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We hope everyone’s enjoying the first few days of summer. For us, the weather heating up means one thing - the EGG’s gonna be busy! Whether you’re making stuffed burgers for a backyard grill out, some brats before a baseball game or searing a steak for dinner on the patio, we hope you’re doing it with full flavor and having fun all the while!

Big Green Egg headquarters has moved - come visit our new showroom and check out the museum and culinary center too! 3786 DeKalb Technology Parkway, Atlanta, GA 30340



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  • mwatts said: Nice piece. Thanks! I am stoked with it. 
  • UncleFred said: What's the second J... "jubilee"? That would be the following weekend! Invite only, though
  • tarheelmatt said: Nice board!   Anyone know of that one guy owned up to giving those one boards away?  I don't think I ever noticed a post of folks receiving their boards or not.   I do not know  And thanks, it is a local guy who i met a…
  • Guy also makes wooden bowls, wine toppers (g/f bought two from him) and other things. I really am interested in making the boards myself. 
  • Grillinois said: Tetris inspired?  Looks cool. All of the ones he had the day I saw him were diff abstract designs like that. I think he just likes building that jig saw design 
  • SmokingPiney said: Nice!  Thanks! I asked the guy if he was looking for an apprentice. I would love to learn how to do that. No idea if enough money in it to make a career but man would I dig it. 
  • JohnInCarolina said: FanOfFanboys said: @GATraveller just seeing @JohnInCarolina gets it or if just coincedence LOL That didn't answer. Meet their naked?
  • @GATraveller just seeing @JohnInCarolina gets it or if just coincedence
  • is like a slightly modified shape of a BGE, is that right?
  • Eggcelsior said: henapple said: @Eggcelsior. ....sorry. I have permanent dibs on the spare bdr We can spoon spooning leads to forking. bring condiments
  • JohnInCarolina said: This might also be helpful today: you don't happen to wild each it, do you?
  • My kid is in kindergarten so no grades; that starts in two years I think. But he does have a BJJ tournament Saturday and is involved with our local church New Spring! I am actually looking forward to when he has the chance to earn grades. 
  • Generally I say if you have to ask, yes. But not in this case. Who knows what the guy had on his mind, lost in thought, etc.  I would rather be friendly 100% of the time to people and get rejected part of it than to never be friendly and miss out on…
  • GATraveller said: Maybe he was high. Was it me he saw at the store!?
  • bo31210 said: Excellent dogs   I have owned them for 20 plus years (before anyone knew what they were)     High spirited but true pleasers    Have hunted them and used them as pets.     Check the mother and fathers blood line.  Also do not ac…
  • Wolfpack said: Or just get a lab- they are pretty amazing and great family pets.   Well after 4-5 years anyway. Have had a lot of different dogs over the years, but I dont see my family getting anything else in the future.  Have a lab now…
  • bigdogk9 said: I've had 2. Great dogs. Easy to train and very friendly. Obedience was not a problem, force fetching wasn't hard but just different because smaller mouth, and they were pretty good markers also. I used mine for dove and duck hu…
  • Anyone else own one with info or tips?
  • shucker said: FanOfFanboys said: @shucker thanks. Can you shave them like some people do a lab? Or not wroth it? her house has hardwood throughout so shedding wont be as hard to clean up as it would be on carpet.  yes, my brother gets…
  • shucker said: FanOfFanboys said: @shucker Do they shed a lot if brushed 1-3 times per week? I would say comparable to a lab.  You get constant mild shedding regardless of how often they are brushed and then about 3-4 times a ye…
  • shucker said: my brother has a boykin that is 3 years old now.  He's a great dog, great disposition, and wonderful around people, kids, and other dogs.  I cant say anything negative about him except for the hair if he were an inside dog.  His…
  • Ok, I might be into eating that. Any tips or tricks for someone making? Might do this weekend
  • MaC122 said: Did you add anything to the deer meat to fatten it up? I heard that deer meat is very lean and can dry out. The best deer I have ever had was cubed and wrapped in bacon.  Nice looking burgers! The processor added pork fat to t…
  • Just seeing this. I would love to come over and cook with you one day. Dyal is a good dude too.  Dyal, jack Oliver is going to be carrying my smoker soon. Pretty stoked. He is finalizing a weber deal and then will put mine in there 
  • Lit said: No chef or gyuto? That butcher knife appears to be a variation of a cymeter right? I want to pick up a cymeter at some point. Here is my gyuto
  • blasting said: Yeah, not to be a dick, but OP did something not so bright, and a luxury grill got broken.  I feel really bad for her (?), my own stomach is turning at the thought of it.  That said, I kinda figure charity is best suited to tho…
  • minniemoh said: That's very cool and a nice compliment to you. I'm hopeful that my 15 month old will be my future egger. He gets mad when I go outside to check temps and such if I don't bring him along. The hardest part right now is keeping …
  • UncleFred said: Dear burgers?  This is what that means in MY house... Yes dear, I'm making burgers this evening Yes dear, I'll make sure yours is medium rare No dear, I don't think the fire is too hot No dear, I won't press down on the burge…
  • grege345 said: Awesome! Next time I hit a deer I'll eat the bastard I have never tried road kill so I can't help there ha