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Hop on down to your nearest EGG dealer this week to pick up some Easter EGGcessories! Here are a few that may be useful for Easter, the V-rack, electric charcoal lighter and flexible skewers! Now that Spring is in the air, it's time to think about getting out to one of the many #EGGfests around the country - see a list here

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  • If the friggin' Gubmint wasn't lurking on Tuesday I would give the SRF brisket a shot.  Need to recover from the pain and then give it a go.  Most eggcellent cook!  Enjoy the eats!
  • Most eggcellent cook and I am in the camp of no burnt ends-as @Cen_Tex says just rotate and slice.  You will enjoy some mighty fine eats regardless of how you proceed.
  • You may find that the beef ribs will need  a "finish foil" where the pork ribs don't but as above, never run both at the same time although  they should finish fairly close.  If you have to go with "one or the other" I would go with the beef ribs.  …
  • Riding the conservative train I would plan on 2 hrs/#.  If you have a packer then you will likely get away with less time but each hunk of beef behaves as it wants.  You can always FTC (foil, towels,  cooler) if finished early.  And always slice aga…
  • I'm here to offer some support-brisket flats are quite a challenge.  You can do everything according to the best guidelines and still miss the target,  The above suggestions are  good but if about all you can find are flats then I would look at inje…
  • I would give the Franklin videos a shot-been "youtubed" since you last ventured here in the brisket world and I'm sure with the wise guidance from C_T in your past you can drive it home.  Good luck!
  • Each hunk of meat will cook at its own pace so that is not an issue.  WRT slicing the pork I would cook to around an internal temp of 165-170*F as that should yield the slicing you are looking for.  Don't know your BGE set-up but make sure your dome…
  • Welcome aboard and enjoy the journey!  Great start out of the gate!
    in Newbie Comment by lousubcap April 11
  • @dldawes1-should be a most eggcellent cook and that is a great price for the short ribs.  Can't find 'em here for that...Enjoy!
  • You will get as many recommendations as posters but to answer one of your questions-different brands of lump have different smoke characteristics; from very neutral to quite heavy.  Some forum favorites  (in no particular order)-Rockwood, Ozark Oak,…
  • Now that is a most eggcellent gift-enjoy the cook and eats!
  • Welcome aboard and enjoy the journey!
  • Congrats on a most eggcellent flat-with that out of the gate there's no pressure on the next one.  You eggceeded all eggspectations for such a hunk of beef.  Glad you enjoyed!
  • Another vote for spatchcock the bird.  Can easily fit around 15-16 # spatchcock turkey on the LBGE w/o having to get creative.  Hopefully @Mickey will be along as in addition to the turbo king he is turkey spatchcock king as well.  Seem to recall it…
  • Welcome aboard and enjoy the journey!
  • Most eggcellent.  I'm sure that was some great eats!
  • Welcome aboard and enjoy the journey!
    in APPROVED! Comment by lousubcap April 9
  • Welcome aboard and enjoy the journey.  
    in new guy Comment by lousubcap April 8
  • In addition to the bend test and if you have cut your racks, the toothpick test is a great finish-line indicator.  Insert into the thickest section of meat and get no resistance either way=finished.
    in Ribs-fail Comment by lousubcap April 7
  • Welcome aboard and enjoy the journey.  The following link is a wealth of ceramic cooking info and the recipe site has all you need to know about "spatchcock" chix: 
  • Bend test to around 90* or so with a full rack of ribs-if you cut them or equally as accurate in my opinion is the toothpick test-insert into the thickest rib meat and no resistance in or out = ready to eat.YMMV-
  • Go ahead and rub it in with gusto...enjoy the eating circuit :)>-
  • Most eggcellent view and I'm slower than you...use non bge paraffin wax starter pieces-one for slow two or three for the high heat cooks.  Of course, I'm in the empty nest mode and thoroughly enjoy the quality time with the BGE.  Adult supervisory b…
  • This thread has moved to the "Noted" category.  Plenty of insights above on how to determine the finish (not directly temperature driven) and yet...
  • @TFols-most eggcellent call on the short ribs over the beef back ribs.  Much more beef goodness on the short ribs-I generally smoke them at around 250-270*F on the dome for about 3 hours then cheat (a step I don't endorse but works) and wrap in foil…
    in Short Ribs Comment by lousubcap April 5
  • You may want to read a few posts above...FWIW-
  • Here's a reprint of a post from earlier this AM on this thread-may help answer your ??"Temperature on a brisket is just a guide.  And if your thermo is in the point it will run a good 10*F or so hotter than the flat due to higher fat content.  No wo…
  • Gotta surface the original...Brisket..... How I do it. Time to run the post count up :)>-
  • For the sake of the following I'm assuming a worst case and you are in the Eastern time zone-that said, if the brisket finished now you are in a window where FTC will get you to eat time.  You may be okay with the temp where you are but if you want …
  • Not over-thinking at all.  You have a flat and I always put the thickest part to the back.  I also cook fat side down but I don't think it makes any difference in the long-haul.