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With winter in full gear, we’re enjoying all the awesome photos of EGGs in the cold weather. Stay warm with some of our favorite Dutch oven recipes: Chicken & Dumplings, Chili Con Carne and BLT Soup.

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  • I just split in half length wise and cook at about 550 direct for 8-10mins.
    in Whole Lobster Comment by TFols July 2014
  • My medium takes about :15 using a torch and OO. It's a great size to complement my XL.
  • I recently got these from Amazon: Dynarex Black Nitrile Exam Gloves, Heavy-Duty, Powder Free, Large,... $9.44 Qty: 1 Sold By: NorthShore Care Supply I like these because they are durable and fit my hand better than last couple of gloves I've purc…
  • 07003
  • CGS just came out with a new Woo2 that is compatible with a CI grid. I'm in a similar situation as you with just adding a Medium and buying the Woo2 although I haven't pulled the trigger on the CI grid yet. Now I'm kicking around the idea of getting…
  • which ever one you upgrade to, make sure you keep the ooriginal one. When I put in a warranty claim on my cracked firebox, the mothership wanted me to take a pic of the grate I was using. Good to know
  • Thinking about giving paella a try tomorrow.
  • @NPHuskerFL‌ what's the benefit to turning it with legs back? Will definitely do that but wondering what the benefit is. Thanks!The temp is hotter in the back do to the thermal dynamics of the egg and of course you cook the legs to a higher temp.
  • St Luis Charcoal in the medium.
  • I think you're talking about the Kettle Q
  • Because if I'm gonna have a beer I'm going to go for something like this: I've been a beer snob since I was a broke college student. Now that I can afford good beer, I'm definitely not going back. I love Allagash White. There's a few bars local t…
  • I had a similar situation last year with a cracked base. The dealer I bought from went out of business so I went to another dealer. He was upfront with about my options. I could wait for a stock order (which was going to be mid summer), pay the $120…
    in Frustration Comment by TFols April 2014
  • Ziplock bag and a pot of hot water.
  • Stoogie said: Here is my church key. My Dad gave it to me in the early '90's and he got it while working for a beer distributor in the late '60's/early 70's. It's survived sitting neglected in a garage for over a decade, 5 moves over 1000's of…
  • That's a lot of love right there!
  • I like the Sarachi Ace and have a bottle of the Local 2 waiting for consumption possibly this weekend.
  • @CANMAN1976 when I need to please a crowd and I want something easy I mix Franks Wing Sauce and Sweet Baby Rays. You can easily adjust the heat.
  • RRP said: buzd504 said: Not to jack your thread, @pantsypants, but our local grocery has recently started dry aging ribeyes.  They always have some that have finished the 45 days and trimmed and available by the steak (or they will cut to …
  • Just bought a 16" from paella
    in paella night Comment by TFols April 2014
  • ive never seen anyone ever post about this stuff but its a descent lump, not sure why or how it gets sold way up here. made in tennesee, sold in one store in nh that i know of @fishlessman‌ I've used that lump before, it's pretty good. I've onl…
  • There's an a$$ for every seat!
  • I understand the aesthetics of wanting a tight fit but would not recommend due to the thermal expansion of the ceramics. You may end up with a burnt table and a busted base. Just my opinion and you know what they say about those...
  • I just paid $700 for the same.
  • I'll definitely be keeping these in the rotation. They were an easy cook and quite tasty.
    in Short Ribs Comment by TFols April 2014
  • I've had an XL for almost 2 years and just bought a medium. I wanted to be able to cook at different temps and I entertain a lot. The MBGE is a great size, I've cooked on it about 5 times and it is very fuel efficient and heats up fast which is good…
  • what temp did you sear? nice marks. I can never get the nice char marks when I reverse sear... I seared at about 600 on my CI grate down low on the Woo.
    in One more lap Comment by TFols April 2014
  • I guess you could use this for raised direct also? Yes..that's what I've been using it for so far.
  • Happy birthday!!! Sucks that the rest of the crew were sick and couldn't cheer you on... Good looking meal! Thanks hap
    in One more lap Comment by TFols April 2014
  • Very nice! I think I would have just put the cast iron on a trivet/hot pad and eaten it on there. Thanks..I cooked the veggies in the CI pan and realized I didn't bring a plate out for the steak so I just tossed the steak on top.
    in One more lap Comment by TFols April 2014
  • Looks good. Should be some good eats later... I hope so. I wanted to do a rack of beef ribs but the ones in my supermarket looked like all bone and very little meat so I decided to do the shorts. I've never smoked them before, Only braised.
    in Short Ribs Comment by TFols April 2014