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  • travisstrick said: I ordered a half pound with some friends last deployment. It sucked. Yep, right there with you. 
  • travisstrick said: Anyone ever had kopi luack(cat **** coffee)? I've tried it.  A Saudi "host" served it.  It was more watery or thin and less acidic than what we are used to.  My take was it is more novelty than flavor.  I think my "hos…
  • SamFerrise said: Japanese water stones are the best sharpening tools around.  If one can hold the angles correctly.  But then, ceramic, diamond coated or Arkansas stones will work just fine as well if you can get the angles correct.  I b…
  • Looks tasty!
  • troutgeek said: LOL! Yes, I remember cards, and waiting in line to punch them. In school, I coded many Fortran, assembler(BAL), and PL/I programs using cards. Thank God we went online when we started coding COBOL. The decks would have bee…
  • travisstrick said: I can operate many many weapons systems from simple rifles to TOW missiles (Tubularly launched, optically tracked, wire guided.) You kids and your TOW missiles these days..... B-)
  • bigphil said: Outcast said: mountaindewbass said: Remember late 90s, windows had a monopoly and apple was crying and suing. I remember I remember when I had to have a 5 1/4" floppy with Microsoft DOS just to "boot up" an ap…
  • 30 weight motor oil. Just kidding.  I've used plain old veggie oil just until the paper towel was damp.  It worked fine.  I would compare it to a wick from an oil lamp.  Its just burning the oil until its all used up, then the paper burns.
  • I keep wanting to try Salmon, but everytime I start to reach for it I remember moms "salmon patties" from a canned fish-like substance.  One of these days I'm going to break through the barrier.
  • mountaindewbass said: Yeah.. I dont remember that.. Im i was like 8 when that was going on I just hit 46 and I was 8 when I got the VIC 20 ! 
  • mountaindewbass said: Remember late 90s, windows had a monopoly and apple was crying and suing. I remember I remember when I had to have a 5 1/4" floppy with Microsoft DOS just to "boot up" an apple II.  I remember having a commodore Vi…
  • travisstrick said: "hey lady. I'm sorry sir, may I please have a large regular coffee?" (start bad valley accent) "don't you mean a venti mocha half cab leche de hombre?" "whatever man" )
  • travisstrick said: Gary, next time order your size in normal English. They really are hard up about calling them venti or whatever. Oh you struck a nerve with that one brother.  My first and LAST time I went to a starbucks I had some …
  • Welcome.  Also from the overpopulated state of Ga.
  • travisstrick said: This is my egg. There are many like it but this one is mine. I may have heard something similar once or twice......
  • @biggreeneggic   Very nice site.  One thing you have on there is incorrect though.  Under the Prices section you stated  "Well, the Big Green Egg company doesn’t actually sell directly to the consumer, but instead to “brick and mortar” stores".  BGE…
  • FanOfFanboys said: Go Dawgs! +100
  • smasch said: Brisket.......If anyone in north Atlanta area knows an outlet for a packer, please post up.  Hard to locate here.   I've gotten most of mine at Sams club.  Costco has them as well.  I'm in Gwinnett County, not sure how far N…
  • Hang in there Nola.
  • Coastal_Egger said: Use to be many hours. Now just 40 a week. U S Army Retired. I'm not even sure how you calculate hours per week on deployment.  Some are more intense than others.  Some its hard to tell when you are "on" and "off".  …
  •  LOL!
  • Your angle is correct for 16 sides.  It is always 180 divided by the number of staves.  The get the width of the stave multiply the finished dimension you want by pi (3.1415) and divide by the number of staves you want.  In the case of 19" outside d…
  • @ETBEE, describe the "tube" you want to make.  I may have made something like that with stave construction and trued up on a lathe. 
  • @Philicious, you left out the capri sun in the first pic It all sounds good [except the beignets never really liked those].  Let us know how it turns out.
  • I had the same problem on a few occasions of extended time away.  Leaving the vent door open like Brownie said has worked for me.
  • Made some braised boneless short ribs.  Rubbed them with swamp venom, seared then braised them in a beef broth. That's for tomorrow night.  Tonight's grub is Salisbury steak and gravy, with smashed potatoes from an Americas Test Kitchen recipe.   So…
  • With a blend like that, how can it go wrong?  Looks great N.I. @travisstrick, that sounds like a great idea, I'm adding that to the list when the season opens up.  I haven't found anything yet that hasn't been good in a jalapeno wrapped with baco…
  • I have no experience with those two woods, but we do use a lot of fruit woods here.  Cherry, peach, and apple are very good.  If you have a good surplus of them I would suggest to burn some and smell the smoke.  Best advice I've heard here is, "if t…
  • Humphrey Chimpden Earwicker said: welcome aboard.  seems a lot of accounts getting deleted lately. One well deserved, the other will be sorely missed.