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Is your Big Green Egg still cooking even though it’s cold out? We hope so! We love the opportunity to cook heartier meals on the EGG during the winter. Some recipes you definitely want to try are Double Smoked Potatoes, BBQ Chicken Soup, Monte Cristo Sandwich and Breakfast Quiche. These are sure to keep your stomach warm & full! We can’t wait to see what winter-inspired dishes you cook!

Big Green Egg headquarters has moved - come visit our new showroom and check out the History of the EGG Museum and the Culinary Center too!  3786 DeKalb Technology Parkway, Atlanta, GA 30340.



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  • Nice job DeltaNu1142..... Skiddymarker so you think I should be able to fit 70 -80 pieces on the large. Did not think that many would fit. I think indirect is my only option
  • looks good..... how did you do those sweet potato fries 
  • Thanks Jeepster47 I will be taking a look at those videos
    in Know your cuts Comment by jad January 4
  • a little off topic but where can one find a good description of the different cuts? Is there a good book or website to use as a reference. Don't need to become a butcher but would like something more then the picture of a steer or pig that shows par…
    in Know your cuts Comment by jad January 4
  • like others have said the cook look great, and the pictures great as well
  •  If we wanted to try and keep it a little more towards the middle of the state like the triangle area maybe we can do something at the fair grounds? Same location they hold the NC state fair. I also believe there are a few egg dealers in the area th…
  • looks good... I will be doing mine soon...I did notice you did not remove the old gasket from the top, any reason for that?
  • don't mean to hijack the thread but what does everyone who uses a wooded peel use to clean them? when you cut the pie on the peel it tends to get a little messy especially when you have a lot of toppings....  yum
  • my tumbler is only 2-3 months old and I do not ever remember it keeping ice? Like I said the liquid is cold but the ice is gone:( Should I be contacting yeti, anyone have experience with yeti customer service?
  • I am not completely sold or maybe there is a process I have wrong? I do not have the 30oz but the smaller yeti tumbler not sure it would make a difference. But I fill it with ice then water from the tap (yes I drink water from the tap) and the ice m…
  • Great set up.... Sherif Noticed that misting fan in one of the pics.... Does it work or does it get things too wet  thanks
  • ok thanks... I thought maybe by pulling the bottom on and off you may damage the felt which in turn would ruin the seal 
  • Question..... once the bottom portion of the cap in installed does this mean you can no longer use the BGE ceramic cap?
  • Bingo temp gadge was stuck in the bird.... Pulled the bird and IT was around 175 so it was a dryyyyy turkey. No idea what temp it was cooking at but more then the planed 400. Oh well something I won't forget should it happen again...... Thanks for t…
    in Temp drop help Comment by jad June 2015
  • The egg is a large and plate setter was in place when the egg was sitting at 400. did not think about the thermometer hitting the bird I have the bird sitting pretty high in the dome that could be the culprit .... I going to check
    in Temp drop help Comment by jad June 2015
  • SmokeyPitt that's the one I used ..... It was in the brine over 12 hrs close to 18. I took it out and rinsed and it's back in the fridge. Going to try and cook it later hope it comes out ok ? Sounds like I better have a plan "B"
  • filled it up to the top of the fire box, had the plate setter feet up then cooking grid on top of legs then two fire bricks with the pizza stone on top of the bricks to get the pizza higher up in the dome.
  • I have never been to Italy but I have been told by people who have that the pizza they ate was the best and it was all about the tomato. To be a true San Marzano they need to be from a certain region and need to be marked DOP to designate them. If y…
  • Lots of good looking pies with great toppings but I don't see any pizza sauce?
  • Looks real good..... curious did you cook the chicken in the foil? also how did you do the potatos, did you put them in the pan under the chicken while it was cooking.... wait but that would mean they were not cooked in the foil OK I guess what I'…
  • Does everyone put skin side down on the plank?
  • looks like I might have to look into some foundry gloves thanks for the feedback
  • thanks shadowcaster I think I have a small piece of backstrap left in the freezer going to give these a try...
  • what cut of the venison did you use? was it the prime cut (backstrap) or something else. They look good
  • for those that do blind tastings how do you do them? example: cabs $15-20 do people bring there own already covered, does the host supply the wine?  for guest not knowing a lot about wine how do you let them rate the wines? 0-10 where 0 is I hate it…
  • OK so who has a good recipe for some homemade mozzarella
  • I pulled them at 130 if I waited till 160 I am pretty sure them would have been way over done. So you are saying you can never have a burger that's a little pink? whatever happened to medium rare :(
  • Looks great..... from the pic it looks like it was done indirect?
  • I read about teh Turbo ribs so let me get this straight... (example ) if I cook some ribs for 2 hours and they seem dry if I cooked them for 3 hrs they could be more juicy? Interesting... the concept of cooking meat longer so it gets juicer just s…
  • SmokeyPitt, I'm assuming its the first part of the cook that might be drying out the ribs? your method has the ribs on 3 hrs @275 in the egg, you don't find them dry?