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With winter in full gear, we’re enjoying all the awesome photos of EGGs in the cold weather. Stay warm with some of our favorite Dutch oven recipes: Chicken & Dumplings, Chili Con Carne and BLT Soup.

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  • My last girlfriend and I were both serious foodies, and one VD I bought her a very expensive bottle of aged Italian balsamic, which she absolutely loved (and shared).  I basically bought her some vinegar for VD and got away with it!   :-bd  The next…
  • Whey to go!  I have a cheesemaking kit in the cupboard and still haven't tried it; still have three days left in my weekend so.... 
  • Excellent job, Proser!   :-bd
  • Overcooked rice may be a bit unpalatable but doesn't hurt after that.Undercooked rice, on the other hand...   @-)
    in fail.... Comment by Botch February 11
  • I haven't done any research on the subject, but I presume that something volatile hits your eyes when cutting onions. A flame burning nearby will probably burn some of that volatile stuff before it gets to you? Onions give off a sulfur compound, can…
  • Uncle Fred did not say that, I did.  Anytime I "Quote" someone and remove their pics, the quoting scheme gets all messed up.  
  • Susan Christie - I Love Onions (1966) heck Batman, you just gave me a Captain Kangaroo flashback!!!    
  • Will it work on an electric stove :-??  No, but I've read a single candle will do the trick, haven't tried it though.
  • The apron I had made for my first competition last spring: 
  • PS:  I removed the OEM fire grate.  DIdn't seem necessary and maybe counterproductive given the KAB's airflow dynamics.  Maybe that's why I'm going through lump faster.   Do you do mostly high-temp, wide-open grilling?  For anything 300F and below, …
  • I used a trick I saw at a BBQ competition and injected the roast while it was still in the airtight packaging.  Once you poke it with a needle, it ain't airtight packaging anymore.  However, that sounds like a really neat way of injecting without ma…
  • The pizza cutter-server is a cool idea, but would sure take up a lot of drawer space. And the portion control pasta cooker wouldn't work with raw spaghetti, nope no way.   [-X  I love the Nessie ladle too!  
  • On my HT forum, Emotiva was generally thought to have poor reliability.  fwiw...
  • Waterton National Park, the Canadian side of Glacier, has an old, grand hotel just north of Waterton which is wonderful, can't remember the name but a search will find it immediately.  Highly recommend spending some time there, I've photographed bab…
  • Monday I start a new job. The last five years I've been doing "odd jobs" in the Maintenance Complex at HAFB; my immediate bosses have been great but the level above them, well, had no business in any leadership position whatsoever. My first immediat…
  • Botched cooks are always good!  
  • I did last summer.  Planned on going with a $50/mo internet provider, and OTA.For whatever reason, I can't get decent OTA in my location (TWO $150 antennas have proven that) so I eventually got Dish network, basic service too.  Still, $100 is a lot …
  • A tasty tenor solo, done on a pentatonic scale but with FEELING, man.   B-)
  • I hope OLED is refined soon. Now that Plasma is dead I would like to have something avaible that matches my Panny's black levels. Hate to "upgrade" to lower quality panel to get 4K.  I'll be honest.  I can see the difference in a 4K set when I get…
  • PS, my pre-fab chicken strips are excellent.  
  • Screw you all, those beach balls upped the standing of the Human Race at least 40% in the 21st Century!    )
  • I usually go direct when using the plank, but the plank sorta makes it indirect.  Soak the plank for a bit first.    This.  I don't think you'll be able to get the plank to smoke going indirect, before the fish is overcooked; I've always gone "direc…
  • I was going to do wangs but while looking for them, I noticed my meat counter offered "chicken strips", already trimmed, cut into strips and dusted with a rub; my laziness kicked in and I bought them instead.No idea if they're breast strips or thigh…
  • They look fantastic, great job! Gotta ask though, what's "Mumbo" sauce?  
  • The second time, he "cleaned" them in the sink, fresh off the porkers, and that disturbed me a bit more.   Yeah, @Blind99, that first photo was what they looked like the second time, enough to push me away.   =;
  • @GATraveller Tag Buttons :-< Did you say YouTube. You know some say I control that. But, that's just crazy talk. Pacman Death Sound Effect:  Oooh, Ringtone!  
  • I've not had sheep RMOs, only pig (maybe they should be called "barnyard oysters"?)  My college roommate had them cooked up for me the first time, they weren't bad, reminded me of breaded mushrooms.The second time, he "cleaned" them in the sink, fre…
  • I'm pretty sure NO ONE has ever had an "Approval" granted; when you get that message, just completely redo the post/link.  
  • Congrats and Happy Birthday. And, enjoy, cuz you're gonna get something in the mail that will really suck.   :-/ I'm assuming it's the AARP invitation.  The crew at work already printed one for me and put it on my chair.  I kinda laughed... a litt…