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We hope you had a hoppy Easter and are ready to spring into warm weather cooking mode! There’s nothing better than spending time outdoors with the sweet aroma of fresh cooked Ribs. Baseball season is also underway, so it's the perfect time to try out some chicken wing variations! We have Jamaican Jerk, Lemon Pepper, Fired-Up Wings and even a Whiskey Onion and Chicken Steak if wings aren't your thing. Bon appetit!

Big Green Egg headquarters has moved - come visit our new showroom and check out the museum and culinary center too! 3786 DeKalb Technology Parkway, Atlanta, GA 30340



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  • Thanks for all the reponses.   I'll just continue being spontaneous and unprepared and rub just before throwing on the grill.    Since I already have a thread going, I've also mostly always pulled the. Silver skin because that's what I was told I "…
  • Added my two cents based solely off my own experience.  All lump has some added, unwanted objects.  I've just found more in Rockwood than others, and this instance caused damage to my Egg.  So, with no resolution from Rockwood, I changed brands. The…
  • Same here.   I've bought a lot of Rockwood. While it's very good lump, I've found far more foreign pieces of metal, concrete and rock than any other brand.   The last bag that contained what appeared to be a 2 lb. iron spike and numerous rocks has m…
  • I have been following this thread for a while and have not commented. I've incorporated a few habits that work without punishing myself. I know you don't love veggies, but in order to lose weight and have a truly healthy body, green vegetables a…
  • Best trip you'll probably ever take. And the last one where you exoerience freedom. We went to Costa Rica for a little over a week a few years back, right before we had kids. Skip San Jose, the capital. It's pretty dirty. We only spent on…
  • Froze the extras in the marinade. But my wife and I ate over 30 wings and wanted more. Georgia Red Wings are delicious! There is nothing overly special or overwhelming about them,. They are just good... Everyone should try them.
  • also, if I freeze them, should I drain them from the marinade and freeze in a clean freezer bag, or just freeze all of the wings in the liquid marinade?
  • Posted this right after New Year and didn't get a reponse. Seemed to be a slow day on here. Anyone have suggestions on how to cook elk?
    in Elk Ribs? Comment by Mayberry January 7
  • I think steel would conduct heat more than stone/brick. If I were putting anything, it would be brick or paver. The steel may defeat the purpose
  • I'm less worried about the price, and more concerned with the health effects. While it may be immediately harmless, it's not a natural thing to put throught our digestive system. I still have no idea what it was. It would jiggle like underarm d…
  • Yes, I'm using table nest directly on the table and there is no direct heat on the wood. Adding a paver or fire bricks into your table plans can't hurt, though.
  • I had my large on my cypress table directly on a paver for a few years. Last fall, I decided to clean the Egg, and sand and apply new polyeurethane to the table. When I moved the paver stone, the table was burned and black directly below it. …
  • I didn't have time to brine overnight. Should I inject it before cooking for moisture, or will it be fine without?
  • If I finish this thing early, will it be okay to FTC, or should I only loosely foil and carve as I'm serving?
  • Thanks for the advice. Do you have measurements for your brine? And do you use brown sugar or white sugar? Kosher salt?
  • You're right. Didn't want to hear that. I have a 5 yr old and 2 yr old that will be all in it. They are sure to come back in looking like coal miners. How long should I leave it spread out, out of the bags? Would a few days work?
  • Lol....sorry. It took longer than expected and I was watching the end of the Georgia game while shredding. Everyone was hungry and I completely forgot pics. I apologize. As for the barbacoa, it was amazing. Tender, juicy, just delicious…
  • Yes, in braise now. Most is reading 210 with thermapen, but some is reading 207. I'll leave a few more minutes and try again. It smells great.
  • It's close to 210 internal and smells great. But it's still a little tough feeling. Is there a trick to shredding, or is it just two forks and pull?
  • Blended some recipes and the braise tastes fantastic. Chuck is cruising along at 145 degrees right now. One more question: when I remove from the egg and put in the braise with meat, how much braise should there be? I know it doesn't need to be …
  • Sounds good. Thanks! Where does he live? If anywhere close, I'd be happy to meet him and give him a few bucks for his cargo space.
  • x 2 on calling Tom. He's a great guy and really helpful. I have the AR r&b oval combo and rig extender with my large. Very versatile setup that lets me cook anything I want, and as much of it as I want. I've had nearly 200 wings on the …
  • It's good stuff. I've been using it almost exclusively since Wicked Good disappeared from the area and Ace Hardwares in Georgia started carrying Rockwood. Also, recently talked with one of the guys at Rockwood (Jonathan, I think) about a bag I bo…
  • Why?! Apparently, you've never a a steak at a perfect 144.6 degrees. So much juicier than 145. B-) Sorry, OP....not trying to pile on.
  • Ribs are on! Now we wait... In still a little worried about a low temp cook being that close to the dome. I'm sure I'm just worrying about nothing, though. Don't want dry ribs.
  • @SGH‌ Thanks for the advice. I typically use a deeper Weber drip pan underneath. Doesn't look that will fit with your setup. I might have to stop using disposable and get a more shallow permanent drip pan instead.
  • Damn....shouldn't have opened this discussion. 3 minutes of reading and I ordered the Dexter sani-safe myself. [-(
  • I like both spatchcock and vertical, and do both quite often. but, in my experience, wild it takes a little longer to cook, I've had better and more consistent results with the vertical roaster, both in juiciness and in skin texture. Tonight was o…
  • I like to mix pecan with oak for beef and chicken. It's a good, clean smoking wood that's good with most anything. I even smoked some tuna for a Smoked tuna dip with the pecan/oak mix and it was far better than the alder that I've used in the pa…
  • After multiple posts, over a year of waffling, and bothering Tom a few times, my order is in. AR R&B Combo, rig extender and add'l oval grid. Almost $300 with shipping, but now there is absolutely no need for a 2nd Egg for me. Can't wait…