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It doesn’t get much hotter than the EGG cookin’ in July! Make sure to keep yourself hydrated with a bit of whatever you’re using for the Beer Can Chicken. Ice Cream Sandwiches are also a great way to stay cool. Looking for some great ideas for a summer cook out? Try out a Pimento Cheeseburger or Dr. BBQ’s Spare Rib Surprise. Just don’t be surprised if your neighbors stop by for a quick bite when they smell what you’re cooking!

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  • mountaindewbass said: At costco Lol, gotta question the logic and fairness of KJ selling their stuff at Costco and undermining their own dealers, but at least they didn't make up some story about a rogue distributor 
  • cazzy said:  It's'll get there eventually. ohhhhhhh snap!
  • Lit said: Wait it has Bluetooth? No, but there already are fake imitations come from China  
  • lol those of you using the Apple analogy seem to forget that Apple almost went under, before their roaring comeback (largely sparked by an invention called the Ipod).   so maybe there is hope that BGE will survive all these strategic mistakes      …
  • Whirly said: I think $600 is a fair price for what you are getting. I don't care about other products that have been on the market for only 2 or 5 years. What value is a warranty, if a company goes out of business? Worthless. BGE has been at …
  • Jeremiah said: I was told they'll phase out the small and mini, and will give a credit towards a max for further warranty issues after heir production stops. But that was just a dealer, not bge. Wow, so if my mini cracks, I probably get…
  • stemc33 said: @SkinnyV‌, meal looks great. Did you use briquettes for the cook? If so, how well do they work? Not that you asked me, but I use briquettes on my mini.  Trader Joe's, 50 cents per pound.  Works great and you can save your…
  • Do it Ron. I've seen a big difference with flax, or any other oil that oxidizes easily (IOW, needs to be refrigerated , such as Hemp oil as well).
  • Just curious, but aren't the Coleman mini propane burners more economical than butane?
  • I've had a mini for two years and have not really enjoyed it to be honest. I've come to the realization that a woo would change my view on that. So if u decide on the mini, get him the woo too. Otherwise I don't find the thing any more useful than…
  • Hm, interesting.  Never heard of Yeti thermoses before.   And I always thought the gold standard for thermal insulation was this baby…
  • mountaindewbass said: The tumbler is an instant buy for me. Side note. My Costco is selling 65qt yeti's for 299.99...I paid 399.99 at Dicks Sports Must be the dirty work if a rogue distributor.
  • Lol some of you guys crack me up.  What exactly constitutes a superior ceramic?   Resistance to cracking?  Both KJ and GE have plenty of customers cracking their cookers.  I guess the only difference being that KJ will ship the replacement to your…
  • Kamado Joe is selling at Costco's with a mfg warranty.  And they're being transparent about it, rather than coming up with some excuse about a rogue distributor A few years ago, a fly rod company (I think Sage) forced them to pull gray market rods…
  • Lit, the garden gates coupon is no longer valid for kj's. Some other dealers complained, and kj told garden gates to play fair. On an unrelated note, kj is doing road shows at Costco, with significant discounts lol.
  • Still one of my favorite LeBron videos lol....
  • Let me add, if they really are going to all these extra steps in the manufacturing process to make this superior ceramic, the superior results in the real world are showing to be marginal at best.  If anything, would just show a poor operations deci…
  • All these semantics about which has the better ceramic is hogwash. Cooks between the two will taste the same. Both are equally likely to crack. Both will be replaced under warranty. For me, my loyalty came down to the dealer. BGE dealer was down …
  • Trader Joes briquettes is almost strictly what i use for my small (I use lump for the large though). Consistent size, easy to light, cheap ($7 for 18lb), and not concerned with ash since my small cooks are at 350 and pretty fast. The only binder …
  • Maybe his definition of rare is the same as General Motors'    
  • Well I just got back from Ace Hardware with some SS hardware.  Thanks. I guess the TV ads never lie.  "Ace is the place"  
  • hm.. i'll have to look again, but everything i saw in stock said zinc coated....  =/
  • I would suggest switching to a lump that burns longer and with less ash.
  • mix with greek yogurt.  makes a good dipping sauce, believe it or not.
    in Sriracha Comment by odie91 June 2014
  • I use a propane turkey fryer stand instead of wokking on the Egg.  Best $20 investment (off Craigslist) I ever made.  Saves the lump, and heats instantly.   You are not imparting any smoke when you Wok anyways.....
    in Wok Question Comment by odie91 June 2014
  • Last time I was at Costco, I saw the Blendtec with a big rebate.   It's already $80 cheaper than the Vitamix to begin with, plus another $50-100 rebate (I can't remember the exact amount).   For that price, I would pick it over the Vitamix any day (…
  • I bought a Lodge cast iron skillet and trivet from Amazon once with surprisingly little packaging material on it.  
  • Is there a term for what you did to those chicken drums, pulling the meat to the end?   I'm trying to look up on Google how to do it.... Thanks
  • plumbfir01 said: @RRP @NPHuskerFL its is the size of a small roughly 13'' grid without the depth for more charcoal...  Is the KJ Jr is shorter than the BGE Small?
  • Weird that he's selling that cooker for the same price I could find it brand new in a store.