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There are two very delicious food holidays coming up that we wanted to share with you all because cheese and guac deserve to be celebrated! Guacamole Day is on September 16th and Cheeseburger Day is on September 18th. Happy cooking EGGheads! It's time to think about getting out to one of the many #EGGfests around the country - see a list here

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  • 2.5 pounds of jerky on now, about to pop the cap on my first batch of home brew, a prepping a tenderloin roast for a low and slow tomorrow.
  • I was just thinking the same thing. This winter has been so long and cold that my use went embarrassingly low. I have been making a bit more of a conscious effort with my meals. All part of a healthier eating lifestyle. And what better way to be ea…
  • I was looking at some soaking recipes. That'll definitely be next. This was one of those last minute ideas. Only have the sample pack of Pineapple Head. Guess this'll be another Dizzy Pig purchase. Everything I've had of theirs has been outstanding.
    in Pineapple Comment by Greeno55 March 27
  • Before I spent the coin on the adjustable rig (which I have never regretted by the way), I raised my grill by spending less than $10 on some fire brick and placed them on the fire ring at 12:00, 4:00 and 8:00.
  • Just registered, and dragging 3 jealous non Egg owners with me.
  • I've only ever hot smoked my bacon. I really need to give cold smoking a try. Good thing I'm running low. Looks great!
    in More bacon Comment by Greeno55 March 23
  • Oh wow!! That looks so creepy and delicious all at the same time.
  • I couldn't find any curing salt locally. I bought a pound a while back from You use so little, this will last me quite a long time. It's white. From my understanding, the stuff sold in Canada isn't died pink like in the US.
  • That is one serious breakfast.
  • Last year was my first Eggfest. Really wanted to cook this year, gotta show off premium northern ontario porchetta!! Unfortunately timing makes it so I can't leave for the 4 hour drive south until that morning. Maybe next year!! Can't wait to tast…
  • Awesome stuff.  I just jumped into the art of home brew.  Got my equipment around Christmas, and finally got down to brewing late January.  My first batch, a Belgian Wit is currently conditioning in the bottle.  My second, a brown porter, is current…
  • Crazy times in the T-dot!
  • Sorry and glad to hear. I've been away since 12/26, but were you out of power for long?
  • Never had that problem with mine, but for other caked on gunk, I've filled with water and let it simmer for a while on the stove.
  • Well said!! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to one and all! Let's raise our glasses to another wonderful year of good food, good drink and good friends.
  • Sure is a different, and quicker game from that level. Toughest game In the world to officiate. Thanks for sharing.
  • Looks delicious. I need to learn to stop overfilling my calzones.
  • Ordered myself a home brewers kit to get myself started with the obsession. Perhaps one day in the not too distant future I'll be moving up to @gmac level.
  • Little Steven said: Wine won't hurt the browning son. They come out with a great colour. LS, what do you mean by it will help the colour? I've done a few turkeys and as we all know, the skin gets pretty brown from the smoke. Will th…
  • I've had my egg almost two years, and it came with a free box of fire starter cubes. I quickly upgraded to the electric one and it worked well, but since going with this, I haven't used either for quite some time. I also have a small propane torch w…
  • Time for the airing of grievances! :))
  • Little Steven said: The opening in the barrel should be a 1/4 moon shape or less. +1 I was having issues keeping the temps down when I first got it. Then someone suggested closing the damper on the fan some. Did so, and began holding …
  • Bravo!!! How you liking that griddle? I've been cautiously eyeing it recently.
  • Thanks as usual gents!! Hoping I get the full pulled pork experience from it. Having the little ones may be a great alternative when I'm looking for something "quick" and delicious.
  • Just awesome!!!
  • Needless to say, the cheese looks great. It also serves as a reminder I'm due to get some of my own now that it's optimum cold smoking season here in Northern Ontario. But I also have to say the labels are fantastic. Guess there's yet ANOTHER thing…
  • SmokeyPitt said: Cookinbob said: All right, What's a troll? Someone who basically joins online communities just to stir up trouble: We had one a while back who would just flag everyone's po…
  • Holy sh*t LS, you do take a bit of a beating in your flags don't you?
  • Last question laserdoc (I think). What did you do with them once you took them out of the croc pot? My guess would be to spread them on a baking tray or something to cool. Thanks again.
  • @laserdoc85 - Starting these tomorrow. For the recipe you linked, did you do 2 or 3 cups of almonds? Did you find that to be the right amount? I picked up 18 cups of to do. These will make some yummy Christmas gifts.