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Hop on down to your nearest EGG dealer this week to pick up some Easter EGGcessories! Here are a few that may be useful for Easter, the V-rack, electric charcoal lighter and flexible skewers! Now that Spring is in the air, it's time to think about getting out to one of the many #EGGfests around the country - see a list here

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  • Dry rub, set and forget.
  • In my experience, it takes about the same amount of time to cook one butt as four. Eight hours in a cooler?  They'll probably still be above the "danger" zone.  Could pull them and put into warming trays and hour or two before serving.
  • I have a platesetter and have used it a couple times.  Came with the demo egg I purchased. Spent a bunch of money at the ceramic grill store and haven't used it since.  Vast majority of my cooks are raised, direct however. You do need some type of i…
  • I tabled my homebrew hobby while the kids were teens.  Now that they're in college, I'm getting pressure to dust off the equipment. My dad and I would routinely brew three 10 gallon batches at a time.  Time to teach the next generation, I guess.  No…
  • Great opening post. Vancouver's home for me.
  • Plenty of cheap ways to raise the grid on a large.  Lots of good expensive ways, too. Large vs. XL, either one is great.  I've got a large and will admit it would have been nice a time or two to have more real estate on the grill.  More frequently h…
  • Guess I had a post waiting to be "approved".  I've got the spider with 13 inch stone. Grid extender doesn't leave enough room under the dome for three butts. I have the extender with sliding grid and love it. I didn't move my butts around either,
  • Can I post yet?
  • I cooked 45-50 pounds of butt, six of them, on my large for my son's graduation party.  Before and after (if I can figure out how to attach a picture).  XL with a couple grids should be a piece of cake.  Even with one grid, you should be able to cra…
  • Also, for those to the south: Might try to make the PNW one this year.
  • Excellent.  Just got my stone and rig extender and had to give it a try (even though it's 35F outside).  Costco pizza with some veggies thrown on to make it look healthy.  Wife says we're through cooking pizzas in the house.
  • Farewell paella for my son heading off to college tomorrow.
  • Paella.  "Last Supper" for my oldest before he heads off to college on Sunday.
  • The paper towel & oil route has worked perfectly for me.  I can see getting an electric starter tho.
  • Found this sauce online years ago, have no idea who to give credit to: South Central Carolina Gold VII 2 cups cider vinegar 1 cup yellow mustard 1 cup brown sugar 2 Tbs black pepper 1 Tbs Worcester 3 Tbs Tabasco 1/2 Tbs salt I usually on make…
  • My gasser has been fired up twice since getting the egg.  Both times by SWMBO when I wasn't around.  I'll get her converted eventually. Did some burgers last night around 450.  Awesome according to my teenagers (I agreed with them).   I need to mak…
  • Cheapo propane gasser as a wedding present 22 years ago, upgraded to Weber Platinum propane gasser 12 years ago, converted to NG seven years ago.  Stole my parents 35 year old Weber kettle a number of years ago when I wanted to go "old school". Bor…
  • Bon Appetit, July 1999.  Gave me the courage to try low & slow.
  • I've had my egg less than three weeks now.  So far I've done bone-in chicken breasts, chicken tenders, burgers, rib-eye's, halibut, rock fish, assorted vegetables, and baby backs for the 4th. Just threw a couple butts on for my first over night coo…
  • I've had a WSM for 10+ years (and a kettle that's over 35).  I'd do 16 hour cooks and never check the water pan.  They really do a good job holding a steady temp (if you keep them out of the wind and rain).  Produced some great BBQ over the years. I…
  • @Ellis, you're sure it's reading Fahrenheit?
  • Mix it with mutton and throw it in the garbage can.  :)) Finally, a good mutton recipe.
  • That's a great idea.  Can't believe it's the first time I've seen the suggestion (and I've roasted a lot of garlic in my days).
  • I'll weigh in as probable future egger. 1. I currently have a 12 year old Weber gasser hooked up to NG.  I always cook with the lid down.  (I've got a 30 year old kettle and a WSM, too.)  Remote thermometer & watch help a lot. 2. I've timed wa…
  • Stand mixer not necessary.  We usually hand mix even though there is a Kitchen-Aid on the counter.  I'd start with a simple recipe and go from there.  Practice makes perfect.
  • Missed it myself, this year.
  • I'd like it gone, too.
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  • Yes, this software is very frivolous with the screen geograpy. Perhaps they could do something like the old forum where it is expandable so you can collapse it after you read it. Or like my website, it shows up once per browser session/instance an…
    in Header Comment by VanDawg38 August 2011