook lots, and post photos. 
    in new member Comment by DonWW May 2013
  • I am not sure why you are without a platesetter, but I would go buy one if I were you.  Avoids having to rig a "workaround" when you want to cook indirectly.  If they are not available in Ft. Worth, they can be found in Dallas.  Jackson's.  +1 on …
  • Most excellent! Welcome to the circus! It only gets better!
  • 2" high disposable from local grocery store.  But, always rinsed and recycled.
  • tjv said: I rotate them depending on how the lump is burning, prefer not to have them directly over hot spots. Are you cooking direct or indirect? The platesetter will eliminate most issues related to hot spots.
  • wow...
  • +1 with previous posts.  Scale your temp back.  No need to sear.  I would settle the egg at about 300 degrees.  Pull the tenderloin off when it reaches about 115 - 120.  Wrap in foil for about 15-20 minutes.  Amen on the bacon....
  • Wash 'em, cut 'em in half.  Toss with virgin olive oil, salt and pepper.  Roast them on a slotted cooker at 350 for about 45 minutes.  Toss with bacon bits.  Simple, clean and delicious.  Enjoy.
  • For me: ET732.  You may not think that remote is not really a big deal, but once you have it, you will really appreciate it.  I have had it for about 6 months and the only thing I have done is replace the batteries.
  • I have reheated brisket before.  Not quite as good as freshly pulled, but still very doable.  And, consider this - do it on the 22nd, and if something goes wrong, you have back up time. 
  • Nice going, eh!  And, great call for keeping it on the egg until you hit the right temp! 
  • Get:  Pizza stone.  And Maverick ET 732 - look for it on Amazon.  Will run you about $65.  I use it on at least half my cooks.  It's a must have for slow smokes.  Go back to where you bought your egg and ask about the placesetter.  You must have one…
  • Boarcephus,  I have a pretty recent post on doing a rib roast.  Your method should definitely work.  I am more experienced at roasting at 325-350, which still produces a great roast.  Timing at this temp is about 15 minutes/lb.  At 225-250, I think …
  • lousubcap said: I do them direct, raised grid at around 350*F til 145.  Turn once or twice-usually around 25 mins or so.  Great eats! +1. 
  • Bente, Yorkshires can be tricky.  The batter recipe is out of the Joy of Cooking.  It's important that everything be at room temp before you cook.  But, rather than put 1 TB of butter or drippings into the cooking pan, we preheat them and then spra…