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Hop on down to your nearest EGG dealer this week to pick up some Easter EGGcessories! Here are a few that may be useful for Easter, the V-rack, electric charcoal lighter and flexible skewers! Now that Spring is in the air, it's time to think about getting out to one of the many #EGGfests around the country - see a list here

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  • I've had the best luck going 75-100 over target temp and then shut the bottom vent to about 1/4 - 1/2 open with dw on top...temp seems to settle in right around target temp each time...over shooting much more than that and you can start waiting a fa…
  • EX Mark zero turn 60" cut for roughly 3 acres. 
  • Just to update...I pulled the trigger on a Tundra last night...looking forward to many good years ahead!!
  • Born and raised in Southern Alberta...last 19 years has been spent in MIssouri. Love the egg (XL)...need to have the Family still in Alberta get one for when I visit!
  • The ribs look great! How much Bad Byron's are you applying? I apply it heavy for butt cooks but just a light coating for ribs. I did ribs once with a heavy dose of it and the ribs were unpleasant to eat...way too salty...
  • If I were to offer that as a special gift she'll ask for the return receipt, or else she'd open the box and say there's nothing in here!! Thanks a lot... Now my confidence is shaken!! :)
  • I would like wifi capabilities...I don't mind spending a few extra bucks to get the "better"'s for my wife so price tag is no option...okay, actually it is, but I figure I would need to spend in the 3-5 hundred range...just want to get …
  • More photo use/general household making fun of's Christmas!! :)
  • Thanks...I'll look into both options...I'm not so great with computer related items so I appreciate the feedback.
  • Does this hold true for ribs as well? I've got a pack of 3 from Sam's Club that I thought I would have smoked by now...probably 10 days in the fridge, still in wrap, probably just need to put them in the freezer.
  • I'm trying to decide as well between a Tundra and F150. I'm very impressed by both of them. Tundra has really improved their interior look for 2014 IMO. Part of me would like to buy Dodge due to their Super Bowl commercial....longevity and resale…
  • I'm with Granny and Dave. I'll be doing the same thing...I'll start it at 2 am Sunday morning and plan on eating Sunday afternoon.
  • When I was in the market a few yrs ago I was told by someone in the BBQ market to check out the BGE, had never heard of it before... I went and looked at it...stewed it over, could not get past the fact that it looked like a BIG GREEN EGG or an over…
  • Sounds like I need to try this...thanks all for the input! I can almost smell it through the screen just looking at the pics!
  • You might try lighting in 3 or 4 locations when wanting high temps...generally for me though once it reaches about 300 the temp really starts to climb fast...i've had my XL thermometer go all the way around to 1200 on a few occasions when I got dist…
  • @ XLBalco...I have one of those as has always worked great for me. When I fried my probe a while back I bought 4 probes for $10.00 per probe and now when I do 4 butts I just stick a probe in each butt and then just plug the unit to the pr…
  • I did 40 lbs of Turbo Butt for the first time...I was a bit skeptical at first as it just didn't have the "typical" bark look but man was it ever full of juices!! I've never seen that much juice and the colors of the pulled meat looked amazing! Th…
  • is there anything that can be used as a white wine substitute for the Mad Max Turkey?
  • Thanks Billyray...I'll play around with it and see what happens.
  • I have had excellent results with spatchcocking the Turkey as far as eating the meat. I've never been succesful with getting crispy it possible to have crispy skin and yet have the meat moist?
  • I did the turbo ribs tonight due to this thread...3 racks of babybacks and they were great. I'll never plan on low/slow ribs again. Thanks for the info "DaveinFlorida" and thanks for the update "mayberry".
  • I've used Best of the West for the majority of my cooks...I've experienced the "sparking" during most of the lighting stage....I asked my wife to pick up 3 or 4 bags of Royal Oak or Best of the West while she was in town....she came home with 4 BOTW…
  • Great, thanks guys....that will work well for me as I drive I-55 quite often.....I last found it at a Hyvee in K.C when I was in that area but figured there had to be something closer to where i live. I appreciate the feedback. I stopped by Dirnbe…
  • @ jai-bo...If its the 49ers then I'll feed them. @ was a small gathering but I'm of the mindset that if I light the lump for one butt then I just as well load the grate and do as much as I can and seal the rest for the freezer. I pla…
  • Optiontrader....that is the only brand I have used...burns long, burns hot if needs be....every now and then I'll get the odd rock in a bag....the biggest negative about it is that it generally sparks a lot while lighting it with a torch...I'm willi…
    in BGE Lump Comment by Jonnysouth June 2012
  • @crmilt....I'm in Cape Girardeau area...just drove down to Sikeston this morning....I maybe driving to Texas in a few weeks....if I do....i'm gonna see about picking up some Wicked Good or other types of lump that you guys have down there to try the…
  • I'm like Cen-Tex...that is all I've used for almost a year now...sparks some when I light it with my torch...I've had 1 or 2 shirts get a hole from flying embers during ignition but I've been quite pleased with it...bought a couple of bags of Royal …
  • Thanks whiz....the pit in my stomach is starting to go away. Mine cracked last night while I was doing steaks....thought I saw a spider web when I went out during the resting period....cracked pretty good in several locations, I've had it 9 months.…
  • I just posted this under a different thread as XL base cracked from the lower vent up to the top of the base all the way thru! On flight...must turn off!
  • My base cracked on me last night....I've sent pics to my dealer...I hope they replace it! I've tried to add a pic here but seem unable to do so.