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Merry Christmas and may your holiday be filled with delicious food and loved help you devour the food! Our Holiday Entertaining Guide can help if you’re still making a Christmas menu. If you’re looking for fun, last minute holiday activities, check out EGGcellent Sugar Cookies, BGE Cake Pops, Santa Hat Brownies, Pig Candy or Holiday Drinks! See you in the New Year EGGheads!

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  • I did the sweet one listed above, and the taste was outstanding.  Especially if left a while.  What I didn't like about it was how soft they got that long in a slow cooker.  I will be making them again, however, this time they will only go in the sl…
  • Also as a life long Hab hater, there was always something regal about him.  A true legend.
    in RIP Jean Comment by Greeno55 December 5
  • AlbertaEgger said:   NPHuskerFL said: @jaydub58‌ what area of the country are you in? I believe the local dealers I go to have at least 5-7 left. That blows my mind that the MM still isn't available at certain dealers even when they ha…
  • kthacher said: Greeno55 said: kthacher said: I am waiting patiently for our city to have a team. It is large enough to support a franchise. Once that happens, I might I may take an interest in the CFL. Confused.  Your s…
    in Grey Cup Comment by Greeno55 December 1
  • kthacher said: I am waiting patiently for our city to have a team. It is large enough to support a franchise. Once that happens, I might I may take an interest in the CFL. Confused.  Your signature says you're from the Peg.
    in Grey Cup Comment by Greeno55 November 30
  • No thanks, no need to go to that trouble. Just trying to wrap my mind around the MM options. I think I get it now.  Thanks for being the guinea pig!  Although you don't look too troubled testing these awesome products. )
  • Thanks @Mickey Looks like it sits a touch lower than with legs up.  Or are the pics a bit deceiving.  I agree, @tjv sure stepped up to the plate on this one.
  • So does the grid sit at the felt line with PS legs down?
  • Little Steven said: I soooooo want an XXL but that will have to wait for a lottery win. I'm right there with you!!  There would be something amazingly gluttonous about it.
  • I'm nearly certain I've had one ordered on my behalf for Christmas from Dixon's.  As it currently stands, I only have a single Large, so getting the MM fulfills what I was hoping to move to next, a second egg with a fair amount of space, and portabi…
  • The ones in my birds pop up at room temp when I take them out and rely on my Thermapen.  Seriously, my mom always relied on that and I always felt (though never voiced) her turkeys were dry as hell.
  • @McStew - I looked at those as well.  They have some real nice stuff.  From all the reading I did, the stainless steel is better than copper because you can run some more aggressive cleaners through it.  But for the amount of times I'll be using it,…
  • @rtt121 - Nice, I'm getting close to my one year anniversary.  Up to 14 - 5 gallon batches right now.  Recently made the switch to all grain, although I still like the ease of extract brews.  Thinking about entering my first competition in the new y…
  • Thanks for sharing. Found the original crust thread. Bookmarked!!
  • Jesus LS, there was no profanity laced tirade so I'm going to assume it stayed upright. Nothing like that up north yet. But tons of rain turning to snow overnight.
  • @McStew @Lit @rtt121 Are you all home brewers?
  • Lit said: Thanks @rtt121. I may have to get a longer hose and test it out. I know the pressure is very sensitive on mine. Even a pound or 2 makes a huge difference. When I was having problems with massive foam pours I did two things.  I …
  • McStew said: Seems like a bit of an art form to get the correct settings.  Is this something I should even try when only using 1-3 times a year?   Don't let all the balancing talk worry you.  This is more for a home keg system where you…
  • Correct, you definitely would not want to leave your keg charging at 30psi for a period of time, unless of course you are charging it.  But then using a jockey box at an event, or camping for an evening or two, you really do need a lot of pressure t…
  • I have a feeling I'm getting one of those for Christmas. It's going to be a tough month seeing all these awesome MM cooks.
  • No worries bud! It was a fun build, and even more fun to test out. Let me know if you need any other help. Cheers!
  • Oh it absolutely needs to be hooked up to gas. It actually takes a pretty high psi to push the beer through over 50' of line. I usually set it between 25-30.
  • I made this bad boy. It's a 5 gallon Home Depot cooler, the copper coil is just a 3/8 tubing pancake I wrapped around a corny keg, and bought some odds and ends from an online homebrew store. I spent less than $100, which as I'm sure you are aware i…
  • Canugghead said: Non beleafers here, how about those dinos! 11-2!!!!
  • Although did anyone see what happened last night after Edmonton got walloped by the Blackhawks? Edmonton has to walk through the concourse to get to their dressing room, and there was a whack of fans waiting there booing at them as they walked to th…
  • Nice to see salute-gate ended as quickly as it started. Ridiculous Toronto media!
  • Looks like #2 is a winner.
  • I agree 100% with the A-Maze-N smoker.  I've used it to smoke cheese, nuts, and bacon with A-Maze-ing (terrible pun, sorry) success.  This thread reminds me, it's time to smoke some Christmas nuts and cheese.
  • Looks fantastic.  My latest batch has a a few days left to cure.  So great to have bacon you are 100% aware of what's in it.
  • I've only ever used belly to make bacon. I just watched a video about cooking them low and slow, and it looked pretty good. I may try something else, but for now, it's just 16 pounds of glorious glorious bacon.