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It doesn’t get much hotter than the EGG cookin’ in July! Make sure to keep yourself hydrated with a bit of whatever you’re using for the Beer Can Chicken. Ice Cream Sandwiches are also a great way to stay cool. Looking for some great ideas for a summer cook out? Try out a Pimento Cheeseburger or Dr. BBQ’s Spare Rib Surprise. Just don’t be surprised if your neighbors stop by for a quick bite when they smell what you’re cooking!

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  • lousubcap said: @Skiddymarker - why not drumettes one flavour (a nod to the GWN) and flappers the other?  I seem to recall you have gone that route in the past? Yes we have, when my granddaughter, aka the wing monster, is with us I often d…
  • In the fridge air drying -  I was about to toss the wings in the marinade when SWMBO changed her mind on cazzy's wings and declared we are having lemon pepper - so like a good peon, I shall obey her. 
  • Some very good high end stuff out there for sure. Tasted with a biscuit and some butter, you prolly noticed the value, a teaspoon or so in 2 cups of broth or sauce might not be noticed, that's when Lea&Perrins will do just fine. I notice a good …
  • We had an electric griddle/grill, it had two sets of "plates", one being a griddle and the other being a grid. The grid left the element exposed in some places and it would smoke like bejesus if tou cooked anything with high fat. Gave it to my apart…
  • Baked pasta was always a favourite, baked pasta on egg is even better. Hard to go wrong with some peppers, basil, garlic and tomatoes. Must admit, we like penne or rotini. Nice simple dinner.  EDIT - know you did not bake the pasta!
  • It would have been a better day if you had backed into my driveway and left that load of goodness. Congrats - the table looks nice. Where you at?
  • Personal perspective here but bacon and kabobs is a very tough cook. Bacon drips and if it is standard Kirkland bacon it will smoke like crazy. I think you are on the right track thinking it was the bacon. An indirect cook - like an oven or a gasser…
  • Made the marinade last night for @Cazzy wings. SWMBO asked when are we having wings, our 9 year old wing monster is not here this week?  I told her my calendar says Wednesday is Wing Day - Thanks for the heads up Griff. 
  • You play the way you practice, it's all about muscle memory. Burping whatever you open is  good thing - as long as you do not go looking for a knob to turn to snuff your egg - all is good.
  • Wish I was your neighbour/neighbor.....I'd be going thru that trash can faster than beans thru a cowboy.....wonder where I got that idea?
  • When and if she ever gets here - Welcome!
  • Don't give him such a hard time, lots of grills lots of options. I like charcoal cooked steaks, but I also like them in the sous vide and seared on a CI pan or over the infrared on the gasser. Would never be without the gasser - not because it can b…
  • canuck19 said: from calgary and have found myself getting addicted  doing ribs today In that case don't register on the Where is everyone thread, can't have more Alberta Eggers than BC Eggers! 
  • @DMW - nice touch, what this forum is all about, help with what you can. 
  • Have not made this in years - another thing to do in the next couple of weeks. 
  • OK, paleo is OK its Legume that is the problem - that means you, not legumes in general....just kidding - good article, thanks for sharing. #1 son eats paleo with added beans of specific types. he is super healthy. #2 son is a BBQ'er - enough said. 
  • 10 chunks is way too much, IMO. you need about three 1/2 fist size for a long cook. Mix them thru the lump. With a Weber you are looking for those wisps of smoke to tell you smoke is happening, in a kamado you can smell smoke, but you do not have to…
  • Mithrandir said: Im in Québec, there isn't much egger here i think..... I had trouble finding wood chunk for example !!! But i'm proud to be part of this forum ! Welcome - by wood chunk, assume you mean smoke wood.... you live where all th…
  • Do agree the bottom vent can be a PITA. The curved surface makes it difficult to get it just right, it can be adjusted. There have been threads on folks jamming a finger so hard they sliced a deep gash in there sliding finger. Noticed my Primo Oval …
  • BRush00 said: Nice to have another Canadian around - I'm in Calgary myself, and unfortunately, the only North of the Boarder Egg-gatherings I've seen, are over in Ontario. Ontario is the centre of the universe isn't it?  Welcome @Canuck19…
  • Looks pretty nice, us grandpas do go the extra mile for the grandkids, don't we? Love them spirals! 
  • theyolksonyou said: Great meal. Elise is a lucky girl to have you.  and you her....many her age are out with friends and you would be home alone with the dog(s).  My gal, now closing in on 40 seemed to always enjoy our daddy daughter date …
  • Like the look of those 'maters. Often do a baked pasta with the 'maters and garlic getting maybe 20 minutes of smoke time before they go into the sauce and mixed with the pasta.
  • Tried to make my own for years, always come back to Marie's, Litehouse or Marzettie's. IMO, look in the delis and specialty shops, and it is often better if it must be refridgerated. 
  • Flat tops are a great tool to have in the kitchen/pit/shed wherever you cook. I think the BlackStone has the advantage of exceptional temp control - four propane (or NG?) burners each adjustable. The griddles that sit on top of a charcoal grill can …
  • @Lit - there is the answer - hot fire going that is small enough to not overshoot temps. Takes skill and experience. SWMBO could do that with the Elmira kitchen wood stove we had years ago. She could nail 350º just by looking at the fire.  Hungrt J…
  • Thatgrimguy said: I've had this happen before. My sealer is cheap and I started putting two seals per vacuum bag and it hasn't happened since. Agreed - have always double sealed - totally had a brain fart by not suggesting this - do it all…
  • I like the recipe section, the online version anyway.... Great meal, grilled romaine is the best, IMO. Interesting comment on getting chicken breasts flat to even out the finish. Another alternative is to take the small tip off completely, great for…
  • Something doesn't seem right....if the bath was foil covered the ambient container temp even for a bag floating should have been over 130º. LS might be on the right track, could there have been an issue early in the bubble bath and was your pot cove…