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It doesn’t get much hotter than the EGG cookin’ in July! Make sure to keep yourself hydrated with a bit of whatever you’re using for the Beer Can Chicken. Ice Cream Sandwiches are also a great way to stay cool. Looking for some great ideas for a summer cook out? Try out a Pimento Cheeseburger or Dr. BBQ’s Spare Rib Surprise. Just don’t be surprised if your neighbors stop by for a quick bite when they smell what you’re cooking!

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  • Hard to beat a good set of thermal insulated gloves around the BGE.  Platesetter removal or grabbing the PSwoo2 handles or deciding to stir some lump when switching to direct after an indirect cook.  Just make sure you have the landing zone already …
  • Most eggcellent cook right there-obviously not your first rodeo.  Several orders of magnitude beyond mid-rats 
  • @theyolksonyou - Gotta enjoy that cook all the way around.  You cook fantastic food-the parents enjoy and the kids wonder why you run out of dogs or burgers!! 
  • The key to any finish-line cook is the feel.  With ribs I use the "toothpick test". Insert in the thick between the bones meat-no resistance and you are there.  And guess what-same works with brisket-when you can probe the thickest part of the flat …
  • I have inquired of many about the wrap step-I am convinced it is merited when you want to power thru the stall or preserve the bark but beyond that -I don't think it is a necessary step.   Of course the second piece of the wrap equation is butcher p…
  • @Jeepster47 - If anyone was in on the thread...but when deep into the research lab, sometimes when you surface who knows?    
  • Up front-I definitely enjoy the testing, data collection and analysis.  And I know the execution, assessment and posting "doesn't just happen".  I have used such info for recent purchases.  But I don't drink hot beverages (not even coffee after many…
  • And we will leave it at that...
  • Dang- Too old and slow now to pick up on the CT but that's a spec op waiting for a ride.  Thanks for the invite.  Submarines once... (apologize for the partial hi-jack). 
  • First up-welcome aboard and enjoy the journey.  As you will quickly learn with this thread, there are many ways to get there.  Key is to relax and have fun while sorting it all out. Just to confuse things-I use worcestershire as a binder and apply t…
  • Sounds like a most eggcellent banquet- depending on where you are, I could work the clean-up grocery detail  
  • Regarding the DFMT-here's the key to the kingdom: Item # 47- BTW the preceding site likely has an answer to almost all of your ceramic cooking questions.  Give it a look sometime.
  • Welcome aboard and continue to enjoy your BGE journey.  Degree of participation a matter of personal choice.  But feel free to engage as eggsperience helps us all.
  • @nauser- Welcome aboard and enjoy the journey.  My suggestion would be to go slow with the accessorizing until you have cooked with your BGE for a while then sort out what you need.  There is an extensive list of after-market things for the BGE, som…
  • Gotta admit that the radiated expansion of any smoke that comes off my BGE is not a threat to any neighbor.  Not because of distance but the smoke generated and travel distance is quite short compared to my prior el' cheapo smoker.  YMMV-
  • First up-welcome aboard and enjoy the journey.  That rig is quite unstable in the vertical plane.  Mix that with the requisite adult supervisory beverages and over it goes unless permanently anchored as mentioned above.  And it appears to be on a bo…
  • I really don't care who cooks what on whatever device they choose.  My issue would be when "they" try to push their agenda on others.  What you do in your space is yours-just don't try to expand.  Just an opinion and we all know about those- Edit: s…
  • If your thermos are calibrated and you ran hot (don't know your dome cook temp) then it is certainly reasonable.  Just use "the bone pulls clean" indicator for the finish-line and you are there. Pigs have a mind of their own-just like the cow.  FWIW-
  • Gonna be a great cook.  My experience is I plan (key word) for around an hour/lb when running around 270*F or so on the dome.  That said, the last two Costco primes I have cooked at that temp have run around 0.7 hrs/lb.  Big difference-but saved by …
  • Another vote to pull when you feel like it today.  Too hard to rewarm a complete butt to pulling temp after the original cook, IMO.
  • Nice test and assessment.  Follow-on discussion enjoyable, likely aided by the fact that it is Friday AM.  Regardless, thanks for the info.
  • Welcome aboard and enjoy the journey.  Chances are that any ceramic question you have will be answered somewhere within the following site: Give a good look some time.
  • I would go slow with the accessories out of the gate.  That said , here's a link to the ceramic grill store after-market rigs that are of top quality: The site can be overwhelming with info so give Tom a call if you …
  • Really enjoyed the read-and the pics!  Thanks-
  • @Hmccann-  Also when cooking and you open the egg to turn the meat do I need to wait until the egg heats back up to the desired temp (350 etc) to start timing the cooking or not?Timing of a cook especially a low&slow is only a guide.  C…
  • Don't know how you cooked your first ribs but you can fit two cut in half-and can even stand them against each other if they are large racks.  Just make sure all are heat protected (indirect cook) and if any part of the ribs extend beyond your heat …
  • @n00b - Lighting my BGE I have the bottom slider full open along with the dome until around a softball sized amount of lump is burning then shut the dome and keep slider open.  Once passing around 200-220*F, I dial the slider to around 1/2" and shut…
  • Welcome aboard and enjoy the journey. About temperature control-it would help if you describe how you bring your BGE up to cooking temperature.  A few keys-don't initially get too much lump burning and catch the desired temp on the way up.  Make sur…
  • Better to be lucky than good any day.  Great score-and well played by SWMBO.  Time to accessorize while the iron is hot.  See @theyolksonyou above. 
  • If looking for a good no shipping sampler give this a go;  The five pack comes with no shipping uncharge.  Thru the snail mail right to you.  No affiliation.  Enjoy!