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We hope everyone’s enjoying the first few days of summer. For us, the weather heating up means one thing - the EGG’s gonna be busy! Whether you’re making stuffed burgers for a backyard grill out, some brats before a baseball game or searing a steak for dinner on the patio, we hope you’re doing it with full flavor and having fun all the while!

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  • I was rolling my eyes also but using it over the weekend I love it. I put about 1 lb of lump in and have cooked on it 3 times at 350 deg. 10 minutes, it's up to temp. For one or two people, it's perfect. TN2TX said: How do you like the Mini? …
  • YEMTrey said: Nice, beautiful setup.  I gotta ask though.  Do you have any problems with insects/ants with the setup that close to the woods and foliage? Thanks.  I've had my set-up for two years and no problems.
  • Congrats on your new toy. Don't forget your stokerlog (if you are on a Windows OP system). I also use Excel to go to my stoker every 10 minutes to log the temps. I just put on 2- 10lb pork shoulders. I'm also experimenting with some home made temp p…
  • OMG! That is an awesome cook.
    in Fight meal Comment by bigguy136 May 8
  • I saw your message and thanks but I'm just trying to get info to those who have a Stokers that there are other options than buying a new probe every time when nothing but the wire is bad.
  • FlashkaBob said: Is it really that simple? Are they accurate? Please give more details. @bigguy136 I sent you a PM I could get into a lot of big words if I knew them but your temp probes are just two bi-metal wires of whatever length and …
  • Sorry for the delay. I bought my stainless tubes in both Ø.125" and Ø.187" x 6" long from this page. If you are using your metal tubes over, you won't need any. I also went with a larger diameter so I can have several sets of wires inside of one tub…
  • UncleFred said: bigguy136 said: ....I bought some hi-temp k-wire for my pit probes and bulk silicone k-wire for my meat probes. I used to wrap foil around my pit probe and it would give me a bad signal every now and again but the wire …
  • RRP said: RRP said: OK! You win my "HELLUVA LOT SMARTER THAN I AM AWARD"!  Do you think I have the right tools assembled to do this? LOL Ron,I hope you have a very steady hand and a lot of patience. You are a far better man th…
  • DMW said: Nice work, good to know. Also, Rock's has K-type adapters available if you have a favorite K-type thermocouple you want to use without modifying an existing probe. That is the connector that got me looking into everything. Af…
  • +1 for Mapp gas.
  • This worked for me:I got a new company phone and the lady who had my number before me had some unpaid utility bills. I kept telling the utility companies that I had this new number.One day at work, I see the usual phone number so I told my co-worker…
  • I tried a soaked BGE cedar plank. I cooked for about 5 minutes and the board curled and all juices ran off. I haven't tried since but I was thinking of doing fish soon and thought why not just cook the fish on some foil?
  • Congrats sir!
    in Ahhhh **** Comment by bigguy136 May 2
  • Welcome and I notice you said "first" egg. Any plans yet for a second?
    in First Egg Comment by bigguy136 May 1
  • And here is my "after" 8.8 lbs for $4.99
  • I met Chad a year ago at an eggfest. I talked to him for some time about design and manufacturing. I've been in manufacturing for 20 plus years and Chad is the 1% who cares more about his customers than just making a profit. Chad, hats off for your…
  • Sorry to hear and be safe. For all of the 10 below and snow we get, we are enjoying 60 - 70 deg and sunny.
  • Wow, great color. I can almost taste it. Well done.
  • For me, I have the choice to view or not view it. Maybe it should be relocated to an off topic? I'm not a big internet surfer so as I scroll thru some of the gifs and images and laugh my arse off. So far my favorite is the guy who sets his hair on f…
  • Looks great. I just finished eating the same thing this morning but done on a stove as it's 35 degrees this morning.
  • I love drizzling bbq sauce over my potato salad but don't mix together.
  • bigguy136 said: So sorry for your loss. I have a lbge with a crack starting in the base. I'll have a new base soon and if you want, you can have my old one. It could last for a season or two. I'm in MN if interested. So did you want or ne…
    in Devastated Comment by bigguy136 April 25
  • Welcome from another MN egger. Another great rib comp is at Poolside in June. Enjoy your egg, it will be snowing soon.....
  • This sounds like a this weekend cook. How soft/ runny do you make the eggs? Over easy till half of the yolk is cooked? Steam till just the egg white is cooked?
  • RRP said: Those look painful and also needing attention! I'm a type 2 diabetic and recently I suffered a severe trauma to an entire toe, which led to a blister which soon broke. The raw skin underneath was prone to a serious infection. As a d…
    in PSA Ouch Comment by bigguy136 April 19
  • I've done many briskets. When I go without the foil, the bark and thinner areas of meat are very dry. I've turned them into burnt ends but over the last 2 years, I adjust the temp so my brisket is done in 6 hours. I wrap in foil when IT is at 145° -…
  • If you are going to the Menards in Elk River, MN, you might want to call and see if there is any left. I was down to 3 red bags so I cutting it close. I might run to the Anoka store this week and get another 40.
  • Looks like you will be having a tasty Easter meal. Enjoy the food and family time.
  • Brisket_Fanatic said: @bigguy136 I do not know much about the stoker, do you like it and would you buy another one if it died? I would. I bought a second egg and I love that my only purchase was another fan and pit temp probe.I'm also wor…