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National BBQ Month sure was tasty! We hope you got to try just as many new BBQ recipes as we did and some old favorites as well. If not, you can find all our BBQ recipes here and try them out all summer long. One of our favorites was Dr. BBQ’s Spare Rib Surprise and Ted Reader’s Rum Injected Sweet Potatoes. As the weather’s heating up, use your EGG for a cool treat-Ice Cream Sandwiches! Keep an eye out for some Father’s Day recipes from chefs & their dads, coming soon!

Big Green Egg headquarters has moved - come visit our new showroom and check out the museum and culinary center too! 3786 DeKalb Technology Parkway, Atlanta, GA 30340



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  • Stabilize with all of the ceramic parts in there. then you will have less thermal shock to the temp.
  • It's not completely OT, there were pics of BGEs  
  • I applaud Rockwood for their stance.  I think EVERY company should refuse to do business in CA. And then the peeps rise up and start putting common sense back into gov't
  • Looks really good!! We have started making onion straws. I have a professional grade slicer that I slice them really thin, then soak them in buttermilk for a couple of hours then dredged in seasoned flour and deep fried.   GREAT appetizer or burger…
  • Response:   did you get fire lit? Then you are good to go...  That being said, I use a Weber chimney.  Full for high-temp cooks, half for L/S.
  •  paqman said: Nothing wrong with kraft diner Seriously?? I will go to the trouble of making my own before eating that cardboard paste - Stouffer's is pretty bad too... 
  • everything will kill you or harm you. good grief... 
  • you can usually find it at the grocery store.
  • HOA's should be outlawed.  They were put in place so a bunch of busy bodies could exert their "perfect world" on everyone else.  They serve no useful purpose. Period.  We lived in a subdivision with an HOA. Until just a few years ago, they allowed o…
  • Yeah, I did fajitas and a boat-load of country style ribs and chicken legs in the last 2 days.  Tonight... Still-here's.    (it is still here... )
  • Let it rest a bit, slice the portion for dinner FTC and deliver. 
  • We did 3 x 6-8lb butts for 40-45 men/women/children 
  • 1) lifetime warranty 2) just like the looks 3) liked the name 4) I lived 20 minutes from the dealer where I bought it and there was another one 3 minutes further. I have since moved and now those two are < 2 minutes away and there are two more wi…
    in Why BGE? Comment by onedbguru May 26
  • First demand that they come to your house where you provide them with samples.  If that doesn't work, it is time to start a petition (door to door) and start replacing the morons that are running those HOAs.  They are obviously jealous they don't ha…
  • Now for some really good marine varnish on that top and you are good to go. Plywood does not hold up to the weather so you want to cover all edges thoroughly.   Enjoy.  When I decide how I want my backyard kitchen, this gives me a few more ideas...…
    in New kitchen Comment by onedbguru May 25
  • So, you went turbo no big deal. close it down (not totally), let it come back down and you will still have really good PP. 
  • Looking at the outside of that steak, there is a reason God invented grates.
  • When I use the PLS it is usually low/slow and I always use a drip pan. When I do Pizza on the PS, the PLS is not getting messed up anyway. Especially not at > 650degrees
  • EggHead_Bubba saiHere's my question... It's always bothered me that when I tightened down the band bolts the tabs on the bands where the carriage bolt & nut connect everything have always not been at a 90° angle as the bolt & nut gets ti…
  • YukonRon said: Plate setter on an XL With the XL you could do indirect by pushing the coals to the back of the firebox and doing the cook on the front half. That way you can reverse sear by taking it off for a short time while you crank u…
  • If I travelled with it, I would at least put some styrofoam between all of the parts.  While the warranty is lifetime, it is doubtful it would cover constant travelling without proper precautions to ensure it doesn't get broken in transit.
  • So, you would hitch up the Lang and take it camping?? Here is a mod that some industrious individual came up with...  As for moving it ...;
  • First, Welcome!!! You might want to use a round extra large aluminum cheap serving platter from Michael's etc. to use as a drip pan.  After a while those drippings will start imparting an acrid taste especially when you start doing nuclear cooks lik…
  • with as much as you pay for that plate, you would think they could provide more than just sliced white bread. 
  • I would be very careful with a temp probe at anything above 450.  I have burned up the wires in at least 2 while above 600 trying to use the temp probes on a couple of steaks. Luckily, you can find replacement probes on amazon for ~10-12 bucks. 
  • I have posted my recipe here before, not sure if I can find it if you want a better quality pizza dough and you are in a time crunch, a lot of your favorite pizza shops sell dough balls - anywhere from $2-$7 depending on how much they want to make?…
  • swordsmn said: No, not a snob at all.   I now prefer MY BGE Ribs to all the places I've visited.  My wifey concurs.  Just a nice endorsement to my man card..  Just sorry I waited till my late 50's to start grilling/smoking on the egg.. dit…
  • SmokeyPitt said: @Smokehouse33 - I haven't heard of Sterling Silver before but found some info on the interwebs.  I think "choice plus" is a good description.  I think you are in for a good briskey there.…
  • nolabrew said:  I also made a sauce with mustard, vinegar, coke and some herbs I had laying around and I made some pickled mustard seeds to go with it.  Came out great. Welcome to the asylum... Looks good. I am …
  • Looks good.   we did >40 1/3lb burgers + 2dz hot dogs on a 1/2 barrel grill using RO charcoal last night for our church Weds night meal.  Man that stuff can get HOT.