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We hope you all got to celebrate those tasty food holidays last week, we sure enjoyed them! We are even more excited about the beginning of fall, for so many reasons, but mainly for experiencing the cool, crisp air while being outside cooking up the best recipes the season has to offer. We especially love these Beer Pork Tenderloin and Ground Beef Acorn Squash recipes! It's time to think about getting out to one of the many #EGGfests around the country - see a list here

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  • @RRP‌ could you post or PM me your pizza sauce recipe? Last year I made about 30 quarts of sauce. This year it looks like I'm going to have a lot less as the Amish paste tomatoes I planted are getting blossom end rot. I have found that the vita mix…
  • @bigguy136‌ first off let me start by saying myself and my family have been eating GF for over 3 years. By the looks of it your menu looks safe. As someone suggested many GF eaters are partial to a certain pasta so asking what they like is an excell…
  • @dmw thanks for the info the whole hog thing was just added yesterday. So it's in the planning stages as to drip pan ideas. Also we may make it convertible into a rotisserie but not sure yet. One idea we kicked around list night was a square type ex…
    in OT new toy Comment by Firemanyz July 8
  • @tulocay‌ no model number or website just a local fella that built one for us to use at the firehouse and now two of us decided to start cooking as a little side gig. Not sure where you are located at but it was built on the eastern shore of marylan…
    in OT new toy Comment by Firemanyz July 8
  • @Eggcelsior‌ plan is to do catering but I'm not going to rule out a competition or two down the road. @DMW yes you are right that is a chicken cooker up front. It is also going to triple up as a flat open grill for burgers/dogs and last night we ad…
    in OT new toy Comment by Firemanyz July 8
  • @lit I posted a few more pics under a new thread. It says OT new toy check it out. I'm excited to light it up.
  • @NPHuskerFL‌ thanks for noticing how BIG it is. They make different temp ranges of this model. They have one that goes from 150 to 750. There is no doubt with these that I will be able to tell you a exact temp in the smoker.
  • Yes three inches is much better than the original. This thing is. Whopping 5" it was bigger than I thought and I had to call my buddy that splitting the cost of the smoker with me and tell him I had made a mistake on the size. He came over and saw …
  • @GATABITES‌ They were $29 with shipping on eBay. They hole in ur egg would need to be a little bit bigger. They have them in this model that go up to 700 degrees. The model is a GT500R.
  • @tarheelmatt‌ I am still licking my chops thinking you are going to show up in dc tonight so I can taste it. Oh well it looks great and great job.
  • Here is the view down the hole. About 22 feet down.
  • @tarheelmatt Dam that sucks dinner guests backed out. You interested in seeing the Nations Capitol for dinner? Load it all up and I'll give you directions to the firehouse. I'm sure every one here would love all your hard work.
  • @tarheelmatt‌ how long has it been 160? Your right at the stall and could actually see the temp drop a few degrees before it goes up. What temp are you cooking at? I still think your more than a few hours away from it getting done. I FTC a small b…
  • Put it on now and you should be able to eat it tomorrow night.
  • I would say start now to give yourself some wiggle room. I have only done 3 or 4 briskets but they have all been around 12-13lbs and the times have varied greatly. From 10.5 hours to 17 hours. So I say start now and if it finishes early FTC till it …
  • Forgot to take an after pic but they turned out great. Can't wait to make them again next time higher in the dome. Tapioca starch worked out great. After the wing were done we decided to cook a small cake in the egg and the wife added blue coloring …
    in Wing help!!! Comment by Firemanyz July 5
  • Wings are on not up in the dome like I wanted but we will see. My rack to raise them up had a bunch of rust on it and I did not have time to clean it up. Also I ended up using the tapioca starch I'll let u know how they turn out.
    in Wing help!!! Comment by Firemanyz July 4
  • When installing the rutland gasket does it only go on the bottom? I am needing to replace mine as it burned off during the last clean burn. Also it cracked my fire ring. Called yesterday to get a replacement.
  • Here is a pic of them sliced. They were good but a little tuff on the outside. That was my fault as I thought it had stabilized at 350 so I went to the garden to get veggies. When I came back 20 min later we were close to 600. Oh well next time I'll…
    in Rib question Comment by Firemanyz July 1
  • Beef ribs are off.
  • Cut the handle off to make it fit in a large.
  • The meat teepee just went on. Have the egg up to 350 now it just a waiting game. Oh well off to the garden to pick green beans for dinner also.
  • Glad this is not my yard. I do not like snakes. GOOD LUCK
  • My brother caught a snakehead about two months ago and asked me if I wanted a piece. I said sure why not and tossed it in the freezer. He cooked his and told me he liked it more the rockfish (or if ur not from the mid Atlantic striped bass). My thou…
    in Snakehead Comment by Firemanyz June 30
  • Here is a pic of the smoker.
  • Fellas that's my biggest concern, I want to make sure what ever I pick out that they can be calibrated. I was looking through amazon but a lot don't say if they can be re-calibrated. I will keep the hunt up. @SGH‌ I looked at the pit maker web site…
  • Thanks I will look the up. Are the adjustable or able to be re-calibrated?
  • I was looking for anyone who may have used their thermometer on a large smoker. I was actually going to their website right after I started the post but I got sidetracked. On the way there now.