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It’s almost Halloween and if you’re cooking on your EGG, you may end up with more people knocking on your door asking for pork chops than candy! In case you’re willing to share and want to please a crowd, we recommend warm Margherita Pizza, FGL’s Lemon Pepper Wings or our favorite, S’mores in a Cone!

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  • I use to maximize space. You need to position carefully to make sure they don't touch. I haven't noticed any difference in taste. They seem to need a few more minutes to cook.
  • You guys talking about porchetta? Perfect party food. This is written for the oven but translates to the egg. Porchetta (Italian roast pork) Serves 10 generously without rolls Time: 5 to 6 hours plus extra to cool and pull This is b…
  • Poke the fattest part of the flat. Does the probe slide in easily? Pull. If not, keep going.
  • I, too, have done side-by-side pizzas. Same temp. Same homemade dough. Same toppings. My family couldn't tell the difference, so I've gone back to the oven. That way, it's a quick meal. I can preheat the oven even when I'm away. I pull the dough fro…
  • I, too, am at a loss about the lump consumption. I would say you need to get a different brand. I use a dense charcoal, and I have plenty left over after a turbo butt or brisket.
  • I make both. Most of the pre-made sauces have too much sugar for me. I make a take-off on Arthur Bryant's original that we all like, a vinegar-based red pepper sauce for pulled pork, and a mustard NC sauce that my stepson loves on fries. I also make…
  • You don't taste the sugar in a 2:2:1 kosher salt/black pepper/sugar rub.
    in No Bark Comment by jlsm August 28
  • In Philly at a butcher, $3.29 untrimmed and $3.85 trimmed. I usually get untrimmed, but the butcher has a guy who worked at a kosher plant for years, and I ask him to trim it if he's working. I did the math the last time I got a untrimmed packer and…
  • A dry brine of at least 24 hours accomplishes the same as a wet brine by drawing out moisture, which mixes with the salt and then gets reabsorbed. It's great for egg cooks because it doesn't leave the skin soggy as a wet brine, allowing the skin to …
  • Nice job of not overworking the dough while forming the pie. I love those bubbles, and you don't get them when you play too much. 
  • You all tried this with green peppercorns? Love it.
  • I do game hens for two people. I usually bone two or three at a time and freeze the extras. The second and third go much quicker than the first. I stuffed the one below with duxelles, diced shallots and mushrooms cooked to a paste. Our favorite stuf…
  • Checked my butcher in Philadelphia yesterday and his choice, untrimmed packers were $3.29 per pound, the same as they have been for more than a year. Hope to do one over Labor Day. 
  • The first time takes a bit, but I've done about six now, and I'm down to 7 minutes. 
    in Mini Ballotine Comment by jlsm August 22
  • Wow. My husband - a pineapple fanatic - will love those. 
    in Chops! Comment by jlsm August 11
  • I light the mini from the top with a MAPP torch and then from the bottom with a knotted oil-soaked paper towel. The two-step method seems to give me the best coverage in the shortest amount of time.
  • Really would live a recipe.
  • Should be fine. I did them last week, 5 pounds for six people, four of them men. I cooked the ribs for four hours at 300, until they hit 200. Basted them the last hour with a sweet and spicy mustard glaze. Truly outstanding.
  • Thanks, @Legume. Perhaps they take smoke better because they need to cook longer.
  • Don't brine a kosher bird. Kashering involves salt. My smoked turkey breast never comes out as smokey as I would like, either. It's still good, just not as I would like.
  • +1 with @bigguy136. I cooked my last brisket turbo, 325 grate, and foiled at 160. The flat was very moist, the first time for me. The whole thing was done in six hours or so (12 lbs. trimmed tight).
  • Absolutely fantastic. This will be on my list for next week. You also could boil the marinade for 10 minutes to kill the chicken cooties. I wonder what it would be like to switch out some of the rice water for marinade.  I just read the recipe, and …
  • When I first got my egg, I didn't mind spending 4+ hours cooking ribs or 12+ cooking a butt. Many here consider longer cooks a point of pride. But I grew tired of it. I do my baby backs a la Mickey, turbo: 300* grate, 350* dome. After 1 hour, 40 min…
  • Do you really want to grill it? I find steaming and boiling the best methods for lobster. The meat stays succulent throughout.  
    in Whole Lobster Comment by jlsm July 2
  • They interact much like a clutch and gas pedal. Some folks like to keep the bottom open and play with the top. Some folks take the opposite route. I believe that @mickey doesn't even use his daisy wheel. I generally set my bottom to an approximate o…
  • @Ladeback69‌, couldn't get the link to work, but I remember one with St. Peter. Is it that one? A few years ago we bought a bottle of the original while we were there and I developed a copycat recipe that my husband couldn't distinguish from the ori…
  • Try making the roux in the microwave. Easy. Just need to stir halfway through.
    in Gumbo recipes? Comment by jlsm June 28
  • Though in KC, Arthur Bryant's doesn't make "typical" KC sauce. It's not a "type" either.