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We hope everyone’s enjoying the first few days of summer. For us, the weather heating up means one thing - the EGG’s gonna be busy! Whether you’re making stuffed burgers for a backyard grill out, some brats before a baseball game or searing a steak for dinner on the patio, we hope you’re doing it with full flavor and having fun all the while!

Big Green Egg headquarters has moved - come visit our new showroom and check out the museum and culinary center too! 3786 DeKalb Technology Parkway, Atlanta, GA 30340



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  • yzzi said: To do this properly you'll need the beans. Then get under the sheets, fire up and trap your spouse under the sheet until they stop fighting it. The only way to do a Dutch Oven!  Or playing tents.
  • Little Steven said: Sardonicus said: That depends.Do you like gladiator movies? Yes and have you ever been in a Turkish prison? Joey,...have you ever seen a grown man...?
  • If I did that my wife's reply would only be "Grow a pair!"As long as its not raining like nuts, I'm fine in the elements, I actually like grilling in the snow, a good pair of Sorels and an extra layer and I'm all good!
  • Capital (Madison, WI) Oktoberfest.
  • I'm lucky, I don't have to "stock" up, Grove is available year round...even in winter when outside temp is hovering in the single digits.
  • johnkitchens said: lwrehm said: Direct, raised grate, dome temp 300-350, turn often, NEVER poke and break the casing. How do you check the temp? I don't, do it all by feel.
  • Direct, raised grate, dome temp 300-350, turn often, NEVER poke and break the casing.In my experience/opinion cooking in beer or other liquid gives them a nasty texture.  Serve on a Sheboygan Hardroll, with a nice spicy brown mustard, and thin slice…
  • Since SWMBO was at the Lego store yesterday with the boy (I was at a horse show with the girl), and there is a W-S in the same mall I had her pick up a couple boxes.  Egged some chicken legs, breasts and shrimp tonight, and truth be told , I hate th…
  • I don't do wing at home anymore, only drumsticks, but I use the same method for either.  I make up a quick brine with some Shiner Bock (or what ever I have around) salt, sugar, garlic powder, onion powder, and let them soak for several hours.  Then …
  • Brewed my first batch on my all electric 10 gallon basement brewery a couple weeks ago.  Been brewing for about 20 years now, egging for 4.
  • I have an old Gilson that cuts the grass, then I have 2.5 Cub Cadet 102's (the .5 is for parts), a Cub Cadet 147, and a Cub Cadet 149...I have a garden tractor problem and an Egg problem.
  • So if you join KCBS you get One-day shopping pass at any Restaurant Depot location when you present your KCBS membership card...can it only be used once and then you are done?   
  • Sweet tip of the hat to the (pardon the Happy Schnapps Combo reference), "Greatest Team to Ever Play the Game!!!!". (13 NFL Championships and counting...). 
  • Vermox with a splash of seltzer.
  • Just about anything as long as it it not rap or the Rolling Stones, Maybe I'm just too young (43) but I have never understood why people like the Stones.
  • Every time my wife makes tacos I laugh at her because she has a 7ish qt LeCreuset DO that is pretty much only used for corn tortillas for tacos, she keeps the oil in the DO and adds more when needed...but a LeCreuset only for tortillas, good thing i…
  • Since its local I use Grove.  The bonus is it is available during the entire Wisconsin Egging (and non-Egg Grilling, in a pinch, season) from January 1 thru December 31!
  • Hacker-Pschorr Oktoberfest!!!
  • Oostburg, WI
    in (OT) Where?? Comment by lwrehm June 2013
  • I will be skipping the Flop-bron show tonight, in favor of a nice Egg'd dinner with friends and some fantastic home brew'd beer.
  • I grew up using Grove lump in a Weber, to tell the truth I had to cook some burger and brats yesterday at a remote location where a Weber was available, grabbed my chimney and a bag of Royal Oak and everyone was happy with the food.
  • Homebrewing beer and 60's and 70's era Cub Cadet Garden tractors
  • Well this morning I got up and checked it again, and not it appears to be working.   I completed the order last night and followed up with an email, Andris replied right away that all is well with my order.   Not sure what was wrong with my coupon c…
  • I ran it thru to the checkout and it might have worked, shipping did come up as $0.00 but the price stayed at $79.  I just didn't expect the expired coupon message when I hit the "apply coupon" button.
  • Just tried to place an order and the coupon code 'biggreenegg' is coming up as expired...guess I'm SOL, you snooze you lose.
  • About 5 minutes ago I picked up a 20 lb bag of Grove at the Pig in Oostburg, WI (about 6 miles from Grove's home base in Cedar Grove, WI, $15.29.  The Ace Hardware store might be a buck or two less.  Buddy of mine's dad owns Grove Charcoal, here and…
  • Just an idea that I have found works great for me...I use 1/2 pint Mason Jars.  I built a rack that will hold both 1/2 pint and pint jars (for more often used spices), buy all my spices at the Spice House in downtown Milwaukee and use the labels the…
  • If I can get a round 14-16", I think I could swing it!
  • Green Eggin' in Oostburg, WI, grew up in Kohler.  Been a Packer fan all my life, BUT those damn cheeseheads are not allowed in my house, last one that I found was in the trash the next Friday.   I am not, nor will I ever be a proud cheesehead!!!
  • I tried parchment a couple times and the area under the pie doesn't scorch at all but the edges sure did, I just found that it was no needed and a dusting of semolina or cornmeal was easier for me. Please note the last 2 words above!!!!! I worked in…