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It doesn’t get much hotter than the EGG cookin’ in July! Make sure to keep yourself hydrated with a bit of whatever you’re using for the Beer Can Chicken. Ice Cream Sandwiches are also a great way to stay cool. Looking for some great ideas for a summer cook out? Try out a Pimento Cheeseburger or Dr. BBQ’s Spare Rib Surprise. Just don’t be surprised if your neighbors stop by for a quick bite when they smell what you’re cooking!

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  • @SGH‌ Thanks for the advice. I typically use a deeper Weber drip pan underneath. Doesn't look that will fit with your setup. I might have to stop using disposable and get a more shallow permanent drip pan instead.
  • Damn....shouldn't have opened this discussion. 3 minutes of reading and I ordered the Dexter sani-safe myself. [-(
  • I like both spatchcock and vertical, and do both quite often. but, in my experience, wild it takes a little longer to cook, I've had better and more consistent results with the vertical roaster, both in juiciness and in skin texture. Tonight was o…
  • I like to mix pecan with oak for beef and chicken. It's a good, clean smoking wood that's good with most anything. I even smoked some tuna for a Smoked tuna dip with the pecan/oak mix and it was far better than the alder that I've used in the pa…
  • After multiple posts, over a year of waffling, and bothering Tom a few times, my order is in. AR R&B Combo, rig extender and add'l oval grid. Almost $300 with shipping, but now there is absolutely no need for a 2nd Egg for me. Can't wait…
  • I'm interested. I am about an hour from Alpharetta. I'll buy them if still available. Email me at andyflippen at gmail dot com.
  • It normally runs between $6 and $7 a pound around Athens, GA.
  • They are awesome. I mostly forego ribeyes in favor of tri tip now.....especially when we have friends over. You can get from rare to med well in one piece of meat, and they are easy to cook. I usually go raised direct at 425-450 until 125 inter…
  • I've used all the lump you mentioned and not had that problem. However, the least smoky lump I've ever tried was Nature's Own Basque lump. I believe it's 100%canadian sugar maple. Very good lump and great with chicken or fish. Nice flavor, …
  • Sorry....I was indeed in meat coma last night and couldn't make myself post after shots. Turned out perfect. I'm sure you Texas boys may get a little juicier, but this wasn't dry at all. Pictures were 10-15 minutes after slicing. None was left…
  • Here's a pic right before I pulled. Look like it's supposed to?
  • Just pulled. When I pulled the maverick probe, a ton of clear juices poured out of the flat. Maybe a good sign?!
  • So, it's 196 in the thick part of the flat and the probe is sliding in easily. Also, the whole brisket jiggles like jelly when I open the Egg. Pull now or let it ride for a while longer?
  • I will. I'll be using the Yeti, too, and it holds temp almost as good as the Egg does.
  • Also, with your experience, how long is it safe to FTC without degrading the quality of the meat? I'll probably have to pull it at 11:30 or so, and guests won't be here until 3:00
  • A few more questions, before I finish: When I pull the brisket to FTC, do I separate point and flat and wrap them separately or just throw the entire thing in as one piece?
  • No burnt ends this time, more than likely. People I asked said to slice the point on your first attempt. Not opposed to it, though, if it's worth it. It looks like it's finishing early. It stayed between 235 and 240 most of the night with no i…
  • Freaking out...even though i've done 100 pork butts and the same thing happens. I'm under 4 hrs in and it's already reading 153 internal temp. I know it'll stall, but that seems like a huge temp increase in a few hours,
  • One last question and I'll leave you people alone. Is there a best place to put the probe in brisket: flat, point? I'm 3 hrs in and already at 140° internal temperature.
  • Yeah, our measly GA earthquake was nothing like that. More like a bad case of gas. Wow....can't imagine.
  • We had one in north Georgia around midnight on Valentine's Day this year. Small one that only lasted 10 seconds or so. Scared the living crap out of myself and the wife. Our four-year-old even sat up in the bed and screamed "what in the world…
  • I've always heard to cook brisket as low of a temperature as possible, but have also heard on here plenty of people say that their dry briskets cooked closer to 225 and the better ones were cooked at 250-275. I'm hovering at 235 right now. Should …
  • I've never felt the need for an XL, but I just played "fat guy in a little coat" getting that thing in the Egg. If I cooked these things all the time, I'd need more real estate.
  • DMW said: I would turn it so the point (thick end) is towards the hinge in the back. Done. I assume b/c that's the hottest part of the. egg and how it will cook more evenly?
  • Well, good, bad or ugly....she's on. Wish me luck.
  • Dangit.....I overshot my temp. Egg flew straight to 400. Guess i'll get it back to 300, then throw on the brisket
  • I threw 4 chunks of oak and 2 chunks of hickory in. Egg coming to temp. Think that's enough smoke or add more?
  • Trimmed and ready to rub. Everything look trimmed up okay?
  • Lol...nope, not yet! I've got too many hobbies. Between Egging, running, mountain biking, and a few others, I'm always wanting to spend money on something new. Haven't gotten around to buying the AR yet. I think I will soon. Probably after I…
  • Well....turns out I was wrong. SRF may not carry anything other than wagyu. My local meat market does sell SRF and that's all they display usually. But, they also carry CErtified Angus brisket at $5.99/lb. The Snake River Wagyu is $8.99/lb. So…