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  • Has anyone tried a full pork butt (8 or 9 pounds) on a MM? Did you need to reload the charcoal? I generally cook mine at 225F for about 12 hours... I like the portability of the MM, but hate the idea of getting up in the middle of the night to fe…
  • Thx. Just bought one - i mean, 2.
  • My dealer said they are supposed to ship next month - just in time for football season. I've got one reserved, but haven't seen the pricing, yet. Grey_bri, how did you get a 7# butt on a mini? I borrowed one from my dealer to play with, and fou…
    in Mini-Max Comment by DaveM August 2014
  • I'm a big fan of Jeff Philips' rub.  He sells the recipe for $10, but you make it yourself.  I bought it as he had a money-back guarantee and I was nervous on my very first smoked ribs.  They came out great and I've been using it since as well as ge…
  • They look great.  Bacon on pork?  Sort of funny, but I'm sure it worked nicely. I've got a local farmer who sells organic pork chops that are cut nice & thick.  I've pulled some out of the freezer for tonight's dinner.  These don't require a bri…
  • + Penzys. They are one of the few companies that sell pure, high quality spices.  Many companies add corn starch as a de-caking agent, which is made with GMO corn.  
  • Mine is warped over 3" and I have trouble shutting the top as it hits the top tier now.
  • Franko pinged me last night and promised a replacement will be shipped Thursday.  Can't wait as I love the grill, other than the huge warp.  Will update once I get it!
  • Penzy's. My wife has serious allergies and they dont put filler in them. Just pure spice. Yum.
    in Spices online Comment by DaveM June 2014
  • On April 6, Franko promised a replacement to my heavily warped grill. He said within 2-3 weeks. It has now been over 2 months without a response. Let me know if you get it. Good luck.
  • Im still waiting for my replacement ceramic grill. I was promised it within a few weeks, but it has been a few months. Anyone else having issues?
  • My local dealer heard of a Fall 2014 delivery for the M/M.
  • @RRP, where did you get the cord?  It looks pre made.  
  • Go gluten free.  I lost 10-pounds (210#-200#) without any suffering.  I also stopped using any sugar in my rubs.  Instead, I use a touch of honey, which is much healthier (no glucose). Your egg is very friendly to low carb and low sugar diets.
  • I've got the Cyber WiFi.  It is VERY flaky, difficult to setup, etc.  I found the WiFi setup to be primitive compared to other household devices that can join WiFi.  On my iPhone/iPad, I had to install Google Chrome, as it doesn't refresh under Safa…
    in Digi q wifi? Comment by DaveM May 2014
  • Who doesn't like a smiley faced pancake!  Awesome idea.  Glad your girls enjoyed. I'm sure the eggs absorbed some of the flavor, too.  If you had added some chorizo and peppers, you could celebrate Cinco de Mayo!
  • awesome; that looks great.  I'll definitely wait for the minimax.  Even if I run out of fuel and need to reload, I like the size. Thanks! D
  • Thanks for the comments.  I think the mini-max looks ideal.  I may not get 2 butts into it, but I'll have to settle for 1 big one.  The form factor is perfect for camping.   For those of you with a Small, will a 8+ picnic butt fit OK?  I prefer big …
  • I would vote XL and a sink. I use the sink all the time and the XL, along with the Ceramic grill Works 2-tier grill, allows for a ton of surface area. Charcoal isn't expensive, and the egg does shut off and sve leftover, so I dont mind using it for …
  • Hot water is a must. Allows me to do local cleanup. I tapped into my irrigation system for the cold water and bought a $200 Bausch electric hot water heater from Amazon. It keeps 4 gallons of hot water just below my sink, which is plenty. If it is a…
  • I've never roasted cauliflower on the egg, but there is an awesome Guy Fieri recipe online.  He mixes chickpeas, but we sometimes skip it.  Has a nice kick to it, but I imagine the egg would be even better.…
  • Looks like the previous folks have you covered, but send pictures of your first smoke!  Make sure the temp is good before pulling off the egg and don't forget to FTC - wrap in tin foil, a towel and place in a cooler.  I think they taste better this …
  • I just spoke to Franko.  Apparently, I was sending emails to a former employee, but I had also used their web page under "contact", but he was very apologetic.  They have had some manufacturing issues, which have been resolved.  Now, they temper the…
  • Thermapen is a must.  Hate overcooked food!  Good pair of welding gloves (don't buy the expensive BGE ones as they aren't very good).  I also bot a box of disposable sheet pans from for the drippings. If you have the extra cash, I'd …
    in Eggcessories Comment by DaveM April 2014
  • No, we dug a hole, filled with rocks and covered with grass.  That rules out a garbage disposal, which I would have liked.
  • No issue with puddling as our patio is sloped.  Not sure on brand of cement board as my contractor provided it.
  • We made a frame out of pressure treated wood, then used cement board as the backing.  It is nice in that we have a ton of storage space inside.  Plenty of electrical run (through conduit, so I have room for more), plus AV hookups so I can bring a TV…
  • 20 people coming over to "open up" my new patio/kitchen.  I just posted picts under the table forum.  My egg finally has a new home :-), I find pork butt to reheat really well.  We will freeze a lot of it quick dinners.
  • Yes, I basted in slightly melted honey before rubbing - 20 seconds or so in the microwave.  I put it on fairly heavy - maybe 1/4 cup per butt.  Also, moved them a bit once they shrunk, but it didn't help much as they didn't shrink enough until the b…
  • Anyone try this with venison or other game?  Curious if the lower fat will be OK.  Also, anyone try this on a campfire, without a BGE?  Looks like a fun recipe to make on a family campout.  I could always open the lid and let some of the campfire's …