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As we round out National BBQ Month, we hope you’ve gotten to try some new recipes that will keep you cooking all summer long. Check out our Smoking Basics Publication. For delicious recipes, try Justin Moore’s BBQ Shrimp, Greg Bate’s BBQ Dr. Pepper Chicken, Bobby Flay’s Chicken Thighs or Dr. BBQ’s new Maple Brined Pork Chops. Need dessert? Finish off your meal with some Planked Twinkies. Get ready for some fun summer happenings!

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  • Thanks for your reply @RRP i'll get the ultra copper 
    in Rutland Comment by bigphil May 14
  • @RRP more than likely i got the gasket from you awhile ago lol any reason you don't recommend it ?
    in Rutland Comment by bigphil May 14
  • it's all sliced up i fried up a few pieces tastes really good not exactly the same taste as regular bacon but still a great flavor . Gotta be care full cooking it since it doesn't have anywhere near the same fat regular bacon has to cook with i used…
  • Thanks everyone i plan on cooking it all this weekend . as for skin side down he filleted it and no skin on it . Blackening sounds like a plan what type of spices for doing that ?
  • Thanks @Canugghead gonna have to try it my local butcher gets bellies all the time in fact i just ordered a whole belly at $2.89 a pound the other night for bacon guess i'll be doing that and a loin 
  • Nice cook looks great . have a pork belly curing now never thought of using a loin gonna have to try that 
  • @Grillnugget nothing special trim the excess fat then yellow mustard rubbed all over and dizzy dust red eye express and fred's black bart's brisket rub . And the egg @265 grid temp sit back and enjoy adult beverages . Probe test looking for it to go…
    in Brisket Comment by bigphil November 2014
  • Thanks guys and @lousubcap always no burnt ends here 
    in Brisket Comment by bigphil November 2014
  • pulled at 197 Thanks @cazzy the end is a little dry but got way better as i cut into it a few slices next time i'll check sooner . aside for the little dryness at the tip its tastes amazing 
    in Brisket Comment by bigphil November 2014
  • i use a BBQ guru and regardless of the temp outside i always have my vents set the same never had a issue i suggest  do as you always have 
  • Not a gamer myself but my oldest who's 28 and youngest his 16 both say hands down xbox 1 between those two and my second oldest who's 26 they have every console made and say xbox 1 beats them all . i say the Big Green Egg beats them all 
  • @Tjcoley @badinfluence and @Shiff thanks guys 
  • @dldawes mines 7 i need a 12 
  • looks awesome i just did brunswick stew the other weekend first time for it and everyone loved it .What size Dutch oven is that i need bigger than my 7quart 
  • Brunswick stewed turned out awesome although i missed judged the amount of pepper it was still really good 
  • Thanks Fred 
  • looks great pizza off the egg is my one families fav's we do it every friday night , the more you make the better they get 
  • @DMW looks great nice job 
    in Lasagna Comment by bigphil May 2014
  • BryanLyle said: Will be interested to hear how you kept the egg hot through 18 pizzas.  I've cooked 5 before and by the 5th, it struggled to get to and maintain temp. Good Luck! This past summer we did a egg fest using a XL BGE and it to…
  • @Tjcoley you and me both lol . have you tried his tree hugger seasoning btw . its great on veggies and on pizza 
  • @Tjcoley yes you do but i think he did it that way more for the show and fun of it he did say you could do it at the bottom by tossing the cube in 
  • @hapster Thanks, I picked up a 100 misprinted pizza boxes for ten bucks awhile ago 
  • @bo_mull yes one bag of royal oak 8.8 pound bag in my XL BGE i light the whole top and allow it to come up to temp with the place setter in legs up then the grid with risers on that then the pizza stone once it reaches temp and is stable i get littl…
  • @Brkisket_Fanatic cooked at  dome temp of 550 degrees on my XL BGE on the BGE pizza stone . First few minutes on parchment paper then pulled the paper turned the pie 180 degrees till done time i believe is roughly 8 minutes depending on toppings som…
  • @SmokinOutBack thanks!! its become a regular friday night thing we normally do 3 to maybe 6 pies depending on how many friends our kids have over 
    in Pizza Comment by bigphil November 2013
  • i do mine place setter legs up then the grid my risers on that then the pizza stone dome temp of 550 on my XLBGE . keep your stone in the grill as it comes up to temp also . We do 3 to 6 pies every friday night my stone is really seasoned now that t…
  • @DMW i'll be picking up my firebox at wood burners Saturday then a family thing after 
  • you mean this one let me know how that are could save me a trip 
  • @Tjcoley i havent been around for awhile and tonight i open this up and your post is the first i see . All i can say is WOW awesome idea and looks extremely tasty .have to do this one for the kids 
  • @hapster Thanks hopefully we will Pam and I are cooking this year