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We hope everyone enjoyed their Fourth of July weekend and is excited for more warm weather grilling! This week, we’ll be making these two burgers: Stuffed Portobello Mushroom and Caribbean Chicken, and also eating lots of these Ice Cream Sandwiches in honor of National Ice Cream Month! It's time to think about getting out to one of the many #EGGfests around the country - see a list here

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  • I have a mini-woo instead of a plate setter, but the space is narrow there, too. Foil with a lip. You really can cook anything on a mini that you cook on a large as long as it will fit. Someone even did a small butt. You can find a bunch of "magic m…
  • I've used this recipe. It is great. 
  • Philly has fantastic resources for meat, ranging from third-generation butchers to Amish and small, independent farmers. I've seen plenty of uncured pork but no uncooked ham (I think it becomes ham only when cured, though I might be wrong). I've don…
  • @henapple. Depends on whether you want to just roast it or to expose it to as much smoke as possible. At 325-350, I've done them in 1.5 to 2 hours. At 250-275, they take 2.5 to 3 for me. 
  • The only problem with his recipes is he is sponsored by a good number of folks and uses name brands without describing exactly the flavor profile. Hard to compensate in some cases. 
    in Chicken Ribs Comment by jlsm April 12
  • Both of mine have been calibrated. Many folks say the temperature will eventually even out.They don't for me. I'm consistently 50 to 75 degrees off no matter how long the cook. I was confused for a long while about which temp to follow. For most thi…
  • I inherited a KA from the early '80s about two years ago. I use it a couple of times a month, but my MIL used it several times a week. It is still going strong. 
  • The technique is here.
    in Chicken Ribs Comment by jlsm April 12
  • Yeah. In the past six months, the prices in Philly have gone up at least 25 percent, and this is for good stuff from specialty stores but not the local organic, which is close to $20 a pound for steak. I bought two large game hens a few weeks ago, a…
  • I have both mini and large and I don't notice a difference. The mini takes a whole lot less time to burn off VOCs, though, and I attribute that to the amount of charcoal used. 
  • +1 on Simple Green
    in In the doghouse Comment by jlsm April 8
  • Looks fantastic! You really piled in the stuffing. My husband is no fan of chicken because of the bones, so the first time I did this he was amazed. I then got two big Cornish game hens and boned and stuffed them, freezing one. The perfect size for …
  • Love Scotch eggs on the egg! Look really good. 
  • Interested in how it turns out. The recipe sounds great to me until the foiling sauce; I'm just not fond of sweet barbecue. 
    in APL brisket flat Comment by jlsm April 6
  • I think the "change your shirt" comment is brilliant! I do think it must be the lump, too. I use a very neutral lump that I think Fred in Pa. sells exclusively to the retail trade. This week I made game hens indirect and they had NO smoke taste at a…
  • Try this:  Peel 2 fairly large onions and cut them in half. Lay the onions, cut side down, in a baking dish. They will form a trivet and keep the pork from touching the hot dish. Dry skin well. score the pork skin wi…
    in Pork Belly Comment by jlsm April 5
  • Looks great! I love new recipes to try.
  • Hanging weight? That is high for local lamb in Philadelphia. Lamb has a very distinctive taste. You say you haven't cooked it but have you eaten any lately? I would buy a small boned leg and divide it into three pieces, each big enough for two with …
    in Lamb price? Comment by jlsm April 1
  • Thanks. I had forgotten about jerk; haven't made it in a year. I make my own sauce, too. 
  • Call Fred and see if he will have any deals on large eggs. The place is a trip; it's a BBQ/music store. He has just about any rub or sauce that you would want plus the best charcoal s…
  • I use plain salt to cure salmon. Google "salt-cured salmon" for a host of recipes.
  • @Bigwings: I loved the "pups." Thinking about getting wings and making a bunch of pups.
  • I wrapped on my first rib cook and never again. Give it a try.
  • @hapster: I've had the Nest thermostat since October. It rocks. I've cut my heating costs by a third. 
    in Tragedy Comment by jlsm March 19
  • Really great on the potatoes. Definitely going to try cutting them that way. Potatoes around here are so huge that I hesitate to make twice-cooked. My husband won't split one, and he doesn't need a whole one. 
  • Try a different cheese altogether, something with more taste, maybe Gruyere. Also try two cuts: cut one third of the way down, open up, and then from the fold cut another third across. 
  • I hesitate to do the raised direct because of burning fat. Any trouble with an off taste?
  • MatAlexander, that sounds fantastic. I've saved it. Thanks.
  • This is absolutely fabulous. Put it on tonight. Tomorrow, with the moisture from the meat, it will be easy to pat into a nice crust.  2 tablespoons brown sugar 1 teaspoon yellow prepared mustard …
  • I have the great fortune to live near a market with dozens of food vendors under one roof. I buy my seafood from a fish monger whom I have known for years.  I thought I didn't like fish much, either, until I decided I needed to eat more of it and bo…