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It doesn’t get much hotter than the EGG cookin’ in July! Make sure to keep yourself hydrated with a bit of whatever you’re using for the Beer Can Chicken. Ice Cream Sandwiches are also a great way to stay cool. Looking for some great ideas for a summer cook out? Try out a Pimento Cheeseburger or Dr. BBQ’s Spare Rib Surprise. Just don’t be surprised if your neighbors stop by for a quick bite when they smell what you’re cooking!

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  • I used both.  I like Rockwood better.  Much cleaner smoke and quicker to clean smoke.  Now Royal Oak is not that bad - I used it for the first 2 years allot.  Let it burn a little longer and it works fine.
  • Perfect. Thanks.  Hopefully can try this weekend.
    in Ribs ? Comment by robnybbq May 11
  • Now that will leave a mark.
  • OK I forgot to add one leftover I like from the Egg.  I will try and make it this weekend for next week. Egged meatloaf stuffed with sauteed mushrooms and cheese.  This did reheat very well last time I made it when the family was away and I was in …
  • Scott - was not meaning you brought up the DR stuff.  I just dont want to go into that and I apologize for doing so.  I appreciate your help.  And I do try the recommendations others provide.  The party was a success.
  • gdenby said: fishlessman said: by the time its that late the only thing im eating is the lime and cherry in my cocktail drink i dont eat many dinners during the week and if i do its something simple like those frozen stuffed clams or …
  • Will check it out. Also do most dinners consist of plain(rubbed) meat or are allot in sauces (BBQ, broth, cheese) I guess on a salad the meat would be mixed with the greens and dressing.  What about say frying pan fried pork chops and frozen mix…
  • What time - I'll be over. Besides my pickiness over food my wife and kids are worse.  Very limited menu to start with.  I would eat seafood most nights (if I knew how to cook it better)  - them - nope. 
  • I did not want this to go into the health crap and I wont.  It is what it is and it will end one day. I was trying to see what others do on a daily basis for eating since I dont get it.  Growing up it was mac n cheese form a box and hotdogs, spaghe…
  • We tried to eat the leftover spatch but it was way too smokey tasting - nasty.  Maybe it should have been buried in sauce it would have been better but straight up it ended up in the trash.  Wendy's to the rescue.  no wonder I cant loose weight. On…
  • Made some skirt steaks on Saturday and a plain spatchcock chicken yesterday.  Tonight we will get home around 8:00.   Note the spatch was good yesterday - now I need to make it into something edible tonight.  I also have some of the steak leftov…
  • Going to make some spatch tomorrow or Sunday though. I wanted to cook a whole turkey breast but the supermarkets dont have them and only have cutlets and not the whole thing. Got come chorizo in the freezer with some skirt steaks and pork tenderlo…
  • agree 100% For reheating - I take the food on a plate and nuke it for 2-3 minutes.  If the food is in a sauce its ok - a piece of grilled chicken not so much.
  • pics of the food I hope and not the hand puppet..... I'll hopefully be joining you later for a stick and cocktails.
  • For example spatchcock chicken - very moist and tender the day its cooked.  Put it in the fridge in a zip lock bag and the next day its cardboard.  Hard and dry.  I can put in a ton of mayo for chicken salad its edible to me but then why eat chicken…
  • 3 butts would be enough.  I cooked 4 for 35 people and had plenty of leftovers including a whole unpulled butt.
  • I have had crushed beer cans (no not the ones I drank), railroad nail spike and rocks over the past few years.  I think most were from RO but I have seen this in other brands as well.  
    in Royal rock Comment by robnybbq May 1
  • Great ideas.  Soups and chili are good reheats so I guess some leftovers are OK as they dont get dried out. We had pork chops the other night with swamp venom it they were good.  The hour to cook the baked potato killed the time though.  That simpl…
  • I prefer to get a good steak at a good steakhouse.  I have tried at home and they are OK but nothing beats a properly aged/cooked steak from a high end restaurant. As for an average restaurant I would not order a steak as I can do better than that.…
  • I am pulling for the Rangers south to beat the Habs.
  • I use one of the Kingsford charcoal containers next to the Egg - Holds about 1/2 a large bag of Rockwood - I store the big bags in the shed and only fill the small container when needed.…
  • Canugghead said: Too busy or embarrassed to take pictures?  Too busy actually.  I like entertaining but its allot of work.   Especially when getting yelled at by the wife.  I was trying to maintain my cool by manning the Egg and participa…
    in Party prep Comment by robnybbq April 14
  • fishlessman said: cook to 158 internal, foil and cooler, cook the other stuff, put chicken back on grill for a few minutes with or without sauce and serve. you can also make this a day ahead and just bake it day of in the oven, this dish see…
    in Party prep Comment by robnybbq April 13
  • That sis one of my favorite beers.  it is really good.  I not much of a fan on the other Allagash beer but the Curieux is awesome.
    in ice out Comment by robnybbq April 13
  • Cooking them tomorrow for the party.  Got them in the brine now.
  • Finally enjoying a beer
  • Adam perry langs serious bbq
  • Holy cow - what time is dinner - that looks amazing
  • I cached t-ball a few years ago and now assistant coach on my sons rookie team.  Its fun and sometimes you feel bad for some of the kids that dont have any athletic ability or have never been shown anything.  The ones that improve make it worth coac…