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We hope everyone enjoyed their Fourth of July weekend and is excited for more warm weather grilling! This week, we’ll be making these two burgers: Stuffed Portobello Mushroom and Caribbean Chicken, and also eating lots of these Ice Cream Sandwiches in honor of National Ice Cream Month! It's time to think about getting out to one of the many #EGGfests around the country - see a list here

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  • Wow! When I saw the cut, I thought to myself, "Hapster is going to reverse sear for sure". I am still in awe that you were able to get wall to wall pink doing it caveman style. Never cease to amaze me. 
  • If no platesetter, reverse sear is out of the question. I'd go caveman myself. See hapster's post above. 
  • Looks like a perfect way to spend your 50th to me! Congrats!
  • You killed it as usual - another epic cook, all while injured! Hope the shoulder heals up soon. 
  • Might want to try the Healthy Butcher on Queen St. West. Their selection will be limited, but they had some chunks last time I was there. I know it's been said, but you're not going to beat Ontario Gas BBQ in Vaughan when it comes to selection. 
  • R2Egg2Q said: @bweekes‌ - As of 5/20, they didn't have a release date but were hopeful for a release in June. Sounded like they were waiting on production to start. Some folks here have been hearing late July-early Aug for the release. …
  • Nice pics! Any mini-max sightings? Or word on a release date? 
  • caliking said: Redemption is fabulous! What ended up being your winning cobbler recipe? I'm yet to try that. Recipe I used is posted in this thread. I followed it pretty closely, but added blueberries as well. I've since done a few more…
  • DTEgg said: How hot did you run it, 400 like the recipe?   And where did you set the DO?  I love good cornbread... Yes, ran it right at 400 raised indirect for the entire cook, with the DO on the cooking grate. 
  • Can you take a picture of the underbite and post it? Also, what size egg are we talking about here? That will impact the "fix". 
  • @CGW1 - while we have your attention... I bought my XL swing rack about 2 months ago. I'm pretty sure I got the "new" enhanced/reinforced system. Is there any way to tell? I ask, because I still experience significant warping on high heat indirect c…
  • CeeGeeW said: 375 raised directPull at 155.  Let rest to 160 +1
  • Proser said: I ordered a new Smokeware cap for a MBGE I picked up from Craigslist. When it didn't arrive in a couple of weeks I checked the tracking number online, USPS showed it arrived at the local post office two days after shipping but ha…
  • Looks awesome. Perfect wall-to-wall pink. I started cooking steak reverse about 2 years ago, and have never gone back since!
  • TexanOfTheNorth said: It worked @bweekes! Sweet! Thanks again!
  • TexanOfTheNorth said: @MagicMike... FYI, if you want another forum member to know that you mentioned them in a post, add a @ before their handle. That will generate a notification flag for them. @TexanOfTheNorth - thanks TOTN, been wonde…
  • Awesome, as always! 
    in Stir Friday... Comment by bweekes June 7
  • fusionhq said: I just opened my egg to see how it was going and the dome felt SUPER loose. Help! Think that's pretty normal - the band will expand, but the ceramic dome won't. Should go back snug once cool. Unless it's not falling off th…
    in Clean burn Comment by bweekes June 5
  • I dunno, but next time she asks you for your opinion on something that is of importance to her (e.g., "does this dress make me look fat?"), be just as curt in your reply!
  • I'm also thinking.,, in the peach mixture, I might add a bit of dark rum next time. Shouldn't hurt the consistency if I let it reduce enough. Look at me - only cooked one cobbler and getting adventurous already! 
  • Cookinbob said: Had a neighbor couple over last night, I did ribs, baked beans and a cobbler (thanks @bweekes!) for dessert.  Sat was a busy day, so I did a lot of prep the night before. Rubbed the ribs and let them rest overnight in the frid…
  • ElCapitan said: Cookinbob said: Looks awesome, I think I will do one on Saturday night.  I read through the linked post, there is no mention of cooking time.  How long does it bake? Usually between 45 minutes and an hour has been …
  • Thanks all! And I agree it's a perfect dish for the egg. Next up - corn bread! I'm going to overdose on these DO cooks now. 
  • speleoegg said: Little Steven said: speleoegg said: Hi All, I've been lurking for nearly a year and finally got around to registering.  I've learned so much from this forum and have purchased an AR, wok and have made many meals …
  • PNWFoodie said: I took my KJ jr. up to 700 tonight before I back off, just to see what it could do as I'm still playing with it. That's the second time I've gone over 600 with absolutely NO problem. It could easily have gone up more, but as I…
  • Does anyone know the diameter of the charcoal grate on the KJ Jr? I've heard that many Small BGE owners have complained about lack of airflow (and a general inability to get up to higher temps), due in part to a small charcoal grate. The mini-max ap…
  • Hapster, I shouldn't be surprised, but you never cease to amaze me. Great job as always. Oh, and thanks for the cobbler timing. Cheers!
  • hapster said: Tylerd76 said: Sounds great. I just bought a DO to use on the egg. Braised top round chuck for barbacoa, it was awesome! Do you have a good cobbler recipe you would share ? Here you go... works great with other fruit…
  • Joe's is a must, but check out The Fish Box as well - the La Minuta sandwich is crazy.
  • Hapster - enjoy the cooks! I'm slightly envious - we've got rain in the forecast all weekend up here (but hey, when has a little rain stopped me? - maybe a quick spatch is in order). Cheers!