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  • I think skinless, boneless = no flavour.  We do chicken quite often and I have never liked eating the skin but I think the fat under the skin adds flavour to the meat same goes for the bone.  I takes a little longer to cook but worth the extra time.…
  • buzd504 said: I've tried, but I always burn it. But it seems to stay a lot more moist! Gerhard
  • That is good news.  Eggs cost a bit more in the Great White North, I think a large is somewhere around 1200 before taxes.  The best deal you seem to be able to swing is for them to throw in a bag of lump, a grill lifter and the ash stick. Gerhard
    in Devastated Comment by gerhardk April 9
  • Sorry to hear about your egg and glad the mutt is ok.  I would seriously consider the ceramic grill they offer at Lowes, I think the one close to the size of a Large was right around $600. Gerhard
    in Devastated Comment by gerhardk April 9
  • I use to do the night before and then we where out on Saturday night and had planned ribs for Sunday, when we got home it was too late for me to bother.  Couldn't tell the difference so ever since I have been doing the prep after I light the charcoa…
  • CostCo seems to carry Basques Nature's Own every spring at a good price and I have been stocking up every spring.  I think there are 6 bags in my shed now and I'll probably double that by mid June, after that CostCo supply of charcoal is kind of hit…
  • I believe the egg requires a bigger financial commitment than most folks are willing to make to grill, which is what most people do on a propane bbq, so naturally you are more of an enthusiast.   I came to the egg from an offset smoker and really lo…
  • I am still newly wed we only have survived 24 years and we both like liver. Calf's liver really is the best and don't cook it to well done.  Pig's liver is pretty bitter and I choose not to buy it.  Gerhard
  • We have a oil fired water heater, I think it is impossible to run out of hot water with it.  One day my wife left the hot water running and went to work, the water was still running hot 9 hours later. Gerhard
  • I am no expert on Detroit but I like going to the Mexican Village and Greek Town before the casinos came.  We live a little over two hours away but it's been a few years since I had gone.  We took the grand kids to the zoo and the Henry Ford Museum …
  • I think the types of people that steal usually don't appreciate the pleasure of cooking on an egg and I have never been approached outside a seedy bar by someone saying hey have I got a deal on a Big Green Egg for you, but I need the money now.   I…
  • Monty that is how I shot hockey as well, Camera on manual since the lighting was fairly even over the whole ring.  I would take a shot of the ice and set custom colour balance and most of the pictures where already way better than auto setting where…
  • I agree with pumping up the ISO to 800 or more, in good light even older sensors will produce very little noise but the detail may suffer a little in newer cameras high ISO even in poor light gives great results. Gerhard
  • I think mopping is a good way to wash off the rub. Gerhard
  • I have been making my own rub for the last two or three years.  I found out that most of those rubs are made of sugar, paprika, pepper and garlic powder but charge way more for it.  My pork and chicken rub is in descending order of quantity brown su…
  • I think gdenby has hit all the points of concern and I would have no problem eating it.  The choice is yours though, if you are worried that you are going to get or give food poisoning you won't enjoy the meal so don't bother serving it.  If you are…
  • Rub the meat with gasoline that might sear it
  • It might only be lightly annoying but if it continues for 8 hours it may have just pushed him over the edge.  I think once something starts bothering people it doesn't take much to make their behaviour irrational when viewed by folks with no dog in …
  • I haven't really found it necessary as the chicken turns out nice and moist on the egg.  Turkey on the other hand we always brine. Gerhard
  • I live 1/2 mile from the neighbour to the north, 1/4 mile from the neighbour to the south and 1 1/4 miles to neighbours east and west and haven't heard anybody complain about my bbq.  We use to have people burn tires out in the country and people wo…
  • I agree chicken legs can be technically over cooked but still moist and delicious.  Generally cook everything to temperature but chicken legs go on aroun 300 -325º F for two hours indirect and always come out pretty much perfect. Gerhard
  • Actually an hour more and they would have seemed moister and the meat would have fallen off the bone.  I prefer the ribs to still hold together yet pull clean from the bone.  It means sometimes you go 3 2 1 other times 3 1 1 but you get a feel for i…
  • Just give the bone a little twist, it should loosen from the meat with little effort and you know it is done. Gerhard
  • brimee said: My septic guys don't dress like that for the job.... Your guys probably don't have as much duct tape either Gerhard
    in a sad day Comment by gerhardk January 16
  • In my opinion the people that have airflow issues are the micro managers of the temperature.  I agree with Little Steven the ambient temperature seems to have little effect on the vent openings required. Gerhard
  • Since I have been going commando it hasn't frozen shut either and I have not experienced temperature control issues. Gerhard
  • NPHuskerFL said: Side note. Whether people want to believe it or not prospective employers often check these things before hiring and can be used for termination. It is a 100% fact. It's easy to hide behind a computer etc and spout crap but, …
  • That is my Fiat 500, two trouble free years. Gerhard
  • The temperature is -16ºC and we where snow stayed because of snow squalls with near 0 visibility.
  • -15ºC here planning on chicken legs for dinner, just hope the wind calms a little. Gerhard