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  • I'm a fan of centercut loin chops .. the pork porterhouse.  If they are packaged and any of them are covered .. make sure the tenderloin is on all of them.. that is what you are paying for.
  • Lagunitas fans! Check out green flash road warrior if available to you. Also a west coast ale with citrus tones
  • +1 Mexican street corn. APL has a workable recipe in serious barbecue. Almost all those recipes are searchable online.
  • It took me 5 hours to get from 175 to 200 on an 11 lber yesterday at about 250 done. I ftc'd for 5 hours
  • Alcaseltzer
  • Yeah I'm not overly worried about it. As I said I usually don't watch. I woke up and all 3 were about 235. I don't quite understand high reading on the maverick, they were right next to eachother on the grid. Meats are about 175 each. Looking goo…
  • Nothing really. A 12 lb brisket and a 9 lb butt
  • My Egg has a bit of an underbite... same one it had before the rutland.  I get a good seal and try not to think about it.  BGE is defn not the best hinge assembly out there.
  • I should clarify on the cubes. I have an xl and use 3. I could not imagine starting with one.
  • I'm going to guess you use paraffin cubes, I do too. Get them into the charcoal. Use 3-4. Keep the lower vent and screen wide open. Keep the kid up for a solid 10 minutes. Keep the daisy wheel off when you do close the lid. Test your thermometer …
  • @marianneiamele1‌ have you cooked anything yet? Don't freak out on what charcoal you are using. Focus on regulating temperature even a couple hours before you put food on the egg and you will be just fine.
  • I've never used it.  I'd be willing to bet from the description it is made by Lazzari.
  • It's really good stuff ... Don't tell anybody but it's really all I use.  I feel it gives me an edge.  They harvest their wood between 5 and 7 years maturity and have beavers gnaw the pieces so it has never been in contact with metal.
  • marianneiamele1  The first big difference is taste.  Cowboy and its variants for example are very smoky. Ozark Oak, Wicked Good and several other more expensive charcoals are very neutral in taste.  Very Subjective. The second important difference i…
  • @cookinbob you can get rock wood shipped cheaper from firecraft.
  • I like being consistent.  So if I can get Royal Oak right infront of me and like it .. I'll use it.  I used to get long WG but I wasn't happy with my last couple bags so I'm venturing back out.
  • I'm in CT .. it was at a local grocer and that's tax included .. was 15.98 on the shelf. Given the store it might be 1-3$ more than somewhere else. but certianly not $8 here
  • You might also try adding a little bit of powdered milk. about 2 Tbsp per 5lb.  Another thing to consider .. after you grind the meat you could/should mix it some with ice water.
  • I never really noticed the tally - I thought they were what I posted - or that you could go see them .. these are hilarious!
  • Flo's relish and mayo .. how many.... 
  • These were ST Louis cut but they were very small.. they were done -  bend test perfect .. I had my thermo out from another cook they were 195-200 when i took them out.  I put a high sugar sauce on way too early.  It pretty much candied the first 1/8…
    in Lousy ribs Comment by TonyA June 2014
  • Yeah, you'll notice there's no cut pic. They looked like I used a rubber spatula
    in Lousy ribs Comment by TonyA June 2014
  • Have a ninja. Hasn't seen daylight in over a year. Get something with a square container. Cylinders don't catch anything against the blades.
  • Hey Matt congratulations on your first Father's Day. I will most definitely be cooking Sunday. In my life "you can't cook, it's Father's Day" is wifese for "I don't want to eat what you are planning to make." I finally understand why all the old…
  • A college education is what you make of it. She's wise to leave the debt behind.
  • This site is a pretty good resource.
  • @ 500 and  @ Eggcelsior - I often go "Faux Shoulder" ( Butt and Picnic) if I'm doing more than one roast.  They combine nicely - the picnic is a little lighter in color  and usually has a little more chew to it.  Whole shoulders in the northeast are…
  • 2 years this month
  • I use these, indirect on the grid. Drama free.
    in Pizza for Mom Comment by TonyA June 2014
  • Yeah, the wife hadn't been feeling well, missed the whole hog the day before, I wasn't missing that window over $30.