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We hope everyone’s enjoying the first few days of summer. For us, the weather heating up means one thing - the EGG’s gonna be busy! Whether you’re making stuffed burgers for a backyard grill out, some brats before a baseball game or searing a steak for dinner on the patio, we hope you’re doing it with full flavor and having fun all the while!

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  • I have a 1200cfm double-motor kitchenaid for which I paid close to $1800. this thing will suck the house inside-out on high and uses a 10" duct. In addition, I bought an "inline" vent fan option - fan either goes in the overhead unit or in the ceili…
  • Just to be different, I do fat-cap UP.  This allows all of that melted fat goodness to soak into the meat making it nice and juicy.
  • Fred19Flintstone said: You're close.  The strategy is not shaming you to do it, but to make it cool so you choose to do it.   And to that I say in the words of Colonel Sherman T. Potter: HORSEHOCKEY!!! 
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  • I used to work at Cargill Meats - (Excel, Ranchers Choice/Safeway) and host of other brands) where we did close to 75K head of beef/day. That didn't include pork or turkey.  It was kind of a cool salvage operation.  Whole cattle walk in, boxes of pi…
    in I'm not in Comment by onedbguru June 14
  • From a safety perspective when I lived in a rented house with a deck, I went to Lowes/HD and purchased a 5x3 sheet of hardyback board used for tile and put it under the egg. This served as a barrier should I drop a hot coal or want to pull the PS ou…
  • If you don't have locktite, you can always use fingernail polish. No joke.  I once worked with a female service tech that had recurring problems with a big "band" printer where a screw kept working loose every other month or so even after using gobs…
  • My favorite smoking chips are (in preference order): Applewood/Hickory/Cherry for pork Cherry/Applewood/Hickory for chicken Mesquite/Hickory for beef.  Welcome to the zoo. 
  • @shadowrider  The XL is NOT too big Beware that Sam's may not come with the BGE lifetime warranty.  Find a reputable dealer (and ALWAYS!!  ask for a discount).  It is just my wife and I and have fired it up for just one hotdog.  It comes in handy w…
  • Jeepster47 said: Update ... Bruces's e-mail address is: He passed on that, under normal conditions, the cast iron cooking grate has a one year warranty. unless you drop it, then all bets are off.   My son just boug…
  • don't know what's going on but I really hate the childish format.
  • @Ladeback69 - DANG!!! that is too funny... almost fell on the floor laughing so hard.
  • I would forgo the grapes and use blackberries, but that looks VERY good. Maybe with a bit of homemade frozen custard or ice cream on the side.  
  • I found replacement probes on Amazon for $12-$16 that work on any of my (cheap) thermometers.  Burned 2 out trying to temp out something when the egg was raging at 600-650. you can stab it, check it and pull it out, but don't leave it in there with …
  • Start preheating almost 1hr before cook time. Temp to 650-700 (light a full Weber chimney, get blazing hot - dump it in and fill the FB). Vent wide open, no DFMT - wide open) PLSetter LU Grate 3 white firebricks leftover from when they built my hous…
  • I find cast iron pizza hard on the teeth. 
  • Dang that looks really good.  One of these days I am going to do one bacon wrapped.
  • I don't believe those grills were hot - there was no smoke at all when he opened the lids and no heat coming from the vents. Notice, he left the pizza on there and at 700+ it would start to smoke after 3-4 minutes (remaining time in that segment).  …
  • my wife says that wanting more than one egg is a mental illness, but she sure does like the product that comes off of it. 
  • hopefully you sent correspondence to the warranty dept (Bruce) - I had issues with my dealer. After waiting for 4 weeks sent an email to and had a replacement within just a few days. (XL Broken upper fire ring) 
  • For gasser - do them at 225 in the oven and then finish/sauce them on the grill.  I could never get mine that low - (pre-BGE).
  • They lost me at turkey sausage.  Other than that, looks good.
  • I have a hard time spending $25-$30/bag for "premium" lump - although I may get a bag or two for special cooks to see if there any difference.  I use RO almost exclusively and have never had any problems - I have an XL and once had a very large pork…
  • HeavyG said: Prop65 was passed by ballot initiative in 1986. The citizens of California wanted such legislation. That doesn't in anyway make a stupid law right.  Democracy will only last until the poor figure out they can vote to them…
  • I would be MORE than glad to help - I LOVE helping people eat PP.    We did 3 butts for ~45 peeps, but you already said this isn't the only entree... I have an XL and recently did one 7lb butt 10PM Friday to ~1:30 Saturday afternoon.  If you get the…
  • Stabilize with all of the ceramic parts in there. then you will have less thermal shock to the temp.
  • It's not completely OT, there were pics of BGEs  
  • I applaud Rockwood for their stance.  I think EVERY company should refuse to do business in CA. And then the peeps rise up and start putting common sense back into gov't
  • Looks really good!! We have started making onion straws. I have a professional grade slicer that I slice them really thin, then soak them in buttermilk for a couple of hours then dredged in seasoned flour and deep fried.   GREAT appetizer or burger…
  • Response:   did you get fire lit? Then you are good to go...  That being said, I use a Weber chimney.  Full for high-temp cooks, half for L/S.
  •  paqman said: Nothing wrong with kraft diner Seriously?? I will go to the trouble of making my own before eating that cardboard paste - Stouffer's is pretty bad too...