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There are two very delicious food holidays coming up that we wanted to share with you all because cheese and guac deserve to be celebrated! Guacamole Day is on September 16th and Cheeseburger Day is on September 18th. Happy cooking EGGheads! It's time to think about getting out to one of the many #EGGfests around the country - see a list here

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  • HDumptyEsq said: @Laxin16. Would one of those basket-style drawers on sliders work. Looks like it could fit under the table top. @HDumptyEsq where would you get one of those?
  • Welcome and have fun!  What are you smoking?
  • My butt is on the egg, just need some beans advice before it starts to come out of the stall tomorrow! Night...
  • How did you deal with the time to let the butt rest? Did you foil and rest the butt and leave the beans on the egg? I'm going to try this tomorrow and just thinking about timings.
  • has gotten me out of plenty of jams with my wife in the past!
  • @sumoconnell - touche! @RRP & @stantrb - some good ideas, I will need to do some more investigating, thanks for the point in the right direction...
  • RRP said: How handy are you? You are clearly much more skilled than I am.  I can figure out the woodworking part of the table but metal fabrication or welding is way beyond my abilities!
  • bgephile said: The diameter of my opening is 22" and the cutout for the hinge is 4.5" deep and 9" wide. Thanks @bgephile, appreciate the insight!
  • buzd504 said: ...has a good example and photo of a table with a cut out for the hinge. Thanks buzd, that is what I was thinking!  Looks sharp, glad to see the idea has real world merit.  @bgephile, Great looking table!  If you are track…
  • canegger said: There needs to be room at the back for the spring assembly. Thats why you will see the egg higher I am aware of the hinge issue, so I will need to cut out a section to allow the hinge to operate correctly.
  • Looks incredible.  How big was the cut of beef for your 13 hour smoke?
  • Your cold meat was probably holding the temp down for that first hour. Once it warmed up, it stabilized at around 260. Interestingly, near the end of the cook, the grill temp started rising again.  Once it came out of the 170 region the grill temp w…
  • Thanks Tweev. I checked at 2 am and again at 6 am and it seemed pretty solid at 258. Maybe the first hour I didn't have temps fully stabilized. Not going to touch anything at this point. Thanks!
  • I used huge apple wood chunks for my first cook. I then tried to remove them for my second, but they look the same a lump charcoal after one burn. This was my problem in the past, after a long burn I couldn't find the chunks anymore, especially if I…
  • Checking out this old thread and I have the same question.  Last night I did Salmon with alder chips and don't really want that smoke in my pizza or ribs.  How do I get the chips out easily without removing all the lump? It seems like this would be …
  • And here is a video showing what happens if you don't:
  • I would think that wading in the pond might be a little bit dangerous with that alligator lurking around!
  • @dlk, what are those stairs coming out of the pond?  I love the design!
  • Looks fantastic!  How did you create the concrete table top?  Did you pour that yourself?
  • From what I could tell iGrill is bluetooth enabled, which isn't great if your grill is outside and you want to hang out in the living room.  Does anyone know of a device that connects into the home Wifi connection?
  • A new gasket is on my to-do list for this weekend, but I just can't seem to find a 24 hour window when I am willing to not use the egg!
  • Given you are grilling direct, this may not be your problem, but I had a strong smokey taste because of residue on my plate setter.  After burning it off at 800 degrees for a couple hours, my wife hasn't complained since.
  • Garhardk, you may have nailed it, I seem to remember some extra residue on the bottom of the plate setter when I set it in.  When I get back in town on Friday this week, I will clean it off well and try another pizza to see if that worked. My wive w…
  • I started with the daisy wheel, but took it off to keep the temperature up.  Smoke was billowing out of the top for the ~10 minutes that the pizza was on the grill.
  • My wife has been complaining of the same problem here, the food is too smoky.  I did a pizza tonight that was cooked perfectly, but tasted smoky.  After lighting the grill, it was almost 45 minutes before I put on the pizza, so all the white smoke h…
  • Are there any exceptions to the 2 hour per pound rule? Does this break down for smaller butts? I did a 4 pound boneless butt last weekend at 225 and it took over 14 hours to hit 195. I am going at it again this weekend with a 7 pound bone-in and …
  • @Lit: What happened to the egg itself during the fire?  Was it still fully functional afterwards?
  • Good luck, I need exactly the same.  I'll tell my wife to put it on the xmas list!
  • Let me know how you like it.  Based on reviews, I wasn't able to tell for sure... does the Maverick have two separate probes, one for the meat and the other for the grill temp?
  • Once it`s hot, get the grate clean. You want nice sear marks, not a lot of sticking. What is the best way to make sure your steaks don't stick?  Do you recommend rubbing the grate with EVOO to facilitate a smooth and clean sear?