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  • pgprescott said: Buy a wood one for making and putting the pizzas on use the metal one for removal. Otherwise, use parchment paper.  I use the Reynolds foil/parchment foil side down when the temp gets >650 helps keep it from burning too…
  • Walmart and Home Depot, at least on the east coast, carries Royal Oak. 
  • @DoofusOfTheDay, when I had mine on a deck, I used a piece of cement hardi-back board (used for tile walls/floors) under my egg just in case there were some renegade sparks/charcoal bits.  Like the repurposed kettle.
  • I registered my egg when I bought it and have since lost the receipt,  so when I had a cracked fire ring and had issues with the dealer, the mothership stepped in and took care if it immediately. All I had to do was email them a pic of the serial# (…
  • Full chimney for hot. Low/slow 1/2 chimney. We get a bunch of ad papers that I use 1-3 pieces balled up to get it going.
  • where are the peas?? Pot Pie must have peas...  PLEASE, give peas a chance 
  • LOVE that magazine!!!!!
  • you mean Plate Setter? no, not at all. 
  • bo31210 said: Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! you mean: winner winner piggy dinner?  
  • First, I count to 10 and take deep breaths and realize that it isn't the end of the world...   ... OHHHH...  temp{erature} not temp{er}. something else popped in my head when I read the title.
  • I don't think you can find it anymore, but we have a Wolfgang Puc Vacuum sealer.  We like it because it was easier to clean than the others.  We use it to buy bulk meats and portion it out ourselves and vacuum seal it. Works GREAT. 
  • vent+daisy wheel for < 300.  
  • .... or time for them to buy their own egg   Right after I bought mine (5yrs ago now), my son also bought the XL as well.  He cooks just as well as I do. And now that he just got married, they can enjoy all of the smoked meats and grilled goodness …
  • smbishop said: Have you checked out the Pit Pal app?  It links to a server and continuously monitors your cook, even when the ipad shuts off.  When you turn it on again, it syncs and keeps all of your data.. So, to what device does this ap…
  • I flew RC aircraft for a number of years.  Everyone abided by self-regulated rules.  #1 was never fly over people. Ever.   That being said, these things are NOT big enough to take out a plane.  It would be less damage than a plane  (speaking of a co…
  • WW has had the 8.8lb bags for a long time.  Every once in awhile they would get maybe one pallet of the 10lb and it would be on sale.
  • Sometimes it is just the meat. Make sure you slice very thin diagonally across the grain.   +------------\ |                           \ +----------------\
  • MMMMMchiladas....   
  • If that Weber stone is not 1/2-3/4" thick, it might break at high temps.  We had a Pampered Chef (~1/4" thick) that cracked the first time I got it above 550 - I typically do pizzas at ~650 or so...  Spend the $$$ and get the BGE stone.
  • Black_Badger said: Photo Egg said: CTMike said: Black_Badger said: @onedbguru What are you cooking above 527F that would need a probe??? A reverse sear on a dry-aged ribeye comes to mind.  Why would you need a probe…
  • I don't do reverse sear - I cook my steaks/pork chops at ~600  and so far, love the results.
  • Great looking pie.
  • for big slicing jobs, I use this: I like my cabbage sliced really thin for making coleslaw and this really does the trick.  When we slice sirloin …
  • obviously the facetiousness was lost in translation.
  • Shouldn't this go into the "I Don't Care" thread - oh yeah, we don't (but should) have said thread.
  • Looks cool.  However, they state that the max ambient temp is  stated 527°F (275°C) , but also state that it CAN withstand much higher.  I sent a message to ask what is the max ambient temp they have experienced before, well, you know...  POOF!
  • as long as it doesn't have a wax or petroleum-based starter fluid.
  • jimithing said: ..... Saltlick is kinda meh IMO.  I understand that they actually cook their meats in a gas smoker in the back and then just finish them on the open pit for show.  It's a cool place to go hang out and shoot the sh!t on their p…
  • XL - plate setter LU, grid, 3 firebricks pizza stone. Start getting it hot 45 min to 1hr before you put a pie on it. The longer the better. I typically do mine between 6-650.  Some dough recipes have you let it raise for 1.5hrs - start the egg, then…
  • I have put it in the freezer and would use it in baked beans or makes a good Chili (mixed with grnd beef)