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  • I would give them a call at the company.  I just went out and measured mine then realized that it sits in a nest which wouldn't help you.  Give them a call for the proper height.  .   
  • Many different ways to grill a steak I do mine at 600 for 2-3 minutes per side then move to a less hotter area for a few minutes.  Therma pen is an absolute to check temps.  Not sure on any break in period I would ramp it up. 
    in 1st steak Comment by mimauler July 9
  • I'm there with "fruitguy" been doing it like that for years.  I would, however, consider the mini max to take to the beach. 
  • It should not take 45 minutes to get up to 350.  Check your air intake make sure everything is aligned check thermo.  45 minutes seems a long time.
    in Newbie ? Comment by mimauler June 2
  • I try to scrape them off after each cook while it's warm and definitely brush before the cook. 
  • I almost never use one.  I just scrape off the plate setter and rinse it before I use it the next time.  You'll hear that you have to do it because the drippings will burn and release bad smoke which will ruin your meat, hasn't happened to me yet.  …
  • I've found out that after a couple of hours into the cook you'll see the temp even out with the dome being about 25 degrees hotter than the grid no worries.  My butts almost always cook at 225 grid.
  • Pretty much how mine went also my cook was at 300 indirect, just a good bit of salt and pepper though.  I'm curious of the veggies and herbs underneath do you think they bring anything to the table, I've not tried doing that.  I also pulled at 130 w…
  • I've always used the BGE starter cubes I cut one into threes and then place them in my lump.  I'm also in the Lo and Slo camp my butts usually have a grid temp of 230. 
  • I would add 2-4 hours just in case...the butts wrapped in foil, towel then cooler for a good 3-4 hours even longer.  It helps if you give yourself some extra time.  Fill your egg up the time should about the same as if you were cooking just two.
  • I just scrape mine off and then hose it off.  Can't see wasting all that aluminum foil sometimes I'll use a drip pan sometimes not, to me it's just as easy to clean it.
  • Are you using lump charcoal?
  • For any type of poultry you can dramticcaly enhance the flavor by brining.
    in BBQ chicken Comment by mimauler April 6
  • Yes without a doubt cooking on here can go into the extremes.  400-500 throw them on for several minutes 4-6 then turn them over for another few minutes and be done with it.
  • I use my P/S and my adjustable rig together quite frequently, why wouldn't you think that you could.   I have an XL never been an issue.
  • Chunks, chop them if you need smaller size.
  • Keep the plate setter!
  • At that time then I would go for a 270 dome temp, I would think that you'd be done in that time frame. 
  • What is your cooking time frame that gives us a base line for temperature.  If you have 5-6 hours then you can have a lower temp which to me is perfered, if you have 3-4 hours then you need to go higher.
  • I think a lot of your questions need to be answered by how much time you'll have to cook.  If I want a no frills cook for spares then it's around 250-270 right on the grid for 5-6 hours no foiling and they will turn out just as good.  Throw the bris…
  • I'd go for it there's no hard and fast rules.  I've used Mesquite for chicken and turkey just not 5 or 6 big chunks.  I've mixed Apple, Cherry, Pecan, Hickory, Oak just for experimenting and have tried it on just about everything.  Try keeping a log…
  • I may be completely wrong but I would think it would take a very long time at a very hot temp for the stone to combust the wood.
  • I wouldn't change anything it's resting on stone which will not catch on fire.  The only other reason I could think of would be to get an air circulation in there and doesn't seem to be any need for that.  My opinion is leave it. 
  • Yes that will be the interesting part.  I believe each egg is different in it's own right.  I would read how many people would only have the vents opened a 1/4 inch and be running 250-300, not mine.  I'd have to keep the bottom vent open a good 1/2 …
  • I would not think it's a warranty issue since you took the top off, I may be wrong.  From what I read about the company they do seem fairly easy to work with so they may help.
  • I agree completely with "Lit" up above.  I've never waited for an hour to put my meat on.  I have never used anything other than Royal Oak once and awhile I've used BGE.  They just started selling the larger sized bags at Home Depot where I'm at and…
  • I've checked with the St Louis charcoal company and I can get one for 249.00 free shipping.  Hard to beat that deal. 
  • Thanks I believe I'll go with the Flame Boss. 
  • Thanks for the review very informative...have you used it since and what is your opinion since your article.  I would have to say that I'm on the verge between it and the Pitmaster 120.  Kind of leaning to the Flame Boss.
  • Why would you buy it from someone other than who makes it.  Wouldn't the third party have to increase the price.