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Spreading the love this Valentine’s Day with your EGG? Virginia Willis’ three course menu is perfect for a date night! February is also National Chocolate Lover’s Month, so don’t feel guilty if you’ve been cooking a little more dessert than usual on your EGG. If you’re looking for something a little more savory than chocolate, try some Roasted Chicken Flatbread or Pork Tenderloin with Honey Mustard.

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  • It's getting crazy expensive :( Bacon is out of control. My stores seem to be selling just the normal national brands at nearly $7 a pound, beef prices are also crazy. I just bought 2 pounds of ground beef and it was like $8. It was the more lean st…
  • Trust me you can't go wrong. I am currently using a small and for about a month or so I get to use a Large and the increase in size is so welcome in every way.  Sure the large to XL is not as big of a change from a small to a large, but I still thin…
    in Size Upgrade Comment by Adamd May 2014
  • Today I ran across this method of cooking these ribs. While not very complicated man do they turn out just amazing. I cooked these today just as he said they turned out amazing. Really one of the best ribs I ever had along with my family that also a…
  • I just checked the Small and MiniMax have the same cooking surface area. That's crazy. Both are 13 inches for a total of 133 sq inchs. Guess my small now seems even smaller lol :( Time for an upgrade haha
  • I have a feeling that you slowly bring up the temp of the cast iron pan it can go as high as you want. However if you have your egg blazing at 700+ and your pan is at room temp 70 or lower and you stick it in there chances are good it might crack. T…
  • I wish I knew for when I went there a while ago lol.
    in Hilton Head Comment by Adamd April 2014
  • wow, someone got offended online... I hate some of these Admins who think they are god because they run the smallest section of the internet and think they are all that because they can ban you. At least you are on this site. It's much better anyway…
  • I think I will stick to my Local Ace and buy the official BGE lump for like $25 lol. That is if I used that stuff. 
  • Yeah it seems you would be putting A LOT of pressure on the upper sides of the egg. I doubt the Egg was designed with that in mind. Considering how heavy some of the big eggs are and the heavy domes opening and closing I would greatly fear of the si…
  • I was thinking about doing it. I don't really see any major problems with doing this. Get some kind of set up so it just does not tip over and I think it could be an awesome thing to do!!
  • I doubt leaving the tank outside in the hot summer would run any risk. I leave mine for work along with many other service guys in our vans without any problems. 
  • At least you did decent! Looks good.
  • Looks great! Nice work!
  • What size are you using?  If you are using a smaller one I would say you just about have to fill it up all the way to the top of the fire ring or risk running out.  I typically run out on an overnight cook with my small... but it also has the least …
  • Maybe I should use the screen on my egg since I do cook on a deck. However the screen seems to change the air flow enough to make problems. Just not as easy as not using it in my opinion. 
  • Wow it really does just fit. The shelf is almost just in the way, but I guess you need a place to put your plates. At least you can use it!!
  • clearly fake dough, but real talent haha. 
  • I have made deep dish in cast iron before and it turned out very well. I put the pan on the pizza stone and cooked it until done. I think it took about 40-45 mins at about 400ish. 
  • Don't even use the daisy wheel. I have along with many others seem to have noticed that you can get all the control needed by just controlling the bottom air vent.  I have not used my daisy wheel since after the first few cooks. Just my opinion. 
  • You will get good enough to adjust the air damper ahead of time once the coals are fired up. Or at least close enough to do a final adjustment once it gets close to your wanted set point. Once the coals are lit I never would recommend leaving the ve…
  • It is not so much what the coals will look like, but the smoke color coming out the top of the dome. You should always wait until the smoke is clear and not white and smokey looking. 
  • Interesting you guys all use gloves. I just wash my hands a bunch of times after each step. I figure it is much cheaper then changing gloves 3-4+ times haha.  These gloves do look nice.
  • get 2 eggs. Put one down and one on the deck off the kitchen!! Problem solved!
  • If the egg if on about a 2" paver I doubt the wood under it would start on fire. I have not seen anyone post that the table burned down. At least by the egg's doing. 
  • Need a mini bge on that beach. Nothing better then grilling and smoking your favorite cigar haha. Enjoy!
  • Mathieu said: I have a small and have had problems with temps as said in a earlier post. I can not seem to get it above 400 as well.  I also use a small and have had lots of temp problems. Because the egg is much smaller then most aka th…
  • Maybe you just got a bad set of ribs. 
  • That would be cool have have but I doubt many of us would need or even want to fire that large of a grill up. Talk about needing a lot of charcoal.  One other thing. I hope they have some assist or something on opening the lid. The weight of the dom…
  • I am in Wisconsin and can get the New Glarus and would be interested in trading. Wisconsin also has many other local brews that are also very good! 
  • I had it happen only once but that was after I was making sure all the bolts were tight and I guess I made them just a touch to tight. I adjusted and all was fine.  I hope you get yours figured out soon!