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As we round out National BBQ Month, we hope you’ve gotten to try some new recipes that will keep you cooking all summer long. Check out our Smoking Basics Publication. For delicious recipes, try Justin Moore’s BBQ Shrimp, Greg Bate’s BBQ Dr. Pepper Chicken, Bobby Flay’s Chicken Thighs or Dr. BBQ’s new Maple Brined Pork Chops. Need dessert? Finish off your meal with some Planked Twinkies. Get ready for some fun summer happenings!

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  • @sgh That looks a little jalapeno heavy for me, but that's what this is all about.  Idea sharing.  I love it.   I would probably dice the peppers, so it's not overwhelming for me.  Thanks fore sharing!!!   Take care brother. 
  • SGH said: @Sookie- Sister I was reading your writing above about stuffing breast. Give stuffed thighs a try sometime. Debone them and stuff them with cream cheese, jalapeño's and jibbled up bacon and then wrap them in bacon. They are outstand…
  • theyolksonyou said: theyolksonyou said: You should really post more cooks!  Awesomeness   LOL I hear ya Yolk.  I'll work on it, I promise
  • bgebrent said: Looks great!!  Now I know what the hell I can use that cheese knife I bought for other than collecting dust, ha! Honestly I love mine.  I also use it for basically making "pockets" in chicken breasts that I can stuff with h…
  • Hotch said: @Sookie I am not a big fan of pork chops but those some great chops. I could eat all three. The fourth I brought in to work today for a co-worker, whose birthday was today.  I vacuum sealed it so that when he reheated it was st…
  • SGH said: Looks like a winner to me. Great looking grub. Hint: That Dales pictured above is a killer marinade for thin cut pork steaks. Trust me on that one. I didn't get fat by eating bad tasting food  There isn't much I haven't tried Da…
  • LOL being a new picture poster, the pics are out of order, but you get the idea.  
  • You won't be disappointed in the long term.   We use our old gasser as storage for our electric starter, gloves and platesetter.
  • If I am doing an indirect cook, it's legs up with the grill sitting on top of the PS.  It allows air/heat to the under the food without a direct fire under it. 
    in Legs up or down Comment by Sookie May 17
  • pgprescott said: I know this sounds corney, but as a retailer of the egg, we have ample opportunity to get feed back from our customers and receive plenty. The egg is the single greatest product my father has had the pleasure of selling in ne…
  • JohnInCarolina said: My folks went to see Billy Joel when he was touring with Elton John.  I bet they would say that was their top.  Was this the one where they covered each other's songs?  I heard from my friend that was phenomenal.   My…
  • Amy.  I like you.  And my neighbor is an **** too.  When I told him his dog had gotten out of the yard, he grunted at me.  Congrats on your first cook!
  • So glad you found her!  I had a kitty (not an outdoor cat) that snuck out and was gone for 11 days, and I know how miserable it is, wondering where they are and if they are OK.  The relief is overwhelming.  Glad your baby girl made it home safely. 
  • badinfluence said: Hello... things are well here. I have been really busy lately. To answer a few questions... i am no longer driving the truck over the road. I still own it but hired a driver to drive it. And now the big news.YES I BOUGHT …
  • Are you freaking serious?  Those are some of the best looking ribs I think I have ever seen.  Very nice cook friend!
    in Baby back ribs Comment by Sookie May 13
  • It's all about just cooking something   welcome. 
  • Shelter animals are the way to go!  Congratulations on your new family member.  We have a couple adoptee's of our own. 
  • Looks absolutely gorgeous!!   I love doing hams in my BGE.  They turn out so moist! 
  • We bought a CI grid and it sits in our shed.  Honestly it really doesn't add any value to a cook, and it's heavy and bulky.  Personally my favorite addon right now is the DigiQ.  My advice:  Save your money on the CI Grid.  Congrats and welcome to t…
    in NEWWBBYY!!! Comment by Sookie May 4
  • I've had to bump mine up before in the middle of a stall.  Just do that and get em done   I wouldn't worry too much about it. 
  • ERMAGAWD looks fantastic. 
    in Ribeyes Comment by Sookie April 14
  • I did a prime rib this weekend with it and it turned out REALLY good. 
  • Welcome!  Holy cats straight to an XL?  I hope you have a big family   Fire it up
  • I think I have to get me that adjustable rig!  Very nice pics of the nachos.
  • I have found that sometimes I get a smoked flavor even if I don't use chips or chunks.  I also agree that the flavor is not agreeable in every dish.  I tried smoked chicken in a pot pie once and like you sensed, it just didn't seem right.  Every coo…
  • It looks like a wonderful place to build some memories, and I am not sure if I would do anything with that shed    It has it's own charm.
  • That brisket looks amazing    Liam is a smart kid.
  • I have to be honest, the veggies are my fave thing out of a boil, but this brings back a LOT of party memories    Enjoy!
  • For those nervous, I did my first a couple weeks ago.  What I found was that I ran into a pretty serious "stall" where I had to foil for a while, but once it got over the hump it was ok. I started to panic.  You never know though until you try.  
  • Oooh I really like this.  Beautiful finish, and I like the cabinets.  Nice job