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There are two very delicious food holidays coming up that we wanted to share with you all because cheese and guac deserve to be celebrated! Guacamole Day is on September 16th and Cheeseburger Day is on September 18th. Happy cooking EGGheads! It's time to think about getting out to one of the many #EGGfests around the country - see a list here

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  • I had a "maverick" as well, and it was the BGE brand.  It finally got to the point we could not trust it to be accurate, AND if it got to above 300 degrees it would error out.  That happened from about the time that we bought it.  It was very disapp…
  • You  are upholding the integrity of our democracy.  Awesome experience for you!! 
  • are such a stud!  :D
  • Ok well then all is good :D have a great weekend.   
    in Mic-check Comment by Sookie May 2013
  • Pics too please if you can, that would be nice.  Would like to see what it's supposed to look like. 
    in Tri tip ? Comment by Sookie May 2013
  • I'll be interested in the answers Phil.  My husband was raised in Cali, and apparently Tri tip is a big deal there.  He's now with me in MO, and pork steaks are the signature bbq food here.  Would be nice to make him a nice tri tip but I dont want t…
    in Tri tip ? Comment by Sookie May 2013
  • we have a set of "ov gloves" and yes, move it quickly from Egg to storage area.  :)
  • Nope!  LOL what kind of a response are you looking for? 
    in Mic-check Comment by Sookie May 2013
  • @Botch  Whoever said I didn't aim to please.  :)  I don't have pics of the potatoes but here is the chicken, sorry no pics of them sliced and seeing the nice way they turned out on the inside :)
  • Hehe Sookie is our kitties name.  Even though some of them are deceased, we have an S them going on.  So far we've had Skittles, Sissy, Sami, Sophie and now Sookie. 
  • Paid!  Decided on two.  Hope that isn't a problem.  Thanks again you guys.  Putting this together was an awesome idea and I appreciate the fact you included the rest of us!  :)
  • How do you cold smoke bacon?  This sounds intriguing :)   Sorry if I'm being a noob. 
  • My goodness.  I think I'm in love.  Don't tell my spousal unit. 
  • Love mine :)  Haven't had it long but did a boston butt on it and put it on overnight.  woke up a couple times to check it but didn't need to.  finally just went to bed for the rest of night and sure enough, temperature was just fine the next mornin…
  • That really stinks.  Sorry you are having such a bad time.  It sounds like you have plenty to vent out about!! 
  • Welcome to the forum and the BGE world!!  Great resourceful peeps here.   Your cook looks fantastic. 
  • Have had mine now a couple months, and LOVE IT.  Did a Boston Butt in it and left it overnight and it was still the same temp in the morning, just like the others said it would be.  It's amazing.  Could not live without one now. 
  • I'm in!  Want one of these badly.    
  • Homemade fire starters:  Fill the cups of paper egg cartons with dryer lint.  Pour melted candle wax over them.  You can then tear them into individual fire starters and they burn for a LONG time.  We use these for the egg and for campfires :) 
    in Starters Comment by Sookie May 2013
  • henapple said: I feel a little used. Usually when someone leaves we at least get a I'm outta here (vi) or ss little steven says... I'm outa here. Unfortunately you don't know sometimes what goes on in someone's life.  He might not have…
  • Ow.  Yeah I got mine hot enough that it singed my eyelashes once.  Don't want to do that again.  Be careful. 
  • It took me some trial and error as a new egger a few years ago.  I overcooked and undercooked a few things.  That's where your advice on the thermopen is invaluable. To Henapple's advice I would add play with smoke chip flavors.  A coworker of mine …
  • We are all friends here folks.  Remember that please. 
  • I did one for Christmas.  I scored it and used a mix of OJ, brown sugar, root beer and honey.  I injected the ham with it and also used it on the outside.  I brought temp up to 160 on it and the outside was hardish, so I cut it off and then sliced s…
  • Just bought  DQ and used it for the first time weekend before last.  LOVED IT.  We did ribs first, then smoked a Boston Butt overnight.  We slept and it cooked!  Unfortunately yesterday we got 12 inches of snow LOL.  Can't wait to use again. 
  • "I regret buying a BGE......" said no one ever!!!   Enjoy and welcome!
  • Welcome to the cult :)  I'm not sure if you used any smoke, but I really like Apple wood with chicken.   Enjoy! 
  • Recently we bought some WGWW and found that it seemed like it was harder to light than the BGE brand, but once we get it lit we have no problems.  Also FYI I was accidentally charged twice for my purchase off the WGWW but they fixed it immediately, …
  • I've never tried this sauce.  I love wings but am not a big fan of the traditional buffalo wing sauce.  How is this different?  :)  - thanks.
    in wings Comment by Sookie March 2013
  • Glad you had fun and a good cook!  Our cook turned out fantastic as well.  We had visitors from Michigan and Kansas City, so I did a couple slabs of ribs first with my new DigiQ (for Saturday) and then put the Butt on and cooked it all night through…