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With winter in full gear, we’re enjoying all the awesome photos of EGGs in the cold weather. Stay warm with some of our favorite Dutch oven recipes: Chicken & Dumplings, Chili Con Carne and BLT Soup.

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  • @dmason can you shoot me the dimensions? I need to do exactly that to mine. Its 36" H x 14" W x 3 1/2' D To be fair here - I hired an awesome structural wiring guy, I should not be taking credit for anything but a dent in the wallet! Ahh...I tho…
  • I can't believe I almost missed this thread - I too have been working on a Nerd-Control-Center.. here is my network/entertainment panel Oh me likely! Great job! Very clean!!!
  • I have heard way more good than bad about CGW. Either way, I'm thankful I inserted my coin at the Ceramic Grill Store. Tom provides top notch service and you've probably seen him cook at a few egg fests!
  • What made you go with in-ceiling vs in-wall?  Are you packing any insulation/sound board around them? Mainly just Atmos and room dimensions. They suggest speakers above you on your ceiling. So your options are in-ceiling or mounting speakers with …
  • are you doing 4 in-ceiling or 2 in-ceiling and 2 front height?  I also have been reading a lot of people saying that using directional in-ceiling speakers such as 30deg speakers aiming at your main seating area.  People have been reporting that when…
  • At least you can fit a screen. My last house I built it for a screen but moved before I installed it. This house doesn't have room. Kids, neighborhood, and school district choices won over my theater desire Thankfully the wifey is on board and i…
  • THX certified is over rated. Most theaters are so far out of spec it isn't funny. The audio in my room with very modest gear is better than all but 1 theater near me and only 3 screens on that theater are better. Plus my audio sweet spot is where…
  • You may have mentioned this before but what are the room dimensions? I think thx certified is a good goal but over rated, you will be able to get a fantastic home experience and not meet many of their requirements. There are even many excellent pr…
  • I'm kinda with @SkinnyV on this one. I mean, believe me, I'm all ready to throw **** out in the open and air my customer service grievances along with the best of them, but there may be more to this story. OP has a couple of posts under his belt, ba…
  • That recession might allow you to put the speakers behind the screen with some diffusers in front of them. Have you found out anything about room treatments yet? Do to the throw and screen size...unless I mount in wall speakers, behind the screen i…
  • Looks like it is shaping up to be a nice space. My hotel is 42 minutes from your house, thanks for embedding the GPS coordinates. Thanks for the reminder to disable geotagging! SMH
  • Wow, doesn't get any better than that!!!  Was that Grandpa in that pic??   And a tasty looking torta ) Yep...those were my in-laws. Had to find a way to post that photo. Lol Thanks!!
  • Set up a meet...then offer them $400 in person. People have tried that crap with me numerous times. "Sorry, this is all I have". I wish them a good day and they usually come up with the rest. Lol
  • Getting close! Projector and screen get installed in 36 hours!!!! Front wall Back wall
  • Look flipping awesome!!!
  • I was just about to chime in with some advice here, but @cazzy said it best.  The settings he described should be great for your outdoor soccer efforts.  Whenever possible, full control of the settings is ideal, but just getting started you can rely…
  • Looks great!!
  • Cool dog man!! Nice that you invited the wife....she really looked like she had a great time. Great looking food too!
  • BTW, did you get the Garofalo bufala mozz from Costco? That stuff is almost like burrata mozz. Beautiful stuff. Used to come in a tub with 4-5 mozz balls in it. Now comes in a bag with the balls individually bagged. Whole Paycheck sells the same stu…
  • Mission accomplished!
  • Band saw and lack of sleep = permanent shocker Haha...that facial expression is awesome!
  • How many knives? What kind? What is the longest?
  • For strips that thin...just cook them straight in the pan till they're happy. Once you get a good crust developed, you shouldn't have to roast.
    in Steak help Comment by cazzy February 15
  • Cazzy just sent me a private message: Hey man don't tell anyone I'm really Bruce Jenner, and I don't actually have any eggs. Photoshop yo! Wish me luck on my upcoming transgender surgery! I believe he/she sent it to me by accident :-?? Y'al…
  • So much for "private" message. I'm guessing he sent that to you not thinking you'd air it out. Kinda messed up The forum is very fortunate that we can always count on you... to bit¢h! Where can I find your forum etiquette hand book?
  • I'm obviously an advocate of full control, but SP is a good start for someone who is struggling. Also, youth soccer isn't fast so 1/250th is a good start. Nothing like freezing the seams of a softball...again great shot Matt! Like matt, I too alw…
  • Nice shot Matt!!
  • No, you need to "stop action" so you need to have a fast shutter speed. Switch your camera to shutter Priority (SP) and set your shutter speed to like 1/250th. Set your ISO to 100 That should stop action and allow you to hand hold. Here's the …
  • Freaking love it!!! ) ) You saw it the first time...right?