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There are two very delicious food holidays coming up that we wanted to share with you all because cheese and guac deserve to be celebrated! Guacamole Day is on September 16th and Cheeseburger Day is on September 18th. Happy cooking EGGheads! It's time to think about getting out to one of the many #EGGfests around the country - see a list here



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  • FYI:   I always pickup my "00" Flour from an awesome Italian Store in Pittsburgh called PENNSYLVANIA MACARONI COMPANY . . and they ship all over the place.   I have not done the price comparisons VRS amazon . . but it might be worth checking out bec…
  • Those Costco wild sockeye fillets look great. I am a new member and I havent seen those yet . . . but I am going to have to get some later this week.  As for salmon prep - we are always very happy going raised direct on a soaked ALDER board (not a f…
    in Salmon Comment by NDG July 29
  • I just got a new red bag (caputo 00 pizza) this weekend in Pittsburgh and made dough last night.  I tried something new and added 1 gram of "janes krazy mixed up salt" with my kosher salt to boost flavor.  Not sure if it will matter at all?  My doug…
  • woooah - amazing stuff!   ^:)^
  • @sodigthisbigcrux . .  nice pax - thats my kind of vape!
    in Anybody Vape? Comment by NDG July 25
  • I know my wife's SUV is due for tires . . . I assume COSTCO will be the best deal?
  • Good to know!  My wife and I LOVE tequila and we do "party night" on Thursdays when I am not on the road (aka tonight).    I got a bottle on CORZO (anejo) for sipping and bottle of HORNITOS for margs downstairs . . its on.   
  • but I heard the NEW Anus Pounder is delightful . . . 
  • EXAMPLE: Whole Foods Sale this week is swordfish steaks - not terrible, right? CANADA - MSC-CERTIFIED HARPOON-CAUGHTFRESH, WILD SWORDFISH STEAKSValid7/23 - 7/29$15.99 / lbRegular $19.99 / lb
  • @HDumptyEsq . . . We did not finish our membership paperwork until 8:30 and they closed at 9:00, but still, somehow, I spent over $200!  I took many of your recommendations (paper towels, mixed nuts w/macadamias & brazils, mateos salsa, diced to…
  • Its all good!  Your blog has DEFINITELY helped me a lot . . . it has been one of my GO-TO sites for years now! I love to learn and honestly I had no idea skirt steak was so tied to fajitas - thanks for all you do Griff!
  • Good to know . . but my meal was cheap!  Flat Iron is much cheaper here than skirt or flank and Green Peppers are much cheaper than red/orange/yellow! If I was Griffin and made millions of dollars each month off advertisements from my food blog . . …
  • Nice cook - looks like you got the Turkey Wings figured out.    I tried them them recently and it was awful - actually - one of the worst things I have ever pulled off the egg.  I probably screwed something up . . . but regardless - I would have to …
    in Turkey Wings Comment by NDG July 23
  • Very Nice.  I have found that moisture is the enemy when it comes to BGE pizza.  If using fresh motz - I will cut early and let them rest for a few hours in paper towels.  If using can of crushed tomato for sauce - I strain a few times to eliminate …
  • Just looked at Naked Whiz review of it . .  NOT GOOD!  My only positive is the price here - paid less per pound than I do for my normal fuel (K.Joe - Red Bag).  Still maybe others will be smart and the review first (below) before following my lead. …
  • Thanks!  funny because I actually had the perfect lodge griddle in my cart at TJmaxx in late spring.  I went searching to find my wife in the store and left my cart sitting there . . . 5 mins later my cart is gone and the griddle is gone.  Only one …
    in Fajitas Comment by NDG July 23
  • Very Nice . . I am searching for a griddle just like that - any advice?
    in Fajitas Comment by NDG July 22
  • will do - thanks @wolfpack
  • @johnmitchell - thanks for the heads-up and I appreciate the picture you just emailed me.  I can tell from your face impression that they create a strong bond around the waist - thats key.  
  • SGH  . . . welcome back, brother. I feel like being a SGH fan is the same as being a WWE fan.   Is it real?  Is it fake? . . . I dont care !!
  • GREAT - this is exactly what I was looking for -  got a nice list going now.I appreciate the help! 
  • Hilarious! Next time at Mortons Im going to bring my thermapen along with my mad cow testing kit . The premium steak houses will cerainly understand.
  • that is huge . . nice cook, brother.
  • That sounds good!  I got 3 lbs of wings in a brine right now . . . then early tmrw I am helping my buddy (with an egg) do a 9 POUND PICNIC SHOULDER for a party he is hosting.  We are going with the complex yet delicous Recipe from Adam Perry Lang ca…
  • Little late on my response . . but here are some pics of the cook.  I did the amazingribs Blonder Brine and then followed the amazingribs Kermits Pork Chop technique almost exactly (instructions below - except I used mickeys coffee rub before they h…
  • I have that thermoworks infrared thermo also . . . works well & lots of fun to play with. EXAMPLE: I always test to see what is hotter . . . . my wifes armpits or underneath my dogs ear flaps
  • wow - thanks!  Think I will go with a thick pork loin chops and cook it indirect as @grillmagic says . . . pics to come later. 
  • very nice recap cazzy . . .  confession:  I have a soft spot for 90 year old elves who can BBQ their tits off . . . 
  • nolaegghead said: He's a 16 yo PhD candidate at MIT.  His dad taught him to BBQ when he was 7.  He's working on his dissertation up in Boston and he gets his dad to shoot the pictures down in Mississippi.   HA - damn I wish that was tr…