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We’re feeling pretty super, how about you? The big game is fast approaching, and while we love football, we love an excuse to invite people over and cook even more! You too can cook like a champion with recipes from Dr. BBQ’s NFL Gameday Cookbook: Grilled Tuna Sandwiches from Seattle and Baked Brie from New England. Who’s going to win? You’ll have to cook both to find out.

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  • Baby backs. Two hours sauced? I suppose it would depend on the amount of sugar in the sauce, too. 
  • Hate to be a naysayer here, but I do BBs turbo, 2 hours at 325-350 grate. I do foil for at least an hour afterward because of logistics. I just can't understand the lure of the long cook; I have too much else to do. 
  • I close the lid on the torch as I light. My lump sparks at times but usually not much. 
  • If I didn't have a mini, I would jump on the MM. But I really haven't had a problem with space with just two people, and I will still use my large for long cooks. I'm a little jealous, but I won't abandon the mini for the price of a MM. 
  • Homemade fruitcake steeped in spirits for weeks is the champagne to the 7-Up of the usual variety that garners so many jokes this time of year. I made it only once, years ago, and it was fantastic. Perhaps another one is in order. Yours looks wonder…
  • I recently did a simple salt, sugar, water brine for an hour and air dried for two. I soaked dried rosemary, sage and salt in oil for 15 minutes and rubbed all over the breast. I used two large hunks of cherry and one hickory (many folks warn agains…
  • I don't get carried away with cleaning and I did have problems with a food probe. After about a year of use, it started giving crazy high temps. I replaced it. I find the probes invaluable, particularly in frigid weather. 
  • @EggObsessed: mix 2/3 cup oil and 2/3 cup flour in a quart measuring cup. Microwave on high for six minutes. Stir. Microwave at 1 1/2 minute intervals until desired color. With mine, it's done in 8 minutes or so, but each microwave is different. The…
  • I'm guessing that juices from the bird as it got closer to temp hit the pan and turned to steam, ruining your skin. By spatching, you allowed all the juices to run rather than pool inside the bird.
  • Gumbo is one of my favorites. I make a huge batch of shrimp and sausage and freeze in serving portions. For those outside of andouille-land, you can get very good andouille at Whole Foods. I've also learned how to make roux in the microwave; quick a…
  • I'm firmly in the dry brine camp. Rub turkey with 1/2t kosher salt per pound and let sit in the fridge, uncovered, overnight. 
  • Stuffing goes in the bird; dressing is cooked separately. I still call dressing stuffing, though. 
    in stuffing? Comment by jlsm November 2014
  • Is Duke's sweet like Miracle Whip? Is it the sugar that caramelizes? 
  • I used mostly cherry (thus the dark color) but threw in a large chunk of hickory for the smoke. My other breasts were done with all cherry and they just didn't come out very smokey; 90 minutes isn't much time to absorb. 
  • I've noticed no difference between flat and the rack, though I do mine turbo. I do cook baby backs, though, and arrange them so the ribs are not touching. 
  • Get some drops for the cats. The vet variety works better than the pet store. DO NOT worry about bombing, etc. Fleas go on a three-day feed, three days on and three days off. If they don't have anything to eat, they die quickly.  My cat is highly al…
    in OT - Fleas Comment by jlsm November 2014
  • I've cooked turkey all sorts of ways and the egg is by far the best. I use a modified version of Amazing Rib's recipe (see attached). I use a dry brine instead of wet, though, and I don't inject. 
  • I brine for just two hours; any more, and I find the meat too salty. I also air dry just the time needed to get the egg stabilized at 325 or so. I find 325 to be great for roasting or smoking. Here is a half I smoked recently. Really terrific. I put…
  • @SGH, have you tried a hard start? These phones are mini computers after all, and sometimes things get crossed.  Push your off button and home button at the same time until you see the Apple symbol. The phone will reboot on its own. About the forum …
  • Haven't had any problems at all with 8.1 on my 5 or my mini. Love it. 
  • Try updating through iTunes instead of over wifi. The update needs so much space over wifi because you essentially are storing two operating systems at once until the second is installed. If you do it through iTunes, the new overwrites the old.  @SG…
  • Asian stores sell them for about $3 for 18. Trendy stores sell them for $9. If you can plan ahead, get them at least a week before you plan to boil (3 minutes) and peel. They have thicker membranes than chicken eggs and can be tricky to peel. 
  • So how was it? Was it dried near the outside? 
  • Finally figured out my photo problem:  @rholt: I used a half cup of TABLE SALT without iodine to 2.5 quarts of water. I brined it for an full hour. Seemed like a lot of salt, but it did permeate the meat.  I made broth with the bones and used it i…
  • You might be in the minority but you're far from alone. I did a side-by-side once and haven't gone back to the egg since. (It largely was a draw, but I can heat my oven with a delayed timer before I get home, and the convenience far outweighs BGE br…
  • Thanks so much for this. Some great looking recipes.
  • I don't think frozen dough is ever as good as fresh. I bet that was your issue.