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We’re so close to Thanksgiving that we can taste it and we’re ready to help you prepare the most delicious Thanksgiving feast you’ve ever cooked! Check out our Turkey Cheat Sheet for turkey tips, our Thanksgiving page for turkey recipes, and our Holiday Entertaining Publication for all other Thanksgiving needs to help you make this the best Thanksgiving yet! PS. Don’t forget about breakfast Thanksgiving morning either!

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  • Thanks for all the response . . . and special thanks to @gdenby = =D>
  • It seems as though many bought the blackstone at the same time about a month ago . . . . how is it holding up?  Still love this thing? I am buying either the Blackstone or the Pizzacraft Pizzeria Pronto Outdoor Pizza Oven this moth as an "early chri…
  • yea I am big fan of smell test.  The family member I was speaking with does not have a science background, but he was wondering if the FREEZE kills some bacteria/pathogens (or something like that) and will help extend the "fresh" period longer once …
  • local in Cincinnati? what is it called?
  • I have that same IR Gun but always forget to use it. Goofy Q . . . if your egg is at 700F with your Stone in place, will the stone eventually get to 700F as well?    
  • cool, thanks for the link . . .
  • Very nice cook - fajitas in cast iron sounds great and bread looks phenom.
  • BBQ Shrimp . . . OH YEA!   FACT:  I have never had grits!  Nothing against them, I just never have ordered them and dont know much about them.  All I know is you Southern Folk would eat a bathtub full and wash it down with some sweet tea.  I guess I…
  • Thanks . . . @fence0407 I am no expert, but the last few WOK meals I have made from Grace Young's book have been great.  Finished plate is in a different universe compared to the Stir Fry I used to do on my electric oven with flat bottom wok.  I thi…
  • Looks Great, I got a large Turkey Breast in the fridge now waiting to hit my BGE later this week.   I am surprised to hear so many of you use Hickory with Turkey?  I have found Hickory a little strong with Poultry so usually stick to Fruit Woods.   …
  • Thats the perfect way to do it - so purdy - I am starving now! 
  • Looks Great.  I have not made a Tri-Tip on the BGE yet, but I got one in the Freezer.  Now I got this recipe Bookmarked for later - thanks.
  • nice post - love the solid/compact look of the mini max.  Looks sturdy enough to hold its own at a rowday tailgate with footballs flying around . . perfect.
  • Wow looks amazing - I LOVE oysters - is the yellow just melted butter?
  • wow that video is a classic - well done!
    in 1-800-SAVE-JIC Comment by NDG November 7
  • Many suggestions . . .but I agree with @phatchris & @smokybear . . . go with BONE DRY SKIN for crispy skin.  Rest uncovered in fridge trick is great, just avoid butter/oil . . . so one minor tweak . . let us know. 
  • Very nice!  I love chimichurri too but never made it at home YET.  Oh yea, and the bottled versions suck . . . bookmark.  
  • Speaking of garbage eaters . . . . what is the deal with Lobster?   When I worked in the restaurant industry I was told they are "scavengers" and only eat dead stuff, but recently heard otherwise.    Discuss. 
    in Garbage Fish Comment by NDG November 4
  • Turned out great!  The smell of the spice/ginger/mint/etc. mixture in the blender was mouthwatering and finished lamb had great balance. Put a some kebabs in a pita last night and tomorrow night serving the rest of the lamb on top of arugula w/ some…
  • making bloodys today and found nice write-up from serious eats that reviews many brands.  Turns out my recomendation (stirrings) was the only negative review - opps!…
  • Thanks SGH, helpfull information.  I did a little research as well and found out that FALL / SPRING are the two best times for a project like this.  Now I gotta find a place that will rent me a box blade & tiller.  Thanks!
  • that looks perfect . . . my stomach is now growling
  • Very cool - looks satisfying.    I have a Q . . . is there a way to "level" out a small lumpy yard?  Our total acres is just over .25 with grass and a few small trees.  In a perfect world, I would do something in the winter/fall and re-seed in the f…
  • I was torn but I got a PS4 - so sleek and sexy.   Not a huge gamer, but I play Fifa 15 online, stream Netflix and play movies via blueray.  I have been happy with my purchase.
  • We love bloody buddies . . . STIRRINGS bloody mix is good but STIRRINGS simple Margarita mix (real lime juice) is amazing.  
  • Looks Amazing . . . this will be our next cook - thanks for posting!
  • Ok . . super late but Jesus-Tap-Dancing-Christ these Smokey Pork Tenderloin Sliders are unreal! Follow Chris aka @nibblemethis recipe for step-by-step (bacon mustard glaze/sauce is too good for words) and you will agree.  Its a new Tailgate staple f…
  • I am trying these for a tailgate on sat - cant wait.   Looks great and it has been on my short list FOREVER - so a little bump isnt all bad is it? 
  • I got a 2013 Jetta TDI last year.  I am in Sales and drive everywhere.  Previously I had an Audi A4 and a VW CC . . . so this is much less luxury/horns/whistles, but I have been very happy with it.   I learned that Turbo Diesels are a different anim…
  • looks great - thanks for the bookmark. Do you buy "bengali mustard sauce" and "hot & sweet ketchup" or make them at home?