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Here are some of our new favorite non-beef burgers: Italian Turkey Burger, Grilled Tuna Burger and Goat Cheese Portobello Burger. You’ll want to perfect these before football season starts up in a few weeks! It's time to think about getting out to one of the many #EGGfests around the country - see a list here

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  • @mrw123-Seeing your disagreement on my above post-any enlightenment you care to share? 
  • From my limited view with short ribs, the quality of ribs (and for sure a crap-shoot) drives the cook. That said,  I'm surprised with the cook sequence you described that you had so much fat unrendered.  No pearls of wisdom here-next time you may wa…
  • @Chubbs-nice to see you have surfaced...with all the ebbs and floes the forum doesn't move too much off bottom-dead center at least from my view.  Others may have different perspectives.  
  • As above-what lump did you use and did you add any smoke wood and if so, what type?  Different brands of lump (produced from hardwoods) will impart different smoke flavors across the spectrum-from neutral to quite heavy.  FWIW-
  • Home-run!  Most eggcellent and dang the luck just have to go again!
  • Unfortunately "What has been seen cannot be unseen!"  :)
  • @mrw123-Obviously not your first BGE rodeo.  Welcome aboard and enjoy the rest of the journey.  Would love to live in such a neighborhood!  You will be the hit of the party with that hunk of beef.
  • Go with your gut feeling-and I won't venture into who's cook method works better with a flat or whole packer for that matter.  But I will offer that flats are more of a challenge than the packer just due to the cut/absence of the cap etc.  Regardles…
  • Gotta admit that my attention span will need some serious help to run past around 45 minutes much less than nine hours but I will give it a look since @RRP is a great cook and forum participant-not to mention the Rutland man!  Until 8/10!
  • Any brisket cook any time is great-now, some are greater than others but that's parsing eggcellence! Enjoy the eats!  And I am not from Texas!
  • Well-he tried..and you already have the pic posting gig down-so you are home-free!  
  • Shorts and burgers-a great double header!
  • Too funny-and sadly I can relate!  Maybe you get some points...
  • @TNegg-full marks for giving it a go and engaging with the forum.  Gotta love the spirit.  You can master this cooking environment and it will be a sea-change for the better from that chicken cook.  What follows is  the great majority of an e-mail I…
  • First up-the brand of lump will not have a major influence on the out-come as long as you don't get impatient and start the cook too soon- "smoke smells good, it is good"- then go for it.  Sounds like the biggest issue here is missing the target by …
  • +!  with time with the family...always the top priority !  You cannot get it back.
  • No advice with the wildlife and related critters and a cook in action, although I did have a possum (or a side kick) chew a sizable hunk out of a fire brick this past winter as foraging was not yielding much.  And another (species tbd) feasted on ru…
  • All's well that ends well.  But caveman is the way to go-and just fire it up and go!  FWIW-
  • No way bacon is OT-BTW-you have a well-trained SWMBO!
  • Congrats Doc-Most eggcellent cook.  You have now been sucked into the brisket vortex and will never escape-so relax and enjoy the journey. Gotta admit you jumped in with quite the quantity going with two out of the gate-but you will not find better …
  • Welcome aboard and enjoy the journey.  Your patience will be rewarded-actually I think they limit the number of members from Texas so you just hit a spot where no one left for awhile :)>-
  • Most eggcellent and wise choice to put SWMBO behind the wheel after those BGE supervisory adult beverages!  Enjoy the wings and good luck with the piggy cook.
  • Perhaps move the BGE to where you aren't dealing with steps then have at it as normal...?  Speedy recovery!
  • Welcome aboard and enjoy the journey-and to echo above, if you have questions check here.  The search function is getting better and if you google just add Big Green Egg to your query and you likely will find many threads to help.  FWIW-
  • Welcome aboard and enjoy the journey-Now that's a score-all the way around!
    in New Comer! Comment by lousubcap August 9
  • Here's a link that will give you all you need to know about rib roast cooks- Check the remainder of his site-a wealth of knowledge!
  • @Doc_Eggerton-if too tight, nothing draping over a brick or roasting rack can't solve in a few hours cook-time (the proverbial shrinkage).  Wish I was wrestling a brisket this weekend.  Enjoy the cook!
  • @ChillyWillis-thanks for the feedback-appreciate your insights.  Have a great BGE weekend!
  • To reinforce the above-"The nose knows".  If it smells good then it is good and the time/temp/degree of burning lump/new vs used lump are all factors that means it will be different every time you fire up the BGE.
  • @sctdg-welcome aboard and it is early enough in the evening that unless @Mickey has been day drinking he should have been fine.  Again, welcome aboard and enjoy the journey.  Sounds like a great start.