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  • Congrats Smitty!  I was looking at your website a while back.  Do you guys ever compete in the Southern California area?  Unfortunately, I don't make it up to your neck of the woods very often.
  • I have both.  One thing that you should strongly consider is the number of accessories available in both the medium and large.  The large is the flagship of the BGE.  Lots of accessories are tailored to this size.  That is not the case with the medi…
  • My son did the same thing when assembling one of our eggs. I went to a local hardware store and found a small screw. I shaped the head with a grinder and file to fit the band and last flat against the ceramic of the egg. Add the right size nuts a…
  • Don't rule out the medium just yet.  I hear what you are saying TEggSun, but I was in a similar boat as you.  I purchased a demo large to go with the large I already owned.  While waiting to pick-up the demo unit from the local Eggfest, my lucky num…
  • B for me.  I think it's a measure of how complete the lump burns, which in my pea-brain equates to quality of the lump. Thanks for including us in the evaluation process Whiz!
  • B for me.
  • Los Angeles
  • I recently added a medium to my family.  It compliments our large as NOLA said above.  Check out the Woo 2 from the Ceramic Grill Store and the Grill Extender (group buy on this forum last month).  These are two great eggcessories for the medium! T…
  • Chubbs, I hope you don't mind me jumping on your bandwagon.  Tom and the folks at Ceramic Grill Store were great to me!  I gave my Dad a LBGE for Papa's Day.  I really wanted to include the A/R plus I wanted a woo for the medium I picked up for myse…
  • I've used high-temp Permatex for years engine blocks, etc.  It's easy to remove if necessary.  A 3M Paint Stripper will make quick work of it without damaging the ceramic. 3M Paint and Rust Stripper I recently installed the Rutland gasket using th…
  • Thanks everyone. Appreciate the feedback.
  • @fiver29...this is probably a stupid question but I need to ask... In your Step 4, you say rotate the ribs 180 degrees.  Are you flipping the ribs top to bottom, or rotating the entire rack within the egg (i.e. front to back)? Thanks again for the…
  • My two favorites are the Pepper Ale Beef mentioned above and the Machaca recipe Mud Pig posted a month or so ago. Here's the Machaca recipe: I'm going to…
  • We are breaking in the new Egg I'm giving my Dad with St Louis-style ribs.  I'll have mine along to do the pig shots and tri-tips.  For dessert, I was thinking about about the Apple Crescent Roll Dumplings Foghorn introduced a couple months ago. 
  • Welcome BREWnQ!  I'm in on the border of OC and San Bernardino County.  Glad to see another So Cal EggHead on the forum!
  • This is a great write up! When foiling do you add anything (I.e. juice, brown sugar, honey)? I would also like to know what sauce you use. Thanks again!
  • Can't physically make it back to the Omaha, but I'll be there in spirit! GO BRUINS!
  • Looks great! What rub and sauce did you use?
  • Big Phil, I live in a fire-prone area with lots of dry brush/wilderness around me.  The combination of potential sparks and the frequent winds in my area were the main reasons I went with the Looftlighter over a weedburner/torch.  One of the best a…
  • Smitty, do you start with a mustard base?
  • Best suggestion is to invest in a torque wrench.  The torque on the carriage bolts is suppose to be 125 inch pounds, or just over 10 foot pounds.  As mentioned above, the bolts will bend.  I check mine regularly, and often need to give a little tigh…
  • Macahca...not your typical Memorial Day bbq, but dang it turned out well! Thanks to Mud Pig for the recipe and tips!  I followed his suggestion of smoking the brisket for two hours at 250 degrees rather than sear.  I went with a 3 1/2 pound flat an…
  • I've had mine for about a week now. It is awesome! I'm now able to cook on the egg mid-week. I'm up and running in matter of minutes.
  • Sundance Kid and Buddy
  • One for me as well please!  Paypal is perfect. Thanks to all involved for pulling this off.  This forum is awesome!
  • Welcome!  I'm fairly new here too.  You will get lots of advice from friendly folks! My two cents on the steaks...again as a one still learning the BGE game...try the T-rex method first.  This is a little more forgiving, especially if you are cooki…
  • Great Job!  I've been wanting to try Machaca.  Looks like it's going to be on the menu this weekend! Thanks for sharing!
  • I have a large and decided to go with a second large.  I was contemplating a smaller one (either a medium or small), but I guess there will only be large and XL's at this Eggfest.  The organizer tried to work something out for me, but it wasn't in t…
  • I'll be there!  First one for me as well.  Looking forward to picking up my second egg!
  • @ Naked Whiz, First, I want to thank you for your informative website.  I don't know that I would have purchased a BGE (let alone a second) without the information you've provided. I read the different gasket options on your site, and I've got to …