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We hope you all got to celebrate those tasty food holidays last week, we sure enjoyed them! We are even more excited about the beginning of fall, for so many reasons, but mainly for experiencing the cool, crisp air while being outside cooking up the best recipes the season has to offer. We especially love these Beer Pork Tenderloin and Ground Beef Acorn Squash recipes! Fall is upon us, and it's a great time for getting out to one of the many #EGGfests around the country - see a list here

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  • This one. There you go...I used a little less water cause it looked like too much. But it thickened very nicely at the end.
  • This one.
  • Scallops look great, but next time cook the chili on the egg! Just made a pot it a little more smokiness and doesn't make the house smell like chili for 3 days.
  • Welcome aboard! Hopefully the first of many awesome cooks. Do a search for spatchcock and you'll find an amazing method for whole chicken that will finish in half the time of your cook tonight.
  • As long as it tastes good, who cares? ;)
  • Yeah, spatchcock is when you take the backbone out and cook breast side up...flattening it so it cooks evenly. There is a great tutorial on
  • Thanks for the review on Ten50...some guys from work and I are heading up next week to check it out. As of now my go to for really good BBQ is Lockhart...has the best meat to wait time ratio though Pecan Lodge is better overall.
  • @ChristinaSunshine‌ yep, just two chickens. For the one for tonight just a home made rub of salt, pepper, garlic powder, rosemary, and thyme both under the skin and on it. Served with roasted broccoli which is a family favorite. The one for later…
  • Here's the finished project. @lousubcap I agree with your rules, however I have a 5 year old son in the house who has already broken 2 bones so I try to wait until 5ish in case I have to make an ER run. I'm on Maker's #2 right now, so hoping he ca…
  • Don't trash it...take it back to the store where you bought it. They might give you your money back. And if not I'd just trash it in the can by their front door. ;)
  • If it is that small sounds like a flat, and given the high temp it might be a little dry, but hard to tell with the info you gave...didn't say how long it was at the high temp. Either way, no disaster. If after slicing it is too dry for you, just …
  • Congrats, after your first flashback you are now an official egghead!! Yes, it was because you closed it down. Next time, open it just a little and let some air in before lifting the lid all the way. My advice is to always wear gloves when openin…
  • BOILER UP!!! For another long season... You and me brother!
  • GO IU!!! Just threw up in my mouth. Boiler Up!!
  • Just started. My employees got me a bottle of Maker's for my birthday. They know their boss well.
  • I live in DFW but I order mine online from IMO much better quality than you can find in a store and they sell by the pound so you can get as much or as little as you need.
  • I've done them both ways...couldn't tell a difference so now I just throw on the rub right before they go on.
  • Can't help on egg prices, but I was a West Lafayette resident for the best 4 years of my life. Craving a Triple XXX burger and Bruno's pizza right now. Boiler up!
  • I have the partyq and the battery life is pretty good. I'd guess that I get >20 hours on each set of batteries. But it depends on how you use it. At first I was wasting batteries by hooking it up right at the beginning and then it runs and run…
  • If you're having trouble keeping temp down_ I would recommend trying a pork butt first. A lot more forgiving of temp fluctuations and not to mention a lot less expensive in case it doesn't go well. But usually you get a pretty good result with a b…
  • Neil Armstrong = Boilermaker. He Boiler'd up on the moon!!
  • I have two go-tos. Cuban: stuffed with ham, swiss cheese, and dill pickles. Second one doesn't have a name but is a mix of wild rice, Italian sausage, dried cherries, and almonds. If I had to pick I'd do the second, its awesome.
  • Run the opposite direction as fast as you can. John Oliver (daily show) once ranked BBQ styles: 1. Texas BBQ 2. Korean BBQ 3. No BBQ 4. N. Carolina BBQ Dicky's would be even further down the list. :D
  • @Botch I used to live in Sandy. The rules were so freaking weird that I could never figure it out. The club thing was ridiculous. Glad that is gone.
  • I use a PS Woo from CGS. Its got handles so makes it really easy.
  • Come to Texas and you'll have the opposite problem - realizing how far away you actually are from BBQ greatness.
  • Good luck! Your first brisket can be daunting but just relax and enjoy!
  • Don't worry about it. I put a 16.5 lber on a large last weekend. If it doesn't fit lengthwise I put a roasting rack upside down and drape it over it so the brisket is kind of in a v shape. This helps a little but I don't obsess over whether or no…
  • One of my favorite non-BBQ places is called Hopdoddy burger bar. Great burgers, but their Parmesan truffle fries will change your life.
  • In Grapevine, try Bartley's BBQ. Never been there myself but I've heard decent things. If you have time to go into Dallas, you've got to either do Pecan Lodge or Lockhart Smokehouse. PL you're looking at about a 2 hour wait but every time I've be…