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  • Carolina Q said: This was my setup before I realized the pies were just as good (and easier) in my oven. No one here believes that, but that's ok. I do.  I've done a few in the egg, but the only advantage I saw to it is that I didn't h…
    in Pizza Advice Comment by njl June 21
  • The point on a thermapen is way too sharp for this to be safe.  I've poked myself (and bled) just washing it not carefully enough once.
    in Odd thermapen use Comment by njl June 20
  • There is a dealer not far from where I work.  I may stop by there sometime soon, explain the situation, and see what they're able to do.
    in Cracked Fire Box? Comment by njl June 17
  • I was just doing the same thing and found the same thing...though not as bad.  My fire box has more of a hairline crack in the back/top (opposite the bottom vent opening) that's visible from inside and outside the fire box. My problem is, I bought i…
    in Cracked Fire Box? Comment by njl June 16
  • I bought several bags the last time Wal-Mart had the big ones for $8 each.  I've only opened one of them so far, but it's been a disappointing bag.  Nothing but smalls and chips.  I've been cooking ribs today using it, and after 5 hours, I'm either …
  • canegger said: Gut the egg. Take out the fire box and ring ceramic cap and daisy wheel or find a broken one and give them that Technically, I think that would be insurance fraud.  Not a game to play lightly.  It can't hurt to ask the adj…
    in A Tragedy Comment by njl May 29
  • You absolutely don't want one of the trimmed ones they put in normal store meat packaging.  They've removed too much (all?) the fat from those.  You want one in the original cryo packaging the meat packer puts them in.  The only possible advantage t…
    in Brisket questions Comment by njl May 24
  • I just did a rack of beef back ribs pretty much following the amazingribs instructions, and they finished in just under 3 hours.  Not bad.  I still prefer baby backs...but for a time, I kept buying these any time I found good looking ones on sale...…
  • No fair.  My Costco only sells briquettes. :(
  • You have a Large egg and are looking for an excuse to upgrade to an XL.
  • Brisket or either type of ribs would have no problem being FTC'd and going for the ride.  Or you could do a rack of pork and just cook it the day before and reheat for dinner.  I did that recently, and it was fine.
  • If you have a suitable blade for the job, a dry flat can be cut really thin, tossed with some BBQ sauce, and turned into excellent sandwiches.
  • SmokeyPitt said: I bet it looked something like this?? Happy Easter!  I just cooked a 5.5lb one that looked almost exactly like that.  Will post pics later.
    in Rack o' Pork Comment by njl April 20
  • Makes sense to me.  Pull and freeze when they're nearly done...then they can be warmed up / finished much faster as needed. When we oven cook braised brisket, we cook it in two cooks a couple hours whole, then gets refrigerated, preferabl…
  • Flavor and tenderness weren't bad...but the flat got dry :( And the whole time I was eating it, I kept thinking "I hope I don't give us food poisoning."  I don't think I'd wet age one quite this long again. I'm thinking I might slice what's left r…
  • I realized I had the meat probe in a bad spot and the flat was only 170F.  I ended up putting it back in the boat for about an hour...just came out...and now it's finishing again :)
  • It's at 190F IT now, just removed it from the boat and put it back in the egg to finish.
  • Looks like they're both wrong.  I stuck the thermopen in the dome thermo hole, and after the minute or so it took to stabilize (so much for instant read) it said 315F and began to wander up/down a degree or so.
  • More scheduling challenges :) Just boated it.  It's at 149F IT, and just under 400F grid (if you believe the Maverick, or 280F dome.  I think the dome thermo may be due for a recalibration.
  • Way behind schedule...brisket just went on. 48F IT, 315F grid
  • I'm 43 days past the pack date, and finally cut the thing open last night to apply rub.  Like any long aged meat, it was a little disconcerting looking.  I actually decided to trim a little dark/discolored bit from one end, and then figured as long …
  • If you don't have that long, search for turbo.  It takes about half the time and can come out just as good.  Give yourself extra always takes longer than expected, and you can FTC them for a bit if you finish early.
  • SensFan said: As you light your lump anyone ever give it a little stir just before things take off?? Seems like it might be a good idea but not sure if I am just wasting my time... Only if I want a roaring high-heat cook.  In general, I …
  • I've got an older official BGE table for my large, but my setup is old enough, it came with the 3 little feet, so it sits on those on the table (no paver).  I'd lose the paver and use something else (like a table nest, plant stand feet, or even a co…
  • henapple said: Great. Some other new guy selling crap. Huh?  I got one of these when the group buy happened and have no complaints.  I use a Webber charcoal grate as my upper deck (a stainless grid would be better...the Webber likes to r…
  • What happened with the 800-900F ones?  I wouldn't think you could do a decent job cooking a thick steak at that high a temp without overcooking the outside or undercooking the inside.
    in 3 - 2" ribeyes Comment by njl March 31
  • I haven't been using a drip pan much recently...but the amount of charring you have there has me reconsidering.  I might to back to putting something in the center of the plate setter (to create a high point) and then foiling it, in the hopes that a…
  • RRP said: I wonder if your dome thermometer is out of calibration. That'd be my guess too...unless your rub is pure white sugar...or you forgot to put the plate setter in, or drippings on the plate setter caught fire and so you weren't 3…
  • Not working for me either.  At that price, I'd be tempted, though I already have 2 was more cost effective to buy another than to replace the probes.
  • I think I scored another one of these (5.96lb "flat" in the cryo, but it looks to me like part flat, part point).  I found it at a time when I knew I wouldn't be able to cook it for a while, so it's been in the back of the fridge a few weeks and is …