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  • I had my egg 3 years before discovering this forum. Lurking has improved my cooking skills and introduced me to some cool accessories. Maybe lurking's another word for researching. Thanks to everyone who partcipates and shares their passion for The …
  • Cedar Plank King Salmon from Alaskan fishing trip. Grilled squash, peppers, and onions. May be the best I have ever done. Food was consumed before pictures.
  • I'm sorry kids in your area can't handle a simple task.
  • I take parchment paper with me and have Papa Murphy's put under my pizzas. After 1 min. on the stone at 450 you can slide the paper out. Rotate pizza on the stone two or three times during the cook for a consistent crust. If you cook at higher temps…
  • I take parchment paper with me and have PM place between the pizza and tray. I have a 14" stone and the large just fits. After 2 min at 500 I slide the pizza directly onto the stone and finish. Pizzas with less toppings seem to cook better and rotat…
  • I can reposition the hooks with the Rubbermaid Fasttrack. They make several different attachments that I plug and place with the garage organizer. My wife thinks it takes away from the table but I like the flexibility it gives me preparing and cooki…
  • Nice custom handle Sgt93. The one I bought was already made and Danny was up front about the newer handles being larger. I have only lifted the lid on the XL one time, but do remember the lid being heavy. I'm sure the larger handle is a must for tha…
  • I live in Huntsville. Here is Danny's contact info.
  • Try it one more time.
  • Just received my handle today. Thanks Danny.
  • My handle will be here soon.
  • Tonight was ribeye steaks(cow lick seasoning)with grilled corn on the con, asparagus, and Five Cheese Bread. Tomorrow after golf will be grilled wings(swamp venom) with celery and ranch dressing. Sunday will be grilled pork chops with baked beans an…
  • I have been looking at the Stoker, but most people in the forum only talk DigiQ or CyberQ. Glad to see the controller and app works well. It may be too late, but going to order mine for Fathers Day.
  • Agree with Sgt93. You pay more for BGE. I'm looking to buy myself, but didn't pull the trigger because I kind of like the Stoker WiFi. Still researching because Stoker runs close to $400.
  • I saw the DigiQ dx2 for $279 at Brooks and Collier, Huntsville AL.
  • Did some St. Louis cut this weekend using the Car Wash Mike method for Baby Backs. Cooked 3 hrs at 215, then 1.5 hrs at 250 before testing. When I picked them up the ribs were a little stiff, so I kept them on another 40 min at 250. After passing th…
  • I still use a bag of RO every now and then, but only Wicked Good for long cooks. The efficiency of this brand along with minimal ash build up is great.
  • One of the best things I have purchased for my egg. I got tired of ash build up on long cooks and taking so long to get hot, so purchased one last year. The high que solved both problems.
  • Place starter cube on High Que Grate and light. Stack big pieces on bottom. Wait 2 or 3 min. And hand scoop smaller pieces into the Egg. Drink one more beer and put the meat on.
  • I really appreciate the advice. This forum is great for EggHeads needing a little help. The plan for now is set my egg for 300/325 dome temp and cook all day Saturday. I'm not really worried about how long it takes because the serving day is Wednesd…
  • Our neighborhood is used to throwing large parties, so I'm sure we have your typical wedding reception type serving trays to keep food warm.
  • Pulled pork sandwiches for the party on Wednesday. I was planning to serve BBQ sauce as a condiment, not added to the meat.
  • Golf, Darts, watching college football
  • Thanks guys. I live on a street with 5 kids graduating High School next week. Based on my cooking reputation or just being the only one that would do it, I got drafted. I'm used to cooking for small groups , so I normally cook one 6 lb. butt. Saturd…
  • I got mine this past winter and love it.
  • My advice is slow down and enjoy the experience (cold beer). I light with one cube, split in half and placed in two different places. The high que grate mentioned earlier is a must. Never dump your charcoal into the egg. I remove all unused charcoal…
  • The torch lighting does have a cool factor that makes me want to buy one, but I don't want to spend the money for it. HaHa. Has anyone tried the electric Looftlighter that I mentioned earlier? That thing blows 1500 degree air to light the coals.
  • Before anyone points out the obvious. Yes, my Egg is round and has no corners.
  • I use cubes. Split 2 cubes in half and place on four corners of the bottom grate. Oh yeah, buy a high que grate they are much better than factory one with holes. Then start with a small amount of charcoal (bigger pieces first), light and wait a coup…
  • Don't pull right away. Kind of run your finger underneath until you can a good hold. Once started the paper towel method works great. Also, if I have trouble getting all the membrane I score between each rib with a knife.