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With winter in full gear, we’re enjoying all the awesome photos of EGGs in the cold weather. Stay warm with some of our favorite Dutch oven recipes: Chicken & Dumplings, Chili Con Carne and BLT Soup.

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  • I have nothing to add, just posting in case it's me
  • Little Steven said: But we are an oil exporter. How can that be? Because we let it happen.  
  • Good luck.  What about either making it into filet's for the grill or something like a beef wellington? Personally I'm not a fan of beef tenderloin because it's so lean.  
  • Shanks are my favourite but I really like lamb ribs.  We just got a whole lamb cut up and I'm looking forward to slow cooked lamb ribs.  They are amazing.  Chops are OK, I don't actually find them that amazing but marinades with oregano, garlic, a g…
    in lamb Comment by gmac December 2014
  • Here's Floyd when he was about 4 months old.  He's the 5th boy.  He's about 9 months old now and is the birdiest dog I've ever seen.  Drives us nuts running from window to window chasing the sparrows in the bushes.  As soon as I let him out, he's on…
  • Was there a picture?
  • Right now, at this exact moment I'm about 1/3 of the way through a Mill St Tankhouse Ale.  Ask me again in a bit though.
  • My BIL has a business calibrating TV's (DTX certified, Dolby certified, bunch of other training stuff he had to do).  He has his favourite's and I can't afford any of them but in general he tells me that almost any TV is fine but the colours are oft…
  • fishlessman said: this whole thread is going to get me introuble, my neighborhood is white mutt, chinese, black, and french canadian. the only one we dont drink with is the canadian. ) Because you can't keep up?
  • Awesome. I have a small barrel that I used for oaking an imperial milk stout and sours are next on the list for it. But it's too small to share so I will just keep it all to myself
  • I'd do the ribs for about 5 hrs as you said and then put the hens on around the last hour.  I wouldn't go heavy on the smoke with any poultry so smoke the ribs early and then cook them both at the end. I'd leave them whole just to take up less space…
  • Do you have a thermometer of any sort??? I'm on vacation so of course I have my Thermopen
  • I would have killed him. No question about it. He'd be beaten to death.
  • Believe it or not, probably going out for supper. No egging tomorrow. But Happy Canada Day n
  • I did the dry rub version and it turned out great but then again, I'm Canadian so I probably had a genetic advantage.
  • I get Maple Leaf lump at Home Hardware but I've never seen a BGE there. Interesting.
  • Canugghead said: you mean sausage redneck? I did 10 lbs of Hungarian paprika sausage using the funnel from the Kitchen Aid. It worked and the results were very good but it took more than a while to thumb stuff that much. Thanks al…
  • Canugghead said: Don't have to wait till next year, how about Niagara in August? Remind me again please?  When, where?
  • RickyBobby said: gmac said: IMO, tilapia is too lean to grill.  I'd stick with pan or deep frying but if you are intent on grilling I'd suggest something quick so it doesn't dry out too much.  I consider tilapia similar to perch or oth…
  • IMO, tilapia is too lean to grill.  I'd stick with pan or deep frying but if you are intent on grilling I'd suggest something quick so it doesn't dry out too much.  I consider tilapia similar to perch or other, thin, white, light tasting fish and a …
  • Plus a bunch for taking him/her to the vet. When we had a sick dog, plain white rice was a pretty good starter to get the back on her feed, nothing mixed in, just a bit of rice and see if that stays down.  But the vet is the way to start.
  • Canugghead said: btw, @gmac , did I miss you? No, my wonderful wife bought me concert tickets for Father's Day and it turned out to be the same day and I had to cancel.  I let Dickinson's know but I was locked out of the forum and c…
  • Getting "Servers Full" or something similar for a couple days now on the iPad.  Couldn't get logged in, thought I was screwing up my password, tried to change password, can't get on on any device except my wife's MacBook so I guess I will be partici…
    in Forum trouble. Comment by gmac May 2014
  • bclarksicle said: What was the total amount of meat you got? One was 230 and the other 220 dressed. After skinning etc, around 375 lbs.
    in Getting my pigs Comment by gmac May 2014
  • My phone smells like my ear. I'm afraid to smell the other end.
  • Got my pigs. Worked out to about $2 per lb. Cant wait to try a butt on the egg. 4 bellies for bacon, jowls and hocks and chops...oh my!
    in Getting my pigs Comment by gmac May 2014
  • And they left the liver thread???
  • Here Google Earth was updated on September 19 2013, between 2:30 and 3:15 pm.  We can tell because the neighbour is harvesting beans and that was the day it happened and we know who was driving the tractor with the dump wagon because that tractor wa…
  • CANMAN1976 said: Looks great and congrats on your first brew. You need to get a pipeline going so you will always have homebrew on hand and ready to drink. Right now I've got a dark ale, a bourbon barrel porter and an Irish Red all ready to d…
  • Irish moss coagulates proteins out of the wort, cold crashing drops the yeast.  Not necessary but helpful.  Of course since you are bottle conditioning, shaking the bottle will make it hazy anyway so it may not be worth the effort.  I keg everything…