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  • I have two XLs and normally only cook for 2.  I use one egg every night and usually a couple of times per week I use both.  Mostly to do different temps but also to shorten the time to cook multiple entrees or baking a desert.  I have a 2 hour windo…
  • The PDF worked fine.  Beautiful outdoor kitchen!!!
  • I've always taken them to 215 degrees and have always had compliments.  I rub them with EVOO, give them a good coating of kosher salt, and bake them on the egg indirect at 350.  I will, however, try 210 IT and see if that makes them even better.
  • How can we ignore?  You are the Henapple!!!!!!
  • Ok - I'm convinced - no injection.  It's going on at 10 tomorrow morning.
  • I have a 15 pound full packer brisket in the refrig covered with course grind dizzy dust wrapped in plastic for the night.  Going on at 10:00 Thursday morning for a cookoff at work at 11:00 AM Friday.  Every time I take one into work, it is gone in …
  • Chicken's on and passing through 136 degrees.  Love this recipe: 2/3 cup carribean jerk marinade, 1/3 cup tiger sauce, 2 packets of splenda.  mix with chicken in plastic bag and let marinate over night.  Works great for both thighs and breasts.
  • Bacon on spatch cocked chicken - Way to go!!!!!
  • I normally fill to the top of the fire ring for low and slow on my XL and after 24 hours at 225 degreesI still have about half left.  I've done it with Rockwood, Ozark Oak, Dragon Breath and BGE lump.  I have to believe it will go 40 hours with no p…
  • Troop 178 - achieved Eagle in 1967.  Order of the Arrow, Philmont Scout Ranch, National Jamboree, Camp Wokanda 5 summers. polar bear club, and still have a bunch of patches including some first day hikes.
  • Mad Max turkey is amazing:
  • Did Henapple just say size doesn't matter?
  • I use Rockwood and never have to wait more than the time it takes to get to temp.  I light just the lump under the grid area I'm going to use.  5 minutes later, I'm ready to cook.
    in VOC burn off Comment by dlk7 January 11
  • Another tip - don't walk on an icy deck with the thermopen open.  They may find your body with an internal temp reading the same as the outside temp.  However, it may help the coroner figure out time of death.
    in Just a warning Comment by dlk7 January 9
  • flemster said: Got introduced to  Gordon Food Services (GFS) and stopped by today.  Paid 2.49/Lb for choice packer brisket.... it is currently on the egg at 180 for a planned 25 hour cook for tomorrow's BCS game.... Hope the quality of meat i…
  • I fold up 3 select a size paper towels into a square and push the lump around until the ash falls through the grate.
  • I'm using their amp for my outside Klipsh speakers, a bridge hooked to my wifi, a bridge hooked to my stereo in the living room and a play 5 in the wife's craft room.  All tied to the ipad and iphone.  Has worked flawlessly.  Haven't used the pieces…
  • It doesn't seem to be bad for my environment.  Had Better Homes and Garden's Grill It best ever grilled burgers tonight and I didn't hear the environment complain one little bit.
    in environment Comment by dlk7 January 5
  • The closed damper is what kept you from getting past 215 the first time - not enough airflow. I'm surprised that it got that high since the fan was just pushing against a closed damper.  I usually have my damper open 1/4 and the daisy wheel almost c…
  • Nice!!  You're famous now!!!!
  • BGE XL has 452 square inches of primary grid space VS the oval's 398.  With the adjustable rig you can exceed the oval's secondary space as well.  I do like the look of their new Jack Daniel's oval though.
  • Looks like you got 35 comments to your inquiry on the big green egg forum in about 8 hours and about 10 on the primo forum in the same amount of time.  Just gives you some idea of the size and friendliness of this forum.
  • Welcome - some good looking food there.  Where you from?
    in Newbie Intro Comment by dlk7 January 2
  • Welcome!  Any good kangaroo recipes?
  • I use the bernzamatic TS8000 with Mapp gas so I can pinpoint my lighting area.  I light only where I'm cooking since I usually only cook for two on my XL. 
  • I have 2 BGE XLs and absolutely love them.  With a 24 inch grid area and all the accessories from the ceramic grill store I can do direct and indirect at the same time, direct raised and indirect at the same time, etc. etc..  I can do over 50 pounds…
  • I picked up a Cuisinart CEK-40 before Thanksgiving and have used it on turkey and ham.  Did some experiments and could consistently cut 1/8th inch thick slices of turkey breast.  Worked beautifully. Comes with a bread blades too.
  • Welcome - new to BBQ or just the egg?
    in New Egger Comment by dlk7 January 1
  • Just to be sure I'm not missing anything, can you explain exactly how you had your egg set with the digiq?  Digiq damper setting (1/4,1/2, 3/4, full?), daisywheel setting (how much were the petals open), where and how many places you lit the lump, t…
  • Also, opening the daisy wheel more or taking it off completely will allow more air flow.  Also, lighting the lump in a couple more places may help too.