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  • Nor do I. I just remember a while back when a guy made a post and totally without even having a clue it would offend anyone offended you. You immediately asked him to remove it, which he did. Not many saw it, but I did. I realize you can't edit now…
    in Open Heart Comment by Gato June 2012
  • Tweeve called us Jesus groupies! Thanks buddy that's the nicest thing you've ever said to us. Now can I ask you to kindly remove your previous derogatory posts from this thread. Whoops! Back at the top...
    in Open Heart Comment by Gato June 2012
  • It's harder to not believe. Just think about the vastness of the universe, with a tiny speck, sitting on the perfect axis to sustain life. Look at the human body and all the things around us. All this just happened by chance. I don't think so. Yes t…
    in Open Heart Comment by Gato June 2012
  • Very nice!
  • I for one am a believer in prayer and God. I don't know why you always go out of your way to say things you know will offend people. And by the same token jump up and down when someone offends you.
    in Open Heart Comment by Gato May 2012
  • Good to hear, thanks for the update!
    in Open Heart Comment by Gato May 2012
  • Can't edit yet, if doing the last part direct you have to turn regularly
    in Ribs? Comment by Gato May 2012
  • I usually do baby backs but did some spares this weekend. I really enjoy them both. I like mine very tender so I go three hours uncovered, wrap in foil for 1.5 hours or so till I like the way they look. And finish with sauce for a while as I let the…
    in Ribs? Comment by Gato May 2012
  • Same here Choke. When cooking indirect my dome temp is higher than the grid temp. After several hours they do get closer. I do make sure and place the grid thermometer over a platesetter leg to block any direct heat.
  • If your drip pan starts running over you may want to fashion a cap. :) No really, I think alot of people cook in the rain. It would be easy to bend a piece of foil over it if you are worried about it. My egg is covered so i can't say for sure.
  • Some people use foil. I think you could use a roof vent like the ones they use for gas water heaters. I'm with Doc though, unless it's a downpour probably not needed.
  • I really need to try some of Dizzy Pigs other flavors. As mentioned above I wasn't crazy about dizzy dust. May try a sample pack.
  • Could the holes in your grate be blocked? Is your fire box opening lined up with the vent opening?
  • I asked one, they said they didn't sell dough balls. I actually like to make it anyway.
    in Emergency Pizza Comment by Gato May 2012
  • Looks good..
  • I have been making my own dough. The one time I bought some dough, pillsbury I think, my little girl said it tasted like a box. Lol I haven't seen any dough balls at my local store.
    in Emergency Pizza Comment by Gato May 2012
  • @dtun1 are you wrapping your briskets in foil for any length of time when pulling at 170°? Just curious..
  • That's good advice Gato. So you don't use a thermometer? How do you determine about what time it's done if your doing fork checks? Or when to start said fork checks. I do use a thermometer, but I usually do not check until at least 185°
  • Looks good Doc. What dough recipe are you using for the thin crust?
    in Emergency Pizza Comment by Gato May 2012
  • Nice looking steak! And table!
  • Briskets are done when they are done. IMO if you cook every brisket to a certain predetermined temp you are setting yourself up for failure. Brisket has to be cooked until fork tender and every one is different.
  • I was thinking the exact same thing today. I put some spares on and was working in the yard and almost forgot I was cooking.
  • Good idea and functional!! I like it!
  • Yeah and ask your local dealers to look for someone looking for a dfmt only.
  • I have a rack of spares I'm gonna trim and try too. First rack for me as I usually do bb's also. Looking forward to how yours turn out..
  • Beautiful cazzy! I have to do these..
  • The dollar bill on mine is a little loose in a spot or two. Next time you light the egg in the beginning when there its alot of smoke close the dome and see if it's leaking anywhere. Also at night you can look down through the top hole and shine a f…
    in Help!! Comment by Gato May 2012
  • Very clever to post that things are getting better in a I lost my job thread. Stick to pastrami tweev.
  • Make sure you stir the old lump around real good before lighting for the next cook. The ash can reduce airflow. Make sure the opening in your firebox is lined up with the bottom vent. As far as two level cooking there are several options. The cer…