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We hope everyone enjoyed their Fourth of July weekend and is excited for more warm weather grilling! This week, we’ll be making these two burgers: Stuffed Portobello Mushroom and Caribbean Chicken, and also eating lots of these Ice Cream Sandwiches in honor of National Ice Cream Month! It's time to think about getting out to one of the many #EGGfests around the country - see a list here

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  • this is it, the 5/8" x 84" flat version.
  • Mine is smooth just like the completed pic on the link you provided, no channel.  Not sure but they may sell a rope, more rounded, and a tape more flat I have the tape, my neighbor used the rope.  Both worked.
  • I use a spider and reverse sear method, spider sits close to lump with 13" CI grid on the fire ring and heats while the steak is roasting indirect near 450.  I also have a PSwoo2, so it is really easy to lift main grid and platesetter out then drop …
  • Rutland the way to go, use the nomex to line your CI DFMT and ceramic cap.
  • Yes I raise my thermometer some as well, it will work.
  • Yes most likely under cooked, did you do the probe test, easy in and easy out almost like butter?  last brisket I did was 205 and above and it was tender and moist.  Also small flats are really hard to cook.
  • I usually cook around 450 but 500 works to, unless I was doing neopolitan I'd keep the temp closer to that (500).  No need to wipe or cool stone down between pies, you want it hot.  You may want to remove the paper 4-5 mins into the cook, up to you …
  • Just saw this thread, I live knoxville and travel to Atl a lot would certainly be interested in 10-15 bags or so.  Anywhere near Chatanooga be great.  Any idea on time frame?
  • BTW, I have confirmed GFS is made by Royal Oak.
  • Academy is a large outdoor products store.  Great prices carry lots of grills and accessories.  Based in TX, Katy I think.
  • GFS was my go to for over 1 1/2 yrs, then got frustrated with the high amount of under-charred pieces which leads to a long time burn off of "bad" smoke also found lots of insulation (fiberglass type) and neighbor found a large metal strap, don't ju…
  • cazzy said: I'd be game, not a big yahoo fan tho.  NFL and ESPN I prefer.  Be great to have several smaller say 10 team leagues that way everyone gets a good team.  I have played in an 8 team league for over 20 years and everyone has a team…
  • Championship games in week 17 don't work for the reasons pointed out above.  Best format we have found is 14 regular season games and two week playoffs.  Week 17 we do a free for all where every team can start ANY NFL player and the leagues high sco…
  • I'd be game, not a big yahoo fan tho.  NFL and ESPN I prefer.  Be great to have several smaller say 10 team leagues that way everyone gets a good team.  I have played in an 8 team league for over 20 years and everyone has a team capable of winning t…
  • My neighbor, Nibble me this, uses one on his large all the time and seems to love it.  Sure he will chime in soon.  it is a pretty cool set up.
  • I find lots of insulation pieces, like the fiberglass kind and a fair amount of under charcoaled pieces that smoke forever if you do not find them when dumping into the egg.
  • try a bead of silicon caulk that would close it and be heat resistant up to 700 or so, as good as the nomex gasket anyway.
  • +1 with calracefan.  I have seen 50 degree differences, think some may be due to colder meat affecting grid thermo at the start but as the cook progresses then more of less even out.
  • Mine goes between 1/2 to 1 inch.  Made of cypress.  2 years no issue so far.  I'd worry more about whats under the egg.  I have 2" paver and a layer of fire brick plus the old egg feet for air gap.
  • +1 what Travis says.  I never cut in half (LBGE) but they will still cook fine if you do.
  • yes reverse sear works great.  I use a spider with the 13" CI grate and place it in the egg not long after lighting so it has plenty of time to heat up.  Let the egg come to temp which for me is 400-450 cause I roast my steaks indirect via a PSwoo2 …
  • season your CI grid with  a coat of veg oil, crisco or canola oil although I end up re-coating after each sear as the high heat effectively burns any oil off.
  • I use a PSwoo 2 and separate spider, but basically same set up as you.  As soon as I start the egg I put the spider with a 13" CI grid into the egg so it begins heating immediately, it is sitting only 2-4" above the hot coals depending how much lump…
  • I live in knoxville and the B & B stands for many things I love, Beer, booze, bicycles, BBQ, Blues etc
  • I would definitely add some air space or another layer of fire brick under the egg.  That paver stone gets mighty hot.  Next 400 degree cook place your fingers on the bottom of the stone under the egg and see how hot it is.  Realize that as wood goe…
  • After your cook did you look at the apricot wood, was it unburned or burned?  if unburned then you probably just threw the pieces on top of the lump, at 250 the lump is hot under the top layer in a smallish space throwing lump on top does not allow …
  • I never knew that, Thank you.  Think GFS is getting the lowest of the low level Royal Oak makes then.
  • I don't like lump that smokes excessively after start up, I have had some that after 1 hour you still would not want to put food on the grate, I think this has to do with under-charcoaled wood.  GFS was my go to until recently when I started finding…
  • Looks kind of like a Vision Grill, except the ones I have seen had a lower vent like a BGE and a thin stainless steel cap.  Color, texture of ceramic and stand are similar to Vision thou.
  • Why not give thirdeye the business, his third hand holder has been around for a while, 1/4 inch diameter, 304 stainless.  Made in the USA.  And his site has lots of useful information.