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  • I recommend skipping electric sharpeners and either have them sharpened by a good vendor or learn to do it yourself. If you're in Cedar Park you can find a sharpening guy at the farmers market at Lakeline mall on Saturdays. Looks like he uses a be…
  • My digiQ tube has water/condensation in it after long cooks too. Freaked me out at first but doesn't seem to cause any harm so far.
  • I use grill grates on my gasser and love them. No flare ups. I tried them on my egg and prefer the stock SS grid. Guess I just want the charcoal goodness to get through to the food.
  • If you're trying to go longer than 2-3 hrs definitely preheat the cooler with hot water. You can also warm a couple bricks in the egg during the last hour of the cook and toss them in the cooler with the meat. Just wrap them in a towel so they don'…
  • I bought mine from him a couple years ago based on recommendations from another forum. Just found the old email. The owner is Todd and he's a sponsor on
  • He stocks Ozark Oak too so it's worth the trip :-)
  • hoffmand said: I picked up a bge grid from my dealer for $23.. Not to bad for a medium grid Is it stainless or porcelain? Its BS. Lol, sounds like it. List price is $50/31 for SS/porcelain
  • I picked up a bge grid from my dealer for $23.. Not to bad for a medium grid Is it stainless or porcelain?
  • I prefer Costco for everything except pork butts. Still go to Sams for the bone-in ones. I buy sub-primals of NY Strip at Costco for $8.75/lb and cut my own steaks. I haven't seen prime beef at Sams.
  • I called the other HEBs around here and no one else had CAB briskets, just 620 and 2222. Parmer & 1431, 620 & Anderson Mill, 183 and Lakeline sounded like they never had them. The 183 one had prime for $3.99 but I passed on those.
  • Scored two at the 620/2222 HEB this morning. They had one more left as of 10:00. Thanks, fellas! You should have bought all 3 They had a limit of 2 per person. I think I heard them talking about some guy smelling of smoke and whiskey who tried to…
  • Scored two at the 620/2222 HEB this morning. They had one more left as of 10:00. Thanks, fellas!
  • lousubcap said: @Fearless-check out the below link to the GA Mountain Eggfest and demo prices. Don't know your location but the price is in your ball-park.I saw that. Unfortunately no one near Austin wants to…
  • CB Hardware in Cedar Park is another good dealer.  I've known the owner for a while and sent lots of people to his shop.  They're usually quite a bit cheaper than the other places in town so it's worth giving them a call.  And the new eggs already h…
  • deleted since my photos keep getting flipped around
  • I got this one since it had more cross-bars and was only $1 more. I use one for a raised grid like your photo and trimmed the sides off two more …
  • I got 16.5" grates at Academy for $4-5. Bring a tape measure because they label them as 18" since they are used in 18" grills.
  • I checked with my local dealer and their price was $219+ tax. I was expecting it to be more. Does anyone know if this is the going rate for a dome for the large model? Yes, that's the MSRP for a large replacement dome.
  • I'll be there this weekend. Thanks for the heads up. He's only open during the week, sorry.
  • aem said: I still have a good supply of Wicked Good I bought from Ace. How does Ozark Oak compare? I think they're both great but I've never tried the cheap stuff for comparison.  Wicked Good has the occasional monster piece in the bag …
  • The Cen-Tex Smoker said: Bought my butcher paper last week. ready to give that a go. Where did you find the butcher paper?   Aaron uses the unbleached red/brown paper and I've only seen the white stuff in Austin.
  • Brisket- Franklin's in Austin.  Hands down the best I've had.  He cooks them in brown butcher paper, which is fairly unusual. Ribs weren't that good though. Ribs - Me :-) Second is Artz Rib House in Austin but i haven't been in a whil…
  • You should probably make sure you have a place to store 50lbs of flour before you buy 50lbs of flour. Put a doily on the pails and call them end tables?
  • Get food grade 5 gallon pails from your local grocery store/bakery for free and store it in those. They are airtight while Rubbermaid bins probably aren't. You can use gamma lids if you need to open the pail more than once or twice. Keep it cool a…
  • Since Thirdeye isn't taking orders now, I can help out with wiggle rods.  I made a whole bunch when I made mine and if I people are interested I'll try to find a cheap way to ship them.  Just shoot me a pm if you're interested. Dave
  • I used an old blade on my bandsaw.  GrillGrates also recommends a miter saw with carbide blade but I only have one blade for mine and didn't want to risk dulling it.  Aluminum is actually quite easy to cut with most wood working tools.
  • Hey guys, New here.  Awesome forum so far.  I've got a Large BGE on order which should be here in a couple of days.  I've got my plans drawn out for a pretty nice cedar table which I plan on starting to build within the week.  I'm trying to figure …
  • What size grids are those, and where did you find the top one?  I wonder...if you used 4 of those posts, could you leave the top grate removable, having it just rest on posts with fender washers? Yes, the removable version works well and many peo…
  • I use the deep dish pizza tool also.  The BGE version has a spring to hold it open which is helpful.  I added an o-ring to do the same thing.  I also bent the tip up to make it fit into the grid better.
  • Forgot one more.  Extended rack using a generic 16" grid and four 3/8x5" stainless bolts, fender washers, and hex nuts.  Carriage bolts might have looked cleaner but i couldn't find the right ones locally.