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There are two very delicious food holidays coming up that we wanted to share with you all because cheese and guac deserve to be celebrated! Guacamole Day is on September 16th and Cheeseburger Day is on September 18th. Happy cooking EGGheads! It's time to think about getting out to one of the many #EGGfests around the country - see a list here

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  • I grew up in South Dakota and never heard of the practice then. However, every Christmas I treat myself to a Harrington's Ham  Harrington's which are smoked over corncobs and the best ham I've ever had.Hope I don't get banninated for buying a pre-sm…
  • One heck of an impressive spread! Now, do you top that for the actual holiday?   ;))
  • Botch said: buzd504 said: The BGE and Sweetwater are the only two good things to come from Georgia..  Ooh.  Musician?   And I just realised, the Sweetwater I'm thinking of is in Indiana.  Never mind.  
  • buzd504 said: The BGE and Sweetwater are the only two good things to come from Georgia..  Ooh.  Musician?  
  • I make my own rubs, and about half my own sauces.  The other half of my sauces I get from mom-n-pops at the local Farmer's Market; but I'm about to abandon them too.  
  • I used cheap cedar, which were all cut-offs from my buddy's fence, for quite awhile.Then I read somewhere that some fencing is chemically treated, so be wary of that.  
  • Ribs smelled fine coming out of the package, and they were excellent.   :)>-
  • Looks excellent!  
  • wdfwguy, you're taking on two very expensive endeavors at the same time...   :-O    :D Seriously, congrats and I'd love to see pics of the bride opening up gifts of lump!   =))
  • Just a note, Amazon is finally carrying some of the DP products, so if you have a Prime account you can avoid the ridiculous shipping costs.  
  • Beautiful pieces of meat, and you certainly did them right!   :-bd
  • It's good to BUMP this thread once a year or so for the noobs, this is one of my few bookmarks.  :-bd
  • Mr. Flintstone, I hope this doesn't ruin your childhood. The Frugal Gourmet was huge in my early adulthood too, I had his first three or four books, and watched him religiously (no pun intended) on Saturday mornings.  He started out as a preacher, a…
  • Got my first Yeti a few years back.  I'll never use again.   :-w
  • :-j  I bet the assembly is not unlike making sausages the first time, I'm sure it'll be easier next time (and you'll probably make adjustments, a cornish hen for a fryer, a larger turkey, etc)! Very anxious to see final pics/comments!  What temp did…
  • Shotgun hit the Target!   :-bd
  • I wouldn't even use an "expensive" grill brush, everything breaks eventually. But here's a question: what about a brass bristle brush?  Would brass dissolve in gastric juices, or stay whole like stainless?  Any biochemists here?   
  • Ouch!Hey, in the Olden Days, we'd pierce a thick chicken part with a paring knife and make sure the juice had no pink in it; then it was done.And get off my lawn, dammit.  :D
  • Ah, to live close to the coast....  :drool:
  • A turducken is basically a large, thick piece of meat, like a thick roast.  I'd almost worry that, at 350, you'd dry out the outer turkey before the innermost meat even comes up to temperature.  But that's just an engineer's guesstimate, I've never …
  • I have two Eggs, and I live alone.If you can afford two eggs, get the Medium now.If you can't afford two eggs, get the Medium now, and then sell it when you can get the XL.  As a couple have mentioned, you won't lose money.  
  • At least you have tomatoes.  I actually kept a "patio" tomato alive all summer (in a pot) and it's been blooming all along but never got any fruit.All the herbs are still growing great, also unusual for me (I have a black thumb).  
  • I'm "hungry" now.  
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  • I had to go check.The Oster jars do NOT fit the KitchenAid setup, the KA is larger.Then, I had to go check, again, which one was the "Ball" standard?  The Oster is.I'm now thinking, the next time I see a used blender at a yard sale, it might be wort…
    in J.S.Y.K. Comment by Botch August 24
  • My first kitchen appliance, an Oster combo blender/food processor/mixer (which I got with a cigarette burn on an open box sale, for $60!) had three small, 1-cup plastic "jars" that just contained the blender blades; those things were fantastic for s…
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  • Ummm that looks good!  Yeah, Pork Tenderloins, despite their size, seem to cook quicker than just about anything.  
  • Who, in the South, has 31 1/2 teeth?!?!??!  :))
  • REAL men use corkscrews.  :P  Whups, there's the phone, gotta go!   :D
  • I never foil my briskets to put back on the Egg; I take them to 200 or higher (when the Thermapen tip slides right in, don't really even need to check the temp).  Lately, however, I've been making sure to foil them afterwards, and into the cooler a …
  • Skiddymarker said: now dab dry the steaks with a paper towel (very important - a dry surface browns due to Mailard reaction a wet surface must steam before it can brown) drop them on for 30 seconds or more a side.   Must try this next ti…