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We hope everyone enjoyed their Fourth of July weekend and is excited for more warm weather grilling! This week, we’ll be making these two burgers: Stuffed Portobello Mushroom and Caribbean Chicken, and also eating lots of these Ice Cream Sandwiches in honor of National Ice Cream Month! It's time to think about getting out to one of the many #EGGfests around the country - see a list here

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  • I find that for pulled beef you need to run it up to around 210*F at a minimum to get it to pull like pork.  FWIW-
    in Pulled Beef Comment by lousubcap July 27
  • @cazzy-I can only recall so much... :)>-
  • I'll take a shot at the smoke deal-Initially when you fire up the lump charcoal you have lump with a fair amount of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) present.  Organics that are by-products (come from the wood) of the lump production process.  Once y…
  • If you have your choice between lucky and good, take lucky every time.  Regardless, a great cook. 
  • Most eggcellent and you make it look so smooth.  Congrats on the total cook-what a banquet! Enjoy! 
  • Most eggcellent-and since I mis-fired with a few posts on your prior thread, I'm glad for a chance to see the results and appreciate your cook.  Nothing better off the BGE than a brisket (and I'm not from Texas).  Enjoy the eats-you earned it!
  • Most eggcellent-pulled beef wins over the pork equivalent any day in my book.  Great cook!
    in Pulled Beef Comment by lousubcap July 26
  • I would like to see how water is colder than the ice that melted (gave up energy) to produce the water.  I may have missed that chapter of heat transfer and fluid flow but I have missed the obvious before.  FWIW-
  • Not very much band-width but another Penzey's endorsement.  And I used them (mail order) before we lucked into a local store.  I'm sure there are several choices (too many) so try a few then just go with your best.  FWIW-
  • There is cold and then there is frigid!  YMMV- :)>-
  • Busted-that's what I get for error carried forward (ECF) and yes, I have had a few adult beverages!  Disregard all above that I offered.  But it was with good intentions...just a gross hose-up and to think it's early.  Treat any additional posts wit…
  • I could lose my forum privileges for posting the following but many will swear by the following cook procedure-especially for flats-  BTW- full disclosure, the originator has mo…
  • Just be ready for some muscle work when pulling-you can likely get the texture you want but it may take a bit of effort.  If "too hard" then slice and chop-all the same great taste in a sammich!  Enjoy!
  • Okay-since I didn't see any propriety markings, here's at least one reference for "The Renouned Mr. Brown":  Check out "Smoke and Spice" by the Jamisons.  You will find it leading off the pork section.  Enjoy!
  • If that's the dome then for 10lbs he could be easily looking at the 20+ hour range.  You know them piggies-a body of their own for sure.  FWIW-
  • @mcmac-not to hijack the thread but if you want a great thick bacon app then check out "pig shots".  The thick bacon is the key.  FWIW-
  •  Direct raised grid around 350*F or indirect at the same temp. The finish on the bacon will let you know when done. For the next round try the following: I prep the jalas as you do, but then I load 'em up with hot sausage/chorizo (cooked prior) mixe…
  • @paqman-I'm with you on the jalas.  Most anemic output to date in the past several years.  May have crossed the threshold but they have been in the ground since early May.  BTW-nice spread.  Enjoy!
  • I finally got the image (from my compute) to post but it did not have sufficient clarity for decent viewing.  Live to fight another day-thanks for the offer of help.
  • @johnkitchens-I have tried every way my feeble brain could think of to get it to work-even thru a separate word document.  No luck-I'm not giving up but I'm taking a pause while I regroup. It's a bit-- getting old! YMMV-  :)
  • Hosed up the link-
  • Where's @nolaegghead when you need him?? :)>-
  • Calibrated temp is calibrated temp and serves as a reference whether dome or grid or wherever you choose to monitor.  Great cook and I know butts are quite forgiving with the freezer to pulled pork result.  WRT brisket-I don't know of anyone giving …
  • @nolaegghead has taken forum leaves of absence before.  Now, if this is because he is incarcerated for excessive speed with is new ride then that's a new reason.  But you can only drive the wheels so hard for so long before you need to recharge.  Ju…
  • hapster said: Sailor Jerry on the rocks... Sounds bad if you actually happen to be a sailor. @hapster-I resemble that remark :)>-  And I do live by a beer phrase-"Life is too short for light/lite beer."  So, being a reasonable time (…
  • Welcome aboard and enjoy the journey.  However you choose to engage with the forum is your call.  Food porn is a big deal around here but many enjoy the forum without lots of pics.  Just have fun with the BGE and the chance to contribute and learn. …
    in First post Comment by lousubcap July 26
  • Welcome aboard.  Enjoy the journey.
  • Welcome aboard.  Enjoy the journey. 
  • Depends on the amount of beef you need but you can do a rib roast at around 25 mins/lb. Here's a great roast read:  Beef ribs will fit in the window.  Your ti…