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There are two very delicious food holidays coming up that we wanted to share with you all because cheese and guac deserve to be celebrated! Guacamole Day is on September 16th and Cheeseburger Day is on September 18th. Happy cooking EGGheads! It's time to think about getting out to one of the many #EGGfests around the country - see a list here

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  • Just scored the Little Akorn for $99.   Website shows $139, but I sent my wife to go in person to use up some rebate checks, and it was $99 on the shelf  =)
  • Glenn, how is that Little Akorn working out for ya?  
  • Lessons are a good idea, but also get him a copy of "five lessons" by Ben hogan. Can be found used for about $2. There is probably not a single golf pro who has not read this book. Even if they don't necessarily conform to the techniques, the bo…
  • johnkitchens said: but since he has never played I don't want to spend a lot and find out he hates it and wants to quit.  Another reason to get the Ping Eye 2's   ;)
  • I'm still using my old old old Ping Eye 2 set.   Ageless clubs.   There's a reason Phil Mickelson (and others) were using the wedge from this line, which was made 20 years ago... until there was so much public outrage that they had to bag 'em.   Can…
  • buzd504 said: ** I have not tried this. But this seems to be the most definitive (and extreme!) slants on the subject: That was definitely an…
  • When do you guys pull if there is a gradient in the meat temp - some places reading 200, others 185. Do you wait until the coldest section hits 200 without concern that the higher section will overlook?
  • RRP said: If you really do mean you want to become a dealer then contact the mothership to get the name of the wholesaler for your state. Be aware they won't just sell you one at a time! When a buddy of mine thought about this to augment anot…
  • Hmm, Rzeancack, the bge warranty is indeed excellent but I see u live in Canada. Have u ever needed any warranty service? So a search on here and you'll see that warranty service in Canada is horrible =\
  • Those time lapse photos with the wings and vortex looked pretty cool  =)
  • The Jr is more comparable to a small. I have a mini BGE and will either add a KJ Jr or Mini Max to the arsenal.
  • Lit, let me know how the kj jr and Minimax compare when u get it :)
  • Lit, why trade the small for a kj jr? Aside from being slightly different weight, aren't they essentially the same?
  • I went to the dealer where I bought my bge and they pulled all the eggs off the floor and replaced them with joes. I also went to two other ace hardware stores and they only have joes on the floor. I'm in Denver.
  • i would sell the Woo and Hi Q on ebay.   i bet you'll get almost MSRP on those.  
    in Mini for sale Comment by odie91 March 17
  • Pinkfacemark said: .  Also, in order to not cannibalize their own sales, they will eventually only have the minimax. I think this is a way to streamline their lineup and have less options.  THIS IS MY OPINION.  I really have NO idea, just spe…
    in Mini-Max Comment by odie91 March 10
  • If you guys have a Firehouse subs place in your area, you can buy their used buckets for $2.
  • This little guy did hit $125 a few weeks ago. Once it hits $100 I'm all over it. I do have a Big Steel Keg, and it cooks with similar results as my bge. Though with the huge price increase on BSK's over the past year, I would not recommend a bsk a…
  • Corey, place the chicken naked in your fridge the day before you cook it, and it will crisp up the skin so you don't have to worry about crisping it at end of cook. Credit for this tip goes to someone else on the forum... Just can't remember who...…
  • I am poor , so instead of plate setter I have two metal rods laid across fire ring, then 8" lodge cast iron skillet with handle cut off, then foil in the lodge, then place grate on top. Offset foil slightly from bottom of lodge so grease doesn't sm…
    in Mini BGE Comment by odie91 January 24
  • Cookinbob said: You can pick up a lodge 5 qt at Target for under $35, will last a lifetime. Versatile and easy to clean Anytime I'm in need of kitchen goods, i first check TJ Maxx, Marshalls, or Ross Dress for Less.  Can often find great…
  • I have a Green Egg and a Big Steel Keg (equally happy with both).   Plan to get one of them oval shaped Primo's when budget allows...
  • Andymizunogolfer said: What is the deal with this company? Just curious. Everything I have seen so far is always "Better than the Green Egg" slogan. I am seeing tons of things about how their finsh peels. I also read a guy posting one on crai…
    in Grill dome? Comment by odie91 March 2013
  • cdees_1993 said: I just built a table for my LBGE and my small Grill dome.  Hopefully, I did ok.  I really like it and it serves the purpose.  Can't wait to fire them up. Just click below for all the pictures.  Understand I am not a professi…
  • TUTTLE871 said: 350 indirect for an hour, coated with olive oil and some Memphis Dust. Tossed them in Franks afterwards and served. A friend of mine stated they were better than Anchor Bar. I called BS on that one because I accused them of w…
  • My dealer mistakingly priced a mini at $250 and was nice enough to still honor the price. He told me he took a small loss on the egg. Chubbs said: Golfanatic said: There is one on ATL Craigslist right now. I looked at this one. They wa…
  • I throw this on my turkey fryer and sear, then put steak in the egg already at proper dome temperature.  But I'm impatient and don't feel like searing in Egg and then waiting for it to drop to temperature.
  • I have a mini.  Don't get me wrong, I love the mini.  But UNLESS you plan to transport it a lot, I'd go with the small.   It's slightly (just slightly) more versatile than the mini, and has the same insane lump conserving ability (not that I have fi…
  • WoW, what a thread.  You fella's are a tough crowd haha.
    in mangrates Comment by odie91 January 2013