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There are two very delicious food holidays coming up that we wanted to share with you all because cheese and guac deserve to be celebrated! Guacamole Day is on September 16th and Cheeseburger Day is on September 18th. Happy cooking EGGheads! It's time to think about getting out to one of the many #EGGfests around the country - see a list here

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  • Charleston is my favorite city in the US.  Walk through historic neighborhoods and houses. Smell the tea olives.  Take a boat trip in the harbor. Food is outstanding.  Have some shrimp and grits.  If you like BBQ, Jim 'N Nicks is the best in South C…
  • Bone-in leg of lamb.
  • Thanks for the suggestions.   I usually do what Mama_Roneck does when I cook it in the oven, so I will probably do the same outside. 
  • Canadian bacon, Larry Wolfe's Sriracha chicken wings, and ribs.   Canadian bacon is probably the real winner.  I can make it in large quantities, and it goes well at dinners with friends and family or as gifts.
  • I'll second the post.  They provide excellent service and excellent products.
  • Parker's in Wilson can be very good.  We sometimes pick up several pints of Nahunta at their store in Pikesville or at the farmer's market in Raleigh for distribution to family in Virginia who need a NC BBQ fix.  The Pikesville Store also has excell…
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  • Allen & Sons outside Chapel Hill can be extraordinary, although have had a couple meals where the pork was overcooked.  Can also recommend Moore's in New Bern.  Bryan
    in NC Q Joints Comment by bboulier April 3
  • I am just waiting for better weather to replace mine with a Rutland.  Purchased the gasket and permatex ultra copper on amazon. Naked Whiz has detailed instructions that he got from Ron on the original BGE forum: 
    in gasket time Comment by bboulier March 13
  • I have tried lots of variations including a variety of 3-2-1 methods.  Have settled on the following:  1.  The night before, I rinse them, dry them off, put on a very light coat of mustard (either Dijon or a mix of dry mustard and water) and sprinkl…
  • In the bag in a wooden shed unless snow is in the forecast.  Then I bring a bag inside, so I don't have to mush through slush to cook.  Neither sleet nor snow nor heat nor gloom of night keeps me from the BGE.
  • Go with the whole team.  What I am looking for at these affairs is to learn how to improve my skills.  I learn the most when the cooks are the best.
  • Ribs, chicken, tri-tips, rib eye, charcoal...All are important.   But, growing up in rural Nebraska, I strongly recommend that you stock up on toilet paper.  
  • Dizzy Dust (no salt) + Swamp Venom.
  • My first cook.  I did a spatchcock chicken in rainy weather for guests without letting the charcoal burn off the VOC's.  Tasted very bad.  Fortunately, subsequent cooks have rectified the situation.
  • Can't say this has been a problem.  My family has been eating my grilled/barbecued food for decades.  They have been happy with the expanded range of the BGE.
  • Looks good.  I have a medium, which I really enjoy.  However, there are times when I would like to cook some items direct and others indirect.  A larger egg would be of assistance in these instances. (Usually, I solve this problem  with my side budd…
  • I always rinse and dry meat or poultry, even if I am just getting ready to put it in a food saver bag.  There's always some chance of bacteria on the surface of the meat.  Why run any risks?
  • I usually start the Egg with 1 and 1/2 Rutland squares fully open for about 10 minutes.   Then I close the lid and adjust the lower vent to achieve a set temperature target. Experience tells me how wide the opening should be to achieve a given targe…
  • Got some ideas for good reading from this thread.   I like  Steven Raichlen's "Barbecue Bible".  It has a very large number of interesting recipes.  Calvin and Audrey Lee's "The Gourmet Chinese Regional Cookbook" has a few recipes that can be cooked…
  • TarHeelBBQ has the right idea.  Start simple.  First step: read the Naked Whiz's introduction to Kamado cookers (  He has lots of good advice.  Second step:  Start a good fire. Use lump charcoal and firestarters…
  • I have a woo and use a pizza stone beneath the grill.  I cover the pizza stone with foil and make a drip pan out of aluminum foil to set on top the stone.  Ribs (and chicken and some other meats) drop a lot fat.  Best to collect it in a drip pan.
  • Can't wait for fresh corn, one of summer's highlights.  I envy you who live further South. 
  • My experience is similar to yours.  Wicked Good has been inconsistent.  I have been very happy with Royal Oak (available at Walmart in our area).  The best source of charcoal information is Naked Whiz's remarkable database:…
  • There is a Wikipedia article on City Chicken (  Apparently it is as old as 1908.  While the article does not say so, I assume that City Chicken was developed, because chicken was then one of the more expens…
  • I got the one made by Two Dogs Designs for a Medium.  Good fit, excellent quality, and not so expensive.  Here's a link to one for a large:…
  • This subject seems off topic for the forum. I rarely grill while asleep, having adopted high heat methods of cooking.      Some general advice:  (1) The phrase "bed of coals"  has nothing to do with mattresses. (2)  Breathing emissions while slee…
  • One of the nice things about the Egg is that you can cook in any weather.  There are wind conditions that preclude a gas or kettle grill, but present no problem for the Egg. 
  • I use my ash tool every now and then for a "thorough" cleaning and take out the fire box about every six months or so.  Like others, if I plan a really long cook, I will make sure everything is functioning well.