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  • burr_baby33 said: Paper towel with oil. +1.  This is the cheapest way to go.  There was also a post awhile back about a clever way to pre-soak the towels in a coffee can. 
  • Going beach camping in two weeks with my son's boy scout troop.  Looking forward to surf fishing.  I have never camped on the beach, should be fun.
  • I used this when I replaced my gasket and love it.  Make sure you don't stretch it as you apply it, because it will shrink.  I made sure it had some room to shrink and it has lasted through 10+ pizza cooks with no signs of damage.  The adhesive seem…
  • MrCookingNurse said: @chokeonsmoke really? cause my vent settings are definitely different when it is hot outside as opposed to when it is cold outside. pretty sure thats to be understood. Since cold air is denser, I would think…
  • I have not had an issue with maintaining temperature, or getting the egg very hot for pizza in winter weather.  In fact I just pushed the snow off our egg this evening and it fires up and holds temp just like always.
  • Make sure the epoxy has a UV stabilizer in it, or your table top will go yellow pretty quickly outdoors
  • I am sure you could sketch out something to show to a local cabinet maker to build.  Even a general contractor could probably put something together for you. 
  • Or, HWMBI - He who must be ignored.
  • You think the fire was hot, but I bet you had a lot of medium to small pieces and you were not getting air flow through the stack.  With large chunks of charcoal, filled to the top of the fire box, you should be at 600 - 700 dome, no matter what you…
  • Pro's - it works as advertised, especially on dense lump piles that don't get hot as fast as those with big chunks of lump.  Sturdy construction. Con's - pricey, it also chews through the batteries pretty quickly.  I actually bought a 12 volt lithi…
  • What did you think of the fish at 150 IT?  I normally serve at 140ish.  Just wondering what you thought of the texture, taste, etc.  For me, 135 IT is too mushy in the center.
  • The pic with the snow piled on the eggs reminded me of the SNL skit "cone heads"  with Dan Akroyd.Very funny.
  • I have just dropped chips down between the platesetter and side before.  You might have to pick the grid up a little.
  • I was under the impression that you wanted plank to smoke, to impart the flavor to the salmon.  Otherwise, why would you use it?  Why not  a pizza stone?  I do mine raised direct at 400 and pull when the IT is 140.
  • I use the platesetter legs up, and then put the grid on the plate setter.  DO goes on top of the grid.
  • I agree that a pit controller is most useful for long, low and slow cooks.  I also agree that you don't "need" the pit controller for low and slows... But it sure makes life easier by removing any doubt that the egg will be at the correct temperatur…
  • If you just want a pit controller, I would check out Auber Instruments  They have one that just controls the pit temp for around $125? Also, if your handy, you can build your own with a PID controller.  I bought the fan from BBQ guru,…
  • I bought the swing rack, and have exactly what you described.  I can go raised direct with firebricks, or use my plate setter for indirect cooking.  Check out
  • A big issue for any size egg is the airflow through the charcoal pile.  You will have a much better chance of getting to 800 ish temps if you use the biggest chunks of charcoal in the bag.  In my experience, a pile of small pieces of charcoal just w…
  • I dont use parchment and don't have a problem putting the pie onto the stone.  As everyone has suggested, get the stone to temperature 30-45 mins at 500 - 550.  Generously flour your pizza peel and form the dough.  Frequently give the peel  a shake …
  • Not necessarily. Low and slow foods - like pork butt and ribs, you would go indirect.  The same for pizza. Many folks here like chicken cooked raised direct.  Some like chicken cooked indirect.  Same with Turkey. Steaks are typically seared first…
  • Indirect means having a heat deflector (plate setter or pizza stone) so the food doesn't see direct radiant heat from the charcoal. Direct means cooking without the heat deflector;  straight over the charcoal Raised - Direct means having the grate…
  • Alton Brown has a really good recipe.  We don't add the carrots however.  He also has a nice glaze to go with it (part of the recipe).  Cooking it on the egg w/ smoke makes it amazing.…
  • BGE salt and pepper shakers.  
  • A little off topic, but my neighbor recommended "removing the chain" of a whole beef tenderloin and cooking it separately.  Can anybody enlighten me on this?
  • I think you should cover it.  The ceramic is probably fine in the elements but the hinges, handle and nest will definately benefit from being covered.
  • My cypress table is holding up nicely.  One thing about wooden tops that I didn't realize is that they get incredibly dirty.  Charcoal dust, grease drips, etc.  I probably would have gone with a granite top if I had known what my wooden top would lo…
  • Ipe is great for decks, but doesn't glue very well, even with epoxy.  You will need to rely on mechanical fasteners if you chose to go this way.
  • I just did one this weekend.  Worked out great.  I set my egg at 375 for indirect and made sure it was locked in ( i lit it about an hour before I was ready to cook).  I trimmed the fat and used butchers twine to tie up a Costco tenderloin to make a…